How to Have a Non Toxic Pregnancy

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Congratulations you’re pregnant! Now you have a million things on your mind about how to grow the happiest healthy baby.

You know that there are TONS of toxins that we encounter every single day!

How can you possibly avoid so many toxic chemicals that surround us? There are toxins:

  • In our foods
  • Floating around you in the air
  • In our cleaning products
  • In our personal hygiene products

Learning how to Avoid Toxins During Pregnancy is Important to Fetal Health

eliminate toxins during pregnancy

There are many known toxins that we come in contact with every single day. Some of these toxins build up in our systems and can cause even adults harm! They can be especially harmful to a susceptible feeble being just forming.

If you’ve found your way to this post, there’s a chance that you are already trying to eliminate toxins from your life and your home and only want to know how to remove even more now that you are growing a precious baby inside you.

Or perhaps pregnancy is just bringing to light that you may need to eliminate some toxins from your daily routine and diet. 

Either way, I’m so glad that you’re here and I’m sure you’re in the right place to get your questions answered.

Exposure to toxic chemicals can cause birth defects, cause ADHD-type behaviors, various disorders, and lower testing in memory and cognition in school-aged children. 


Can You Have a Non-Toxic Pregnancy?

Unfortunately no. There is no way to avoid all environmental toxins; most of which are man-made but occasionally they occur in nature as well.

According to Big Think, if you even use only 9 personal hygiene products a day, you have approximately 129 chemicals on you. Most of these chemicals haven’t even been tested for safety on humans.

And the really scary thing?

That is only an average. Typical women use far more than 9 products a day on their bodies. A typical face skin care routine has at least 5 products, makeup constitutes at least another 5 (on the low end) for most women, and then there are your typical products like toothpaste and deodorant on top of those!


How Can You Best Avoid Toxins During Pregnancy?

I am extremely passionate about this topic and have written many articles about it myself. But I find that the best knowledge comes from collaboration. 

No matter how much research you do on a topic (like potentially toxic chemicals to avoid during pregnancy) there are always more things to learn about!

More chemicals being created and that are snuck into our beauty products and foods that you should try to stay away from.

So to make this post the most helpful it can possibly be, I’ve rounded up the most thorough and well-researched articles I can find around the web about how to avoid toxins during pregnancy. 

What is so wonderful is that each of these articles and lists complement each other. None of the lists is exactly like the other.

  1. Some highlight specific chemicals to be on the lookout to avoid.
  2. Others list simple lifestyle changes that will reduce your exposure to common toxins.
  3. While others focus on chemicals in a specific type of product.

These articles are not meant to scare you, but to open your eyes to be able to have the most healthy pregnancy and life possible!

Not all toxins can be avoided. However, with a handful of simple lifestyle changes and product replacements you can easily remove most harmful chemicals from your daily routine.

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AND if you aren’t ready to commit to buying a course, start with a FREE online prenatal class that will help qualm your birth fears and get you started on the right track mama!


The Top 7 Articles About How to Have a Non-Toxic Pregnancy

1. 12 Easy Lifestyle Changes for a Less Toxic Pregnancy.

non toxic pregnancy with essential oils

This article is extensive. It focuses on the simple lifestyle changes that you can make to avoid the most common harmful chemicals during pregnancy. From your food to household cleaning, to beauty products.

This is the only article on this list that has a section devoted to how to make cleaning your home toxin free! So It begs to be read!

This article is easy to read and makes learning simple replacements, like omitting plastic water bottles (filled with BPA) for a reusable glass water bottle, easy. If you want to know exactly what to replace and the replacements for them, this is a great article for you!

Read more about 12 Easy Lifestyle Changes for a Less Toxic Pregnancy from A Less Toxic Life.


2. Toxins to Avoid During Pregnancy for a More Healthy Babytoxins to avoid while pregnant for a more healthy baby

While the previous article is written in the format of listing the lifestyle changes that you can make to easily live less toxic, this article takes a different approach to similar ideas.

This article is a large list of what the most common toxic chemicals are that you come in contact with in high amounts on a daily basis, and then what to change to avoid each of them. 

It is written clearly and is very detailed. After reading you will know exactly what chemicals you should be aiming to avoid, why you need to stay away from them during pregnancy, and what changes to make to do so!

This is a broad list with different information than the following articles, which focus more on specific types of personal hygiene products. This article will really get you started on the right toxin-free path for your pregnancy.

Read more at Toxins to Avoid During Pregnancy for a More Healthy Baby from The Perfect Pregnancy Plan.


3. 14 Beauty Ingredients to Avoid During Pregnancy

toxic chemicals found in personal hygiene products

This thorough article goes a different route about explaining what chemicals you should be looking to avoid. It lists 14 toxic chemicals commonly found in personal hygiene and makeup products. 

