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Lactogenic Foods to Increase Breastmilk Supply Fast

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Foods and snacks that increase lactation in breastfeeding moms.

For most mamas, your breastmilk supply is on your mind a lot. Is baby getting enough? How do I naturally increase my breastmilk supply? Fortunately there a ton of lactogenic foods to get the milk flowing!

You may have heard of some common foods to increase lactation like fennel and brewer’s yeast, but you’ll be excited to know that there are lots of delicious foods known to increase breastmilk supply fast.

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boost milk supply and slim down

Why You Should Consume Lactogenic Foods while Breastfeeding.

Some mothers suffer from a low breastmilk supply and many others feel that they do or just wish they could be making more to feed their growing baby. (Growth spurts anyone!?)

Lactogenic foods are a natural and easy way to increase your breastmilk supply quickly. By nourishing your body with the right foods, it will in turn, create more breastmilk!

Certain foods work within the body to support a mother’s lactation. Foods that act in this way in the body are known as “lactogenic.” They are also sometimes referred to as “galactagogues.”

While taking supplements to increase breastmilk is another highly effective way to increase your breastmilk supply, learning how to incorporate lactogenic foods every day is more sustainable in the long run.

What are Some Easy Ways to Incorporate Lactogenic Foods to Increase Breast Milk Supply?

There are lots of delicious and easy ways to incorporate lactogenic foods into your diet every day. My personal favorites are lactogenic smoothies and lactation energy bites!

What’s so great about all the lactogenic snacks listed in this post (in this section and further down) is that they are all low calorie, nutritionally dense, and can also help you shed the baby weight!

When your body is nourished with healthy snacks throughout the day you are less likely to reach for something unhealthy. Shedding the weight postpartum will become easy if you replace your snacks and desserts with the delicious nutritional and lactogenic snacks from this post!

Lactogenic smoothies

increase lactation with breastfeeding smoothies

Lactogenic smoothies are pretty much exactly what they sound like. A nutritious smoothie that will help increase your breastmilk supply by including galactagogues in its recipe.

Lactogenic smoothies are my favorite way to keep my milk supply high while losing the baby weight. Smoothies are fast and easy and loaded with nutrients.

To make a smoothie into a full meal or a great pre or post workout snack include a scoop of a really clean and breastfeeding safe protein powder like Ora Organics or Majka.

Lactogenic Energy Balls

lactation energy balls for breastmilk supply

My second favorite snack to keep on hand as a breastfeeding mama at all times is lactation energy balls. They are nutritious, filling, and my recipes are always sugar-free! Being that most mamas crave sugar while breastfeeding, these are a great healthy snack to grab to curb that craving.

Do you remember the healthy food snack craze “energy balls” or “energy bites?” Lactogenic energy balls are pretty much the same snack, just loaded up with galactagogues to increase breastmilk supply!

I love making my own as well as having some delicious ready-made straight from the package lactogenic energy balls on hand at all times! My favorite and what I find to be the most effective prepackaged lactation energy balls are made by Majka. I love their original flavor but they come in chocolate as well!

So sorry but the giveaway has already ended with 2 lucky mamas getting to try Majka’s awesome lactogenic products! I hope you still love the recipes that you find in this post to increase your breastmilk supply naturally.

DIY Lactogenic Energy Ball Recipes

Lactogenic Weight Loss Diet Plan

There is one struggle that so many moms have postpartum, knowing how to lose the baby weight safely while breastfeeding. Can you even do that? How can you diet and breastfeed? How can you lose the excess weight and not lose your milk supply?

For years I’ve been asked by my mom clients these same questions in different ways again and again. So as a certified online health coach, fitness trainer, maternal nutrition specialist, and mom of 3, I decided to compile the proven successful postpartum diet and exercise plan that I created for my breastfeeding mom clients into a program that now anyone can have access to!

It’s called the Milky Mama’s Postpartum Plan and it is built for you! To teach you everything you need to know to be successful at postpartum weight loss while breastfeeding!

Check out my 28 day plan now to help you regain strength postpartum with short effective workouts, increase your milk supply with loads of delicious recipes, and finally lose that excess baby weight at the same time!

