Majka Digest and Destress for Better Sleep and Digestion Postpartum

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Majka Digest and De Stress Magnesium Powder for a Better Postpartum

There is a new product on the market that I would absolutely recommend adding into your postpartum recovery arsenal and that is Majka’s Digest and Destress Magnesium Powder for new moms. This product is a completely novel creation that should definitely be added into your postpartum health regime.

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majkas digest and destress for postpartum

Who is Majka?

Majka is a relatively newer brand featuring products to help new moms rock their postpartum health, recovery, and milk supply! I first heard of the brand Majka about 3 years ago when they launched their Nourishing Lactation Protein Powder.

If you are familiar with me or my blog at all, you know I am a HUGE fan of protein powders! In fact I usually drink two protein shakes a day. I love trying new kinds and Majka doesn’t disappoint.

Their lactation protein powder is loaded with nutrition (in fact it can replace your prenatal vitamin), is filled with adaptogens to help you deal with stress better over time, is plant based, AND is specially formulated to increase your breastmilk supply.

But Majka didn’t stop there with helping new moms.

They knew that helping moms create fast and healthy one-handed meals filled with galactagogues and your prenatal (You know those extra pills and extra supplements like flax and Brewer’s yeast that you normally  need to remember to scoop into your smoothies to increase your breastmilk supply while operating on a sleep-deprived mom brain.) to simplify life was important. 

But they also recognized so many other ways that new moms needed easy and effective supplements to have a better postpartum period.

Two huge complaints of almost every new mom is

  1. exhaustion
  2. digestion issues

So Majka came to the rescue.


Why is Digest and Destress Magnesium Different Than Other Supplements

Did you know that not meeting the recommended amount of magnesium is a super common health concern? In fact according to Healthline, MOST people are not meeting their daily recommended magnesium requirements in America.

What does being deficient in the daily recommended amount of magnesium mean for a new mom? And especially what does that mean for a breastfeeding mother?

Some common symptoms of magnesium deficiency are:

  • fatigue
  • muscle cramps

Another huge symptom of low magnesium levels that we see especially in breastfeeding moms:

  • craving sugar
  • especially craving chocolate

Sound familiar?

So Majka blended 3 bioavailable forms of magnesium (meaning they are more readily absorbed by your body than other supplements) together in this awesome supplement for new moms. Low magnesium levels can come from a heavily processed diet, or simply from lack of absorption. Because of how our foods are grown and processed these days, we can’t absorb as much magnesium from many of them.

Using bioavailable forms of magnesium is what sets Majka’s Digest and Destress Magnesium Blend apart from many other magnesium supplements I’ve tried.

  • Magnesium in most multivitamins? Poor absorption rate.
  • Most magnesium tablets? Super poor absorption rate
  • All the drinkable magnesium supplements I’ve tried? Gross or chalky.

majka digest and de-stress magnesium powder

How Does Majka’s Digest and Destress Magnesium Supplement Help Moms Get Better Sleep

We already briefly discussed some of the side effects of not having enough magnesium in your diet like fatigue, muscle cramps, sugar cravings, and chocolate cravings. But how specifically can taking a bedtime magnesium supplement help you rest better as a new mom?

It’s no surprise that all new moms are exhausted. For some long days of baby care and even longer sleepless nights is a short struggle of a few months, for many of us (myself included) those days last years. So having some amazing supplements that can help you get better sleep as a new mom are important!

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Magnesium plays a large role in the function of your nervous system. Magnesium is responsible for activating the part of the nervous system that quiets and calms your body inside. 

Additionally, magnesium helps the body eliminate stress.

Both of these functions are essential to a good night’s sleep. So Majka’s Digest and Destress Magnesium Powder will help you to better calm your mind and your body in order to accept sleep.

Mom’s are always exhausted. “Sleep when the baby sleeps,” “nap when the baby naps,” everyone always suggests.

But it’s tough when the baby finally naps and your mind races with all the chores and work you are behind on. (Literally typing this with a sleeping baby on my shoulder… see I should take this advice too!)

Or when they finally fall asleep at night and once again those dishes in the sink and piles of dirty laundry call to you. Or you realize that you forgot something important. Or you start to feel anxious because baby is in a sleep regression and they’ve been waking every half hour for days and you are afraid to go to sleep because you know you’ll just have to get up again.

These thoughts and feelings are real and they are common.

This supplement can help. No, it won’t do all the work for you. You STILL have to try hard to rest when baby lets you. You still have to learn to let some of the less meaningful chores slide. But having a bioavailable magnesium supplement to take daily like Majka’s Digest and Destress will help relieve some stress. It will help your body learn to relax again. And should make it easier to establish healthier new mom sleep! And believe me, we need all the help we can get!

Not to mention the powder mixes perfectly even with just water. It is light and refreshing with a hint of sweet blueberries. I love adding it into my night time routine to wind down.

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How Does Majka’s Digest and Destress Help Digestion Postpartum?

majkas digest and destress magnesium powder

Many many moms struggle with digestion issues postpartum. After childbirth your body has had a toll taken on it. Every single organ in your abdomen was smashed and rearranged to accommodate your new little bundle of joy.

For many of us that causes constipation and indigestion postpartum. (And we thought we were done with that after pregnancy!)

One of the most effective ways to keep your digestion moving is by supplementing with digestive enzymes. They aren’t like taking laxatives, which is fine immediately postpartum but your body can quickly become addicted to. Relying on them to function properly. 

Digestive enzymes are the perfect supplement to take long term after baby to keep your body functioning and regular. Digestive enzymes are proteins that help to break down the food you eat. Your body naturally has them, but often not enough during pregnancy and postpartum.

Some benefits of taking digestive enzymes are:

  • helps relive constipation
  • can reduce bloating
  • increases regularity
  • can even help nausea by helping to break down food faster

Both digestion and sleep are huge issues for my body after each pregnancy (I have 3 kids) and finding a supplement with solutions to both was really exciting to me. I’ve taken many different digestive enzymes, most contain 1-3 different types of digestive enzymes.

This product contains more different types of digestive enzymes than any other digestive enzyme supplement that I’ve found. Which increases it’s potency across the board.

Some people have trouble digesting meats, while others have more trouble digesting uncooked veggies, etc. By containing a huge digestive enzyme blend, Majka’s Digest and Destress almost ensures that whatever causes your indigestion issues, it will be helped through this product.

Isn’t that awesome? So instead of taking yet again another supplement to help you out postpartum, you just get to sip on a delicious tasting refreshing drink! Talk about a win!


Wrapping Up Majka’s Digest and Destress for Postpartum

One amazing thing about this supplement that I didn’t mention is that it is shown to be safe and effective for both pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers postpartum! Because the issues of poor sleep and indigestion are pretty common in pregnancy as well.

The taste is really good, a light blueberry flavor and color as well. It blends easily with water, and is easy to absorb the nutrients too. It really is a win-win and a supplement I highly recommend adding to your postpartum health arsenal.

Check out Majka’s Digest and Destress for yourself now!


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Majka Digest and De Stress Magnesium Powder for a Better Postpartum

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