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Meet the Mama Behind Vigor it Out

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“VIGOR /’vig∃r/ noun. 1. physical strength and good health.”

Are you passionate about mastering motherhood through nutrition, fitness, and health?

Then you’ve definitely come to the right place!  I’ll be leading you toward a bunch of amazing tips for motherhood, nutrition, health, and exercise from my life experiences and lots of research.

Hi I’m Allie Edwards!

I’m psyched you’re here!

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I’m a semi-crunchy, fitness training, essential oil using, down-to-earth health nut, nature lover, wife to the best, and mother of three amazing little girls.

I am a Certified Online Health Coach and Personal Fitness Trainer with certifications in Lifestyle and Nutrition During Pregnancy and Child Nutrition and Cooking from Stanford University of Medicine.

I love learning more every day to make an active and healthy lifestyle for myself, my family, and others.

I love spending time outdoors and getting moving with my family. Beach days, hiking, park play, you name it! I love connecting with other moms searching for guidance and accountability on their health journeys through this crazy ride we call motherhood!

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I focus on healthy meals, snacks, and desserts for moms and families. I’m certified in Child Nutrition and Cooking as well as Nutrition During Pregnancy and love sharing new recipes and knowledge to guide you in delicious healthy eating for yourself and your family.

I have an extensive health history or pretty sever illnesses that consumed my life for a decade starting at 13 that drove me to learning how to create the healthiest life I can through nutrition and fitness. I am passionate about eating nutritious whole foods as often as possible and a comlete smoothie and protein powder fanatic.

My primary aspect of nutrition worth noting that I discuss most often on Vigor it Out is for breastfeeding moms. I AM still a breastfeeding mama myself (she’s 2) and I frequently feel that sharing milk boosting recipes and healthy tips for new moms is essential. With 6 years of breastfeeding under my belt so far, I have a lot of juicy real life tips and recipes to share!

There is not another time in life where what you consume is so vital! (Except of course during pregnancy, but that’s what my other blog is all about!) I wish that the first time I was breastfeeding I had the mindset and knowledge that I do now to boost milk supply, lose the baby weight, and overall have a more positive breastfeeding experience. So a avidly share my knowledge on the blog about that.

Lately, you will see a lot of Keto advice shared on the blog, but I attempt to cover all aspects of a healthy, clean, and well rounded diet for the whole family. I believe in the importance of knowing what we put into our bodies and eliminating processed foods and chemicals that we typically consume daily.

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the milky mama's postpartum plan


I believe your health has the power to dictate who you become and how you express yourself and how you react to the world. Your well being, your happiness, and your mindset are such vital components to the aspects of your personality that are able to shine through when you are in optimal health. I want to be here to help guide you toward eliminating toxins, boosting your overall health, and skyrocketing your happiness because it is so important!

When you are able to find a place of happiness, balance, and health you can really soar! I find that a more natural way of living including essential oils, fitness, clean eating (mostly), getting outside more, getting moving more, and natural healing to be powerful and extremely beneficial and you’ll find that reflected in the blog!

As a Certified Online Health Coach I even run a virtual fit club helping mamas reach their health and fitness goals through guidance with diet, exercise, mindset, and a whole bunch of accountability. You can always check that out here.


Working out is my happy place. It is my me time (which I often involve my girls in too), and my chance to achieve my personal goals and benefit my health. I’ve been a personal fitness trainer on and off for a decade (whoops dating myself… I’m 34) and specialize in fitness in motherhood; the art of involving your children in exercise routines. I even used to lead stroller and babywearing exercise classes!

I adore creating exercise routines and successful workout plans for you to help you achieve your fitness goals. Losing the baby weight in a healthy way, learning how to exercise with your kids, and helping you master your health and fitness is my passion.

I hope you find all the answers you’re looking for here at Vigor it Out to grow your nutrition, health and fitness in motherhood. If there is anything you’d ever like to hear more about please reach out at: vigoritout@gmail.com

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