Fitness Summer Series

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You’re invited to join this years’ Health and Fitness Summer Series!





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This amazing free series is put together for you by a Certified Wellness Coach and Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, who have teamed up to bring you a rock star health and fitness series to get you bikini ready before summer!


This is a 3 week compounding workout targeting one body part each week for that perfect summer fit body within the month.

  • Week 1 will focus on legs and glutes. This ’15 minute Brazilian Butt Lift Workout’ utilizing only your body weight will have your legs and thighs burning fast!
  • Week 2 we’ll begin to develop your abdominals to slim and tighten your core in an intense ’10 minute No Crunches 6 Pack Abs Workout’.
  • Week 3 will bring in the ’10 Minute Banish Flabby Arms Tricep Routine’ to tighten underarm flab within a week!

Join a group of likeminded individuals by jumping onboard with the Summer Series Fitness Workout Challenge! Sign up now to get a phenomenally effective and fast workout created by a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer sent straight to your e-mail each week!

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This is a 3 week series that focuses on challenges for warmer weather + getting in targeted food groups to help you THE MOST in your health and fitness challenge!

  • Week 1 will focus on Hydration + Protein. Get tips and tricks for upping your hydration game + learn the crazy importance of protein when you’re toning that beautiful bod with strength workouts!
  • Week 2 will focus on Good vs Bad Carbs, recipes for super yummy snacks + sides using those delicious good carbs!
  • Week 3 will focus on Adding in More Veggies + tricks and tips to add a ton more into your daily nourishing meals!

Join other Mamas ready to change their diets for the good with the Summer Series Healthy Eating Challenge! Sign up now to get tips, tricks, and recipes delivered right to your inbox every week for 3 weeks!

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(Feel free to sign up for one or both portions of the series! But, results will always be BEST when applying health and fitness aspects together to reach all your goals!)

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