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Nutrition for Motherhood

Motherhood is a huge portion of your life that is busy, overwhelming, and endlessly rewarding.

When we are rushing day to day to: breastfeed, pick up all the toys, drive everyone to their activities, somehow buy groceries, clean the house, solve all the meltdowns and tantrums, and then get miraculously get everyone to sleep (in their own beds is a bonus) health and nutrition can get pushed to the backburner… especially for ourselves.

You’ve got a lot on your plate mama, and there won’t be any less on it any time soon. So here you can find endless resources of nutritious and delicious recipes to fill your day with!

mango lactation smoothie with banana and orange

I’m certified in Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy as well as Child Nutrition and Cooking and I personally know the difference that proper nutrition can make for yourself and your kids. 

Eating as much natural, home-prepared, and whole foods as you can will help eliminate brain fog, fill you with more energy, help keep you at a healthy weight, and fuel you for all the endless demands of motherhood!

So this blog is loaded with healthy home cooked recipes to guide you through all the stages of motherhood.


  • pregnancy nutrition (but you can find A LOT more of that on my other blog.)
  • LOTS of breastfeeding recipes (keeping a high milk supply while losing the baby weight doesn’t have to be hard with the right nutrition!)
  • healthy lunchbox ideas
  • fast and easy dinner recipes
  • lots of low-carb recipes
  • and LOTS of sugar-free and guilt-free desserts!


milky mama's mini challenge bundle

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