How to Increase Your Milk Supply for Going Back to Work

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Build up Your Milk Supply on Maternity Leave

If you are heading back to work after your maternity leave and still plan on continuing breastfeeding, you need to learn now how to increase your milk supply for pumping at work.

Some mamas have the chance to stay at home with their new little bundles after 3 months (or maybe even only 6 weeks), and many do not. Most mothers have to go back to work after maternity leave to continue to support that new little bundle of joy.

tricks to increase breastmilk supply while at home on maternity leave

Continuing to breastfeed while working can be tough and inconvenient. But breastfeeding is the healthiest diet for your baby and continuing to supply your baby with breastmilk in your absence is a wonderful choice!

If you are planning on heading back to work postpartum, there are a lot of tips and tricks that you can use to increase your breastmilk supply during your time off. There are many supplements and foods that can help build up your supply and maintain it as long as you’d like to continue breastfeeding your baby.

This post will cover all the most effective tricks and tips that you need to increase that milk supply before heading back to work!


How to Increase Breastmilk Supply While on Maternity Leave

I write about ways to increase your breastmilk supply a lot. If you want to you can read Vigor it Out’s full breastfeeding archive.

But if you’re looking for all the best answers to your dilemma quickly, I’ve put together some links to tips, posts or recipes that I think will really help you prepare for successful pumping at work during your time off with your baby.
milk boosting recipes ebook to increase supply with lactogenic food


1. Vitamins and Supplements to Increase Breastmilk Supply Fast

the best vitamins and supplements for a healthy pregnancy

Nutrition and lactogenic foods should come first in your long term breastmilk supply plan but there are a lot of vitamins and supplements that can really help boost your milk supply too that you will want to know about and maybe give a try.
It is amazing how much of a difference taking the right vitamins can make to building up your milk supply. Every person is different, so you may need to give a few or a combination of the vitamins and supplements to increase milk supply a try before you find your perfect fit. 

2. Lactogenic foods! (Galactogogues)

lactogenic foods to increase breastmilk supply on maternity leave

Galactagogues are foods known to increase milk supply in most women. They are great to incorporate into your diet every day to keep your supply high.

You will find that what works best for some women isn’t what works best for others… so try to incorporate a lot of galactagogues into your diet and recipes. Here is a list of great lactogenic foods and lactogenic snack ideas using them.

3. Protein Shakes

mango madness lactogenic protein shake


New working mom life is busy and rushed. Your breaks aren’t really breaks anymore.
It is very important to remember to fuel your own body with the right nutrients during the day to keep up a high milk supply for your baby. In addition to spending time eating (because breastfeeding takes more calories than pregnancy even did), your breaks will also be spent pumping.
Protein powders are a great way to keep yourself nourished and keep that milk supply high! Protein high quality and breastfeeding-safe powders are the perfect addition to a healthy busy working mom diet.
Mix a couple of scoops with water and you’re done! Of course, you can make them fancy in a blender with additional ingredients, but you surely don’t have to.
Here are the best protein powders for breastfeeding mamas. I personally use and highly recommend Ora Organics So Lean and So Clean and Majka Lactation Protein Powder. 
So lean and so clean is my all-time favorite and you can read all about why and how it aids milk supply and nutrition of new mamas. I also love the plain flavor because I like to mix up my smoothies every day and add in different nutrients and flavors. It also has a full amino acid profile, low carb count, no sugars, and lots of great nutrients that pump up your milk supply!
Majka is great too because it comes with a nice lactogenic blend of ingredients already mixed in! The flavor is a bit stronger and not as versatile, but it is highly effective for increasing milk supply in most women. Personally, I keep both of these protein powders on hand.

4. Keep Lactogenic Snacks on Hand!

majka's nourishing lactation energy bites to increase breast milk supply

Because your nutrition is such an integral part of your milk supply, it is good to be cognizant of the quality of what you are snacking no throughout the day.
Making sure that your snacks all contain galactagogues, can make the difference between pumping at work success and failure.


Wrapping Up Building Your Milk Supply for Pumping at Work

Going back to work postpartum can be tough. Your body may still be recovering from pregnancy and labor and you probably miss that baby a heck of a lot.

I hope the tips in this post at least help to make the transition back to work a bit easier by increasing your milk supply to make pumping at work a success!

If you incorporate these tricks to increase breastmilk supply while still on maternity leave, you should be able to get a great supply built up ready to continue nourishing your baby even when you go back to work.


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Build up Your Milk Supply on Maternity Leave

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