Not only does it help you know exactly which of those long chemical words you should be staying away from, but it also tells you why.

Give this great article a read when trying to specifically eliminate toxins from your beauty routine.

Read more about 14 Beauty Ingredients to Avoid During Pregnancy from Byrdie.


4. 30 Toxic Chemicals to Avoid in Skincare Products

toxins to avoid in your beauty routine during pregnancy

I found another wonderful post focused on the toxic chemicals in personal hygiene products to avoid during pregnancy. 

To put it frankly, most beauty products are absolutely terrible for you. If you flip over any of your products, just make it easy and start with your shampoo. How long is that list of ingredients? Can you pronounce ANY of it?

If you can’t there’s a good chance that product is absolutely inundated with chemicals, many of them toxic and not even tested for safety on humans.

I included a second post about toxins in skin care products because this list has many different items on it than the previous one! Not only more toxic chemical (30 vs 14) but for the most part completely different ones.

Now you will know almost 50 things to avoid in skincare during your pregnancy and hopefully beyond.

This may all seem overwhelming at first. But once you know what to look for and how to eliminate toxins from your life it becomes much easier.

Read more at 30 Toxic Chemicals to Avoid in Skincare Products from Abstracted Collective.


5. Non-Toxic Hair Care

toxic chemicals in hair products to avoid while pregnant

This article is aimed specifically at hair care products. Switching hair care products can be a confusing hassle.

Everyone’s hair is different. Your needs differ from mine. Some conditioners aren’t strong enough and leave my fine brittle hair a tangled mess. And perhaps some leave yours a frizzy poof.

Hair care is unique. But do you know what isn’t unique about it?

The fact that we are all achieving our styles and hair health by rubbing them with loads of chemicals!

This article is perfect for learning how and why to eliminate chemicals from your hair care routine. Can you believe that some of the toxic chemicals in hair products are known to cause infertility and miscarriage?

This article isn’t one you can miss!

Read more at Non-Toxic Hair Care: Shampoos, Conditioners, and Styling Products Safe For Fertility, IVF, and Pregnancy from To Make a Mommy.


6. 5 Steps to Avoid Eating Toxins

eliminate toxic chemicals from your food while pregnant

Once you’ve cleaned out your personal hygiene products for toxic chemicals, it’s time to move onto your food! Our foods are another place that we are exposed to a high level of toxins. 

We all know that organic is better because it doesn’t have pesticide residue. But is that our only toxin exposure in our food during pregnancy?

Not nearly!

Think about all the products created with non-organic foods and the plastics they are packaged in for instance! Everything that is packaged in plastics will have some level of toxic chemicals.

And have you thought about how you store your food? Is that contributing to having even more toxic chemicals in the food you eat? You better believe it.

Learn 5 simple ways to virtually eliminate eating toxins from your diet now!

Read more at 5 Steps to Eliminate Toxins from Your Foods from Filtered Family.


7. 7 Toxic Household Cleaners to Avoid

eliminate toxic household cleaners during pregnancy

The most toxic things we are exposed to on a daily basis are household cleaners. That is so ironic because they are supposed to be cleaning our house, instead, they cover it and fill the air with toxic chemicals. Creating indoor pollution and creating superbugs.

Suffice to say, our cleaning routines need to be cleaned up!

This article details the 7 most toxic cleaning products that need to be eliminated from your life right now! They are dangerous to your growing fetus and yourself! 

Not only does this article teach you what to stay away from, but it also gives you the healthy and effective replacements that you can buy or make yourself!

One thing that I love about going non-toxic with household cleaners is it is the easiest switch to toxin-free to stick with. I find that even when I eliminate all toxins from my beauty routine for pregnancy, I slowly drift back into using some products with chemicals again.

I switched my household cleaners to all natural and usually homemade cleaners and pretty much never looked back.

I feel it is so easy to maintain eliminating toxic household cleaners because making your own is not only healthier but also way cheaper. While changing your beauty routine to nontoxic typically doubles the prices. 

Read more at 7 Toxic Household Cleaners from Don’t Mess with Mama.


Wrapping Up How to Have a Non Toxic Pregnancy

Maybe this article has been scary. And maybe you’ve just found it extremely enlightening. Either way, you are now armed with the knowledge that we all should have about how to truly eliminate as many chemicals as possible from your daily routine.

You can rest assured that if you apply your new knowledge, you will be doing the best thing that you can for your unborn baby. Setting them up for a life of vitality and vigor to the best of your ability.

I hope that you make these simple lifestyle changes now during pregnancy, and then continue to apply them once baby is born. You deserve to be less toxic as much as your new baby does mama.


More Resources About Less Toxic Pregnancy from Vigor it Out

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