Virtual Fit Club

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Curious what my Virtual Fit Clubs are all about?


Do Any of These Sound Like You?

  • I am sick of this Quarantine 15, I’m so uncomfortable.
  • I am so lonely right now, I feel like I’m on an island.
  • I’m ready to lose the baby weight NOW.
  • I need help learning to exercise or meal plan with a baby.
  • I wish I knew how to get my nutrition on track, but I’m lost.
  • I wish I had something step by step when it came to food because getting on track is tough.
  • I need accountability. Nutrition, fitness, either. I need someone on my team.
  • I need some supportive healthy fit friends.
  • I don’t think I can afford a coach, one on one help is too expensive.
  • I need a fitness plan but don’t know where to start.
  • I don’t know how to workout to actually get results.
  • I feel sad and alone right now, I’m lost in motherhood and social distancing.
  • I need a team. I want fellow moms to connect with that understand and are bettering themselves to.
  • I need help losing weight, nutrition, fitness, all of it!
  • I know exercise is good for me, but I’ve never found a program I like.
  • I want more energy. Mom life is sucking it out of me.


Can you relate to any of that?

I know I can.

If you are new here let me introduce myself. I’m Allie, I’ve been a personal fitness trainer off and on over the last decade, focusing mostly on postpartum mamas., and just more recently prenatal mamas-to-be. I have a couple certifications in nutrition too, so that’s also something I’m super passionate about.

I am a chronic disease sufferer and jumped into a life of exercise, nutrition, and happiness in my early twenties to keep my disease in remission and feel vibrant every day. After a decade of illness starting as a child, I finally learned how to stay feeling good, full of energy, and find happiness. And for me it’s directly linked to good nutrition and regular exercise. I know that the power to be happy and healthy each day is in my hands. So I try to focus on eating clean and staying strong every day.

I am passionate about helping other mamas do the same thing. Feel vibrant, energized, confident, and happy in motherhood every day. Or most days at least, we all have those off days #letsbereal

So I am here to help you through your journey.


This is not just a workout program you buy into and that’s it.

This is a full life changing program and support system that any mama can join!


Need help in nutrition? Fitness? Happiness? Health? I’m here for you!

So If anything above resonates with you in any way, I WANT YOU ON MY TEAM. I want YOU in my virtual fit club, with tons of other women (and a few guys) making the same changes you want to make in your life. To support each other.

Getting amazing recipes, motivation, and tips, together every day. Sharing sweaty selfies and not hearing all the negative in the world, building a community of POSITIVITY and CHEERLEADING each other on.

Isn’t that what we need in the world right now?! Oh my gosh there is so much negative. It is absolutely OVERWHELMING! And there is so much isolation.

And so much time with the family and the kids. Which is amazing, buuut also means creating a little “me time” and remembering to actually set the time to work on yourself and your goals is even MORE important!

Like sanity saving important. So introducing: our virtual fit club.


What is this Virtual Fit Club anyways?

All-in-all it is an online community of mostly gals and a couple guys looking to grow in their fitness, nutrition, and mindsets. It is filled with awesomeness EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This is a place where you can GROW. Where you can WORK ON YOU.

  • Your health.
  • Your happiness.
  • Your self confidence.
  • Your strength.

This is where you can learn to FILL YOUR CUP so you can keep pouring from it all day and all night into those beautiful little people you’ve created and all that comes with them, and it is A LOT.

For myself, I feel my BEST when I feel strong, it helps keep aches and pains at bay, and helps me carry my tiny people and all their things as the long mom days and nights require… and mostly, to do it with a smile.

What REALLY GOT ME PUMPED when I first joined into this fit family is the camaraderie. It’s everyone cheering each other on. It’s the sweaty selfies when no one judges your hair and lack of makeup.

I t    i s    f r e e i n g .

It’s how pumped people get seeing your journey, your transformation, and everything I get from the group environment because, let’s be real WE ALL NEED THAT more than ever with what’s going on in the world right now.


In this POSITIVE and WELCOMING family you get this:

1. Fitness.

Exercise is my happy place. It is the one thing I do for me every single day that brings me to my center.  It took some adjusting and whining at first, but now my kids now just know it’s what we do. Mostly I have them join right in, or hold them (I have a new baby), or become a jungle gym. Just because exercising is my happy place, doesn’t mean it has to be yours. In fact most people hate it. That is ok. What matters is that you KNOW you NEED to exercise. You NEED to get moving every day because your health and believe it or not your happiness depends on it.

exercise with kids and baby routines

“Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!” It’s truuuuuueee!