Lactogenic Foods List: 7 Surprising Lactogenic Foods to Incorporate into Your Diet

foods that increase lactation in breastfeeding mothers

If you have been looking up lactation boosting recipes for a while there’s a good chance that you are familiar with oats, flax, and Brewer’s yeast as galactagogues. Most lactation cookie recipes and lactation smoothies include those 3 ingredients as they are well-known for increasing milk supply.

But there are so many delicious lactogenic foods that are much less well-known that are equally as effective. With this list of lactogenic foods, you can really broaden your healthy lactation snacks and keep your milk supply high while dropping the baby weight because you are keeping your body full and nourished with healthy snacks to support a healthy milk supply.

1. Almonds increase breastmilk supply! Almonds are the most lactogenic nut! Did you know that almonds have the power to help increase your milk supply? Almonds not only are lactogenic but they also are known to increase the richness and quality of your breastmilk as well.

So grab a handful and nosh on some yummy raw or roasted almonds.

the milky mama's postpartum plan

2. Sesame Seeds increase breastmilk supply! Many seeds are lactogenic (I’m sure most of you are familiar with flax seed being lactogenic.) But sesame seeds are actually the most lactogenic seed! Even more than flax seeds.

Much like flax seeds, sesame seeds cannot be fully digested nor their minerals absorbed whole so they should be ground to benefit from their lactogenic properties.

3. Apricots are lactogenic! There are actually only a handful of fruits that are known to be great for increasing breastmilk supply and apricots are one of them!

4. Quinoa is lactogenic! Quinoa is a deceptive little food that has recently gained a lot of traction as a healthy whole grain. It turns out quinoa is actually a seed! Which explains why it is so high in protein. Quinoa is loaded with nutrients and is great for your milk supply!

5. Chickpeas boost up your milk supply! Actually, most legumes are lactogenic. Chickpeas are one of the tastiest legumes and easy to incorporate into lots of yummy recipes. Plus they are my favorite!

6. Turkey pumps up your milk supply! When you think of turkey what do you think of? Besides Thanksgiving? Tryptophan! That sleepy amino acid known for making us all groggy after Thanksgiving dinner. (Although I bet it’s more the overeating that makes us all so groggy!) Tryptophan is lactogenic and turkey is a great source of it! There are so many deliciously tasty turkey recipes that are low calorie and satisfying in the Milky Mama’s Postpartum Plan!

7. Oats and other whole grains are lactogenic! Oats get all the glory in America as a lactogenic grain. Because we love them and they are easy to incorporate for us. But MOST whole grains are actually lactogenic. Millet, barley, rice, and amaranth are also lactogenic! So incorporate all into your diet for some versatility.

milk boosting recipes ebook to increase supply with lactogenic food

List of 9 Delicious Snack Ideas Using These Galactagogues

  1. Hummus! Blend up some homemade hummus with this delicious homemade hummus recipe! Snacking on hummus gives you the milk-boosting benefit of both the chickpeas as well as the tahini (which is ground sesame seeds)!
  2. Tahini on toast! Spead some tahini (like this sesame seed butter) on a slice of whole wheat toast for a filling and nutritious snack.
  3. Nosh on some dried apricots!
  4. Roasted almonds are an easy lactogenic snack to keep on hand at all times!
  5. Overnight oats! There are lots of delicious recipes for overnight oats to keep your milk supply high!
  6. Quinoa breakfast bowls! Quinoa is a very versatile seed and works great as a replacement for oatmeal for a warm breakfast dish. Try this tasty quinoa breakfast bowl today!
  7. DIY energy balls! Try out some epic lactation energy balls or chocolate superfood energy balls.
  8. Majka prepackaged lactation bites! Because sometimes mama just needs to keep it simple.
  9. Turkey rolls! Try these tasty low carb turkey roll-ups for an energizing lactogenic snack!

Make more breastmilk with galactagogues

Wrapping Up Lactogenic Foods for Breastfeeding Mothers to Increase Milk Supply

After learning all these new galactagogue foods it’ll be a lot easier to pump up that milk supply. And the fact that they are all delicious and satisfying whole foods will make them your partner for keeping up that milk supply while you shed the baby weight postpartum.

I’m curious, which food did you not know increases milk supply? Let me know in the comments below!

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Foods and snacks that increase lactation in breastfeeding moms.

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