How to Make Low Carb Keto Cranberry Bread

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In fall it’s all about baking. Involving pumpkin spice, cranberries, and other delectable in seasonal flavors into every meal. It can become difficult to follow a Ketogenic or other low carb diet when overwhelmed with the delicious flavors of the season. Learning how to make a low carb Keto cranberry bread is essential.

This high fat low carb cranberry bread is also gluten free. This cranberry loaf is exactly the recipe you want to keep on hand every day to curb your cravings, enjoy the flavors of the season, and maybe bring to a family get together.

How to enjoy fall with low carb deserts like Keto cranberry bread.

high fat low carb keto cranberry lime bread

This season is all about cold days and baking. I am so excited to share this new low carb and gluten free cranberry bread recipe with you.

Lately I have begun to create a multitude of recipes including the best low carb pumpkin bread recipe for the fall season. Using coconut flour and other low carb ingredients, you can create absolutely delicious baked desserts.

These recipes are so delectable and also so healthy that they can be enjoyed for breakfast, as a snack, or as a dessert.

keto cranberry bread recipe with coconut flour for your low carb diet

Using fall favorites means more nutrients

Did you know that eating fruits and vegetables that are in season means that you are absorbing more nutrients from them?

Whenever you consume produce that is sourced locally or is in season, the produce often has to travel far less miles to reach your table. This means that produce that is in season contain higher nutritional value as they were able to pick it nearer to it’s peak of freshness.

When we use produce which is in season you are actually consuming the product at the peak of it’s nutritional density.

What a phenomenal reason to let every meal this season contain pumpkin, cranberries, and root vegetables at this time of year.

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Why I am so Excited to Share This Low Carb Cranberry Bread Recipe

high fat low carb keto cranberry bread for fall

Let’s be honest. Fall is a difficult time to stay healthy.

Baking, sweets, and family gatherings abound. So what do you do if you are following a low carb, Keto, or other strict diet? Abandon all indulgences?

I think not!

Instead, you are in the right place to discover a delicious way to include the flavors of the season every day in a low carbohydrate alternative to your typical baked goods. (At the end of this post be sure to sign up to receive my free Ingredient Replacement Guide to help you learn how to indulge in all your family favorites, in a more healthy way.)

I am extremely anxious to share this recipe because I adore all the flavors of fall. Typically, pumpkin spice is my go-to, but this low carb Keto cranberry bread is absolutely phenomenal. It might even be better than my Ketogenic Pumpkin bread.

What flavors are included in this low carb Keto Cranberry Bread Recipe?

  • Cranberries
  • Blackberries
  • Lime Juice
  • Stevia

This concoction of low carb berries, combined with coconut flour, and stevia for sweetness:

yields an absolutely irresistible baked treat!

I honestly cannot stop eating even my second batch  of this recipe. (In which, by the way, I substituted the blackberries for blueberries. The carb count is slightly higher but still well within your typical Ketogenic diet plan. Plus, now my bread tastes like a blueberry muffin. Indulgent to say the least.)

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Bring this healthy option of Keto approved Cranberry loaf to your next holiday party and you are sure to be envied for the rest of the year for the delicious yet healthy cranberry bread.


Tips and tricks to create the best low carb cranberry bread.

toddler baking and seperating the egg yolks and whiles for low carb cranberry bread recipe

  1. This recipe is different than most Keto breads because you first separate the egg yolks and whites. Similar to what you would do when creating a sponge cake. Coconut flour can become very dense very quickly. By first separating the eggs, whipping the whites,and folding back in the remaining ingredients; your low carb bread recipes becomes so fluffy no one would suspect it is as healthy as it is.
  2. Stevia makes a great sweetener. For this recipe we use Stevia in the Raw. A fluffy version of stevia extract that is perfect for baking. When whipped with the egg whites, stevia in the raw creates the sweet and fluffy mixture we are hoping to achieve.
  3. The berries you use in this recipe can be interchanged. My original recipe calls for cranberries and blackberries for two reasons. To captivate the taste and nutrients of the season, and for a super low carbohydrate bread recipe. The berries can be substituted for blueberries or other alternatives to your liking or to fit within your daily carbohydrate count. I bet raspberries would be good as well. Let me know in the comments below if you give that a try!
  4. If you are new to using coconut flour in your recipes you might find it a bit surprising at first. Coconut flour is light and flaky but when mixed with liquid the coconut flour readily absorbs it. Coconut flour takes a little time to fully thicken. It will resemble a very dense cake batter when it is ready to put into the pan to be baked. Though the portion of this recipe containing egg yolks, coconut flour, and almond milk may initially seem like liquid: it will thicken within 5 minutes. Before the egg whites and stevia are whipped and fluffy.

See image below for the appearance of the whipped and fluffy egg whites and stevia, so you know what you should be looking for. Also the thickened coconut flour just before folding in.

Whipped egg whites and coconut flour for keto cranberry bread recipe

toddler cracking eggs into a bowl to make low carb keto cranberry bread

What are your favorite fall treats and flavors that you’d love to know how to incorporate in a healthy way this season?

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