This fit club comes with a year of the most popular at home fitness program on the market! You will be able to exercise from anywhere because it streams across all your devices. This week I worked out in my living room, in the nursery, in the backyard, and staring at the ocean waves on vacation. My gym and my trainers (who by the way are some of the best and most motivating guys and gals on the planet) follow me everywhere on my time… and they will for you too.

There’s a good chance that when you join my squad we will find the perfect program for you to start with. It may sometimes be everyone taking the same challenge at the same time, and sometmes we are each doing our own individualized workout plan.

You’ll need to commit to between 3 weeks and 3 months at a time depending on your goals to follow a step by step amazing laid out program that is gunna help you reach those goals, get your heart pumping and make you feel amazing! You commit and you WILL get results.

You will set your goals here, and you will smash the crap outta them!!


2. Nutrition.

When you join my team you also get access to awesome nutrition help. This is tough right now. There is a lot of time at home, there is Netflicks and snacking and drinks. There is no 5 o’clock right now, and EVERYONE is struggling in this area!

If you’ve read my blogs or taken my prenatal program you will know I am a HUGE PROPONENT for for protein shakes. Having a meal replacement that tastes amazing and fuels your body with gobs of nutrition (oh that you can make with one hand because, well you’re a mom, you’re lucky when you have even one free hand!) all in one glass is essential to reaching your health and fitness goals.

shakeology b team bootcamp

Shakeology is THE BEST. It’s nutrition content is without compare and it’ll make you feel amazing!It is loaded with prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, adaptogens, greens, antioxidants and most importantly protein!!

It is great for pregnancy and breastfeeding but if you are in those stages of motherhood (I feel like I always am!) you might want to skip on your prenatal because Skakeology has all those nutrients of your prenatal right in it’s formulation, so you don’t want to overdo it.

Shakeo helps curb sugar cravings, keeps you full longer, gives you energy, and is really your best friend for your nutrition. Plus there are tons of flavors and even a vegan option!

If you need more help in nutrition there are also 2 different nutrition plans available THAT WORK, are easy to apply, and are not super restrictive! 

Whatever your nutrition needs we can help!


3. Mindset.

This is weighed more heavily on right now with my team than it is in some other fitness bootcamps because right now the world is cray-cray and we all need help holding onto our positive mindsets!

If your mind is not in the right place it is really hard to commit to being regular and consistent with your nutrition and or fitness. I mean, it’s not just me that hears the ice cream yelling at me from the freezer after a moody day of arguing is it?

If you are working from home, schooling at home, etc. you need this now more than ever. And your mental health and mindset will get better with working on your nutrition and fitness! When you are doing what is healthy for you you’ll start to feel better.

When you begin seeing changes in the mirror that are getting you closer to your goals, that feels pretty dang good and you’ll be amazed how these three components in your life we’ll be addressing feed off each other.

In this club you will be joining a family of positivity and support. You will be getting healthier, stronger, and happier… and you’ll be doing it with a community of likeminded peeps AND ME!

Me, your personal coach, helping pick what’s right for you, making sure you’re reaching your goals, and adjusting whatever is necessary to help you reach your goals in motherhood, in life. And cheering you on every freakin’ step of the way!


What Do You NEED to Do to Join the Team?

There is no cut and dry set of rules as to what you NEED to do to be part of this team! Everyone has different goals. I will work with you to design YOUR plan!

Want to exercise at a “gym” COVID-style? Every morning there is a zoom workout if you want to participate for a little motivation!

We LOOOOVE to share sweaty selfies! Man it sure makes you feel like you’re part of a community and we all cheer for each other and never judge! But if that makes you uber uncomfortable, then skip it!

sweaty selfie

If you don’t love the protein shake (which would surprise the heck out of me but hey it could happen) or it is outside your budget, talk to me… believe me, we can make it work I promise.

Plus, there are all kinds of amazing products like preworkout, postworkout, that can help you on your health and fitness journey!

Maybe you LOVE sharing progress pics or every meal you make because now you’re accountable! Then share, we LOVE it!

If you want it, I’ll hook you up with the perfect workout program and nutrition program for you that works! I’ll be here to support you, the team will be here to support you. I’ll set you up with a new program when you finish to reach that next goal or whatever you need.

Together we will smash goals, cheer each other on, have fun, and learn to rock life with bigger smiles, some laughs, and a whole lotta sweat.

Peaked your interest? Wanna chat more or join in the fun NOW?! Join our #Fitfamily and we can learn to #Rockmotherhood together!

If we aren’t already chatting through social media, which I bet we are… e-mail me at even if you just have a few questions.

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