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My Favorite Resources To Help Women Achieve All Their Goals!

I’ve compiled some of my favorite resources and broken them up by category for you! Here you will find resources to help you along in your fitness, health, or blogging journey!

Whether you are looking to:

  • get more fit or maintain fitness
  • conquer health and happiness
  • embark on your own blogging journey with success

These are some resources I’ve personally found to be priceless and I know you will LOVE them too.

Some are free and others are absolutely amazing deals for items that I personally own and love. I want to help you smash all of your goals this year mama! 


Your Healthy and Beneficial Daily Doses of Chocolate eBook

daily doses of chocolate

A chocolate a day keep the Doctor away! Cocoa, cacao, chocolate…
what does it all mean?

This guide is your magic key to understanding how you can realistically eat delicious chocolatey desserts and treats every single day GUILT FREE and be improving your health!

Inside this book you will learn:

  • If chocolate bad for you AND what the real culprit compromising your health and waistline is.
  • All the different types of chocolate broken down and easily explained.
  • Keys to getting the most nutrients from your chocolate.
  • Health benefits you’ll be reaping from consuming the right types of chocolate.
  • 8 Healthy Chocolate Recipes you can consume EVERY SINGLE DAY guilt free!
  • Plus a bonus 1 minute recipe! My trick to quickly filling that chocolate fix in 1 minute!

Get My eBook NOW!


Busy Mom’s Snack Checklist: FREE PRINTABLE

healthy snack checklist

All moms get busy and overwhelmed ALL THE TIME! Sometimes healthy eating and feeding ourselves well gets pushed to the back burner. You’ve already prepared everyone’s lunches, somehow managed to get the toddler to actually eat, and packed snacks for everyone’s outings all day. How can you possibly be expected to remember healthy snacks for yourself? This free printable checklist is your perfect go to guide so that you always remember to never go hungry (that’s when we often fall prey to poor eating choices), and so that you always have ideas of healthy snacks to keep on hand and on the go!

Get Your Free Busy Mom’s Snack Checklist NOW!


Ultimate Ingredient Replacement Guide: FREE PRINTABLE

ingredient replacement guideWant to know delicious tricks and secrets to replace all of the bad ingredients in your favorite recipes? Following a healthier diet does not have to mean that you have to give up all your favorite dishes at all! This guide will give you tons of alternatives to try for substituting sugar, white flour, oil, mayonnaise, sour cream, and more! This free printable guide is perfect to keep on hand in the kitchen to shave the calories out of any dish and replace them with nutrient rich and tasty alternatives.

Get Your Free Ingredient Replacement Guide NOW!




start a blog

  • Are you ready to start a blog with success? I’d love to help you along on that journey. This blog is created through Bluehost and I definitely recommend going through them! They offer amazingly affordable packages starting at only $3.95 a month! It’s the cheapest business startup cost you will ever find.
  • Plus with Bluehost YOU own your domain (super important if you’re looking to start a money making blog) AND they have wonderful customer service that I’ve contacted many times.

Get started with Bluehost today!


Pinteresting Strategies eBook:

  • I swear by this book by Carly at Mommy on Purpose! It is the first investment I made for my blog and am so happy I did! She details a unique manual pinning method that she and now thousands of others use every day to drive thousands of visitors to their blogs! (Myself included. You can read all about how I used this strategy to create my first viral pin and got over 20,000 page views in only my second month of blogging!)
  • The book is a perfect start to understanding how Pinterest works, why it is the best social media platform for bloggers, how to SEO optimize your Pinterest account so all your hard work can actually be found, AND exactly how to pin with a plan.

Pick up Pinteresting Strategies today to get your blog started on the right path.


Traffic Transformation Guide

  • traffic transformation guide

The Traffic Transformation Guide by Lena Gott does exactly what it says: Transforms your traffic. It opened my mind into seeing marking techniques within my own blog that boosted my traffic from 15K to 110,000 in only 4 months. If you are looking to take your blog to the next level I HIGHLY recommend this phenomenal eBook.



  • Now that you’re on the fast track to blog success you’re going to need an amazing photo editing program. PicMonkey may be it! They have an extremely user friendly interface with lots of options. You can easily create the stunning graphics you need for any platform with PicMonkey. It is free to try with affordable upgrade packages with so many options!

Try out PicMonkey for FREE today!



  • Canva is PicMonkey’s top competitor but equally as amazing! Guaranteed all successful bloggers use one or the other to create their phenomenal designs. Canva is very easy to use and also can be used for free! You can upgrade your package or buy additional images if you like but you never have to if you don’t want to. Canva is extremely easy to learn and has tons of layouts preset for all your blog and social media needs.

Try out Canva for FREE today!

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