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Sugar Free Pumpkin Spiced Overnight Oats Recipe

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How to Make Pumpkin Overnight Oats

This is a healthy breakfast option you can make for the week in just a few minutes. Of course you can eat it any time of day (I do for lunch a lot).

This recipe is perfect for a super healthy nutritionally dense meal. It is ALSO great for building up a high nutritionally dense milk supply if you are breastfeeding. That is so important for growing a happy and healthy baby.

This fall recipe combines pumpkin and overnight oats to increase breastmilk supply fast!

Plus it’s a super easy, highly nutritious, and ultra-satisfying breakfast. Exactly what every busy breastfeeding mother needs!

**This post probably contains affiliate links to items that I own and love and am confident will benefit you immensely. Feel free to read the full disclosure here.**

Pumpking overnight oats to increase breastmilk supply

How Foods can Increase Breastmilk Supply

It is well known that there are many herbs, teas, and supplements that can drastically increase your breastmilk supply; but did you know that adding simple foods to your diet can achieve the same results?

There are a lot of foods called galactagogues that are known to increase lactation in breastfeeding women.

Some very popular galactogogues in America are:

This combination of ingredients can pack a pretty potent punch for increasing breastmilk supply fast, but there are so many more galactagogues that may work even better for your specific body! Check out this great list of lesser-known but powerful galactagogues and tons of snack ideas to make with them.

Even once you build up your milk supply, breastfeeding has lots of challenges and you might want some help mastering it all. I know I sure did.

That’s why I was psyched to find Milkology, and ONLINE breastfeeding course you can take whenever you have time right from home and it guarantees your success in 90 minutes! Mind blown, 90 minutes of a class that guarantees success?

I was sold and so glad I gave it a try.

overnight oats with pumpkin and flax meal to increase milk supply in breastfeeding mothers

Lactogenic Recipes You’ll Love

Here on Vigor it Out we cover tons and tons of lactogenic recipes that are really going to be a huge help to your milk supply as well as helping you to shed the baby weight fast.

In fact I just put together a roundup that I know you’ll love (because you’re here and you must love anything pumpkin as much as I do) of Pumpkin Lactation Recipes for Every Meal!

All of my lactation recipes are super healthy and built to satisfy you with whole foods, no sugar, and give your body the nutrition it needs postpartum!

My favorite ways to nourish your body postpartum, while increasing breastmilk supply is by filling my menu with:

  1. Lactation Smoothies
  2. Lactation Energy Balls
  3. Healthy Lactation Cookies

If you add some of these lactogenic snacks and meals into your menu every day, you will see and increase in supply.

Postpartum Weight Loss While Breastfeeding

There is one struggle that so many moms have postpartum, knowing how to lose the baby weight safely while breastfeeding. Can you even do that? How can you diet and breastfeed? How can you lose the excess weight and not lose your milk supply?

What about losing the baby weight while INCREASING your milky supply?

For years I’ve been asked by my mom clients these same questions in different ways again and again. So as a certified online health coach, fitness trainer, maternal nutrition specialist, and mom of 3, I decided to compile the proven successful postpartum diet and exercise plan that I created for my breastfeeding mom clients into a program that now anyone can have access to!

It’s called the Milky Mama’s Postpartum Plan and it is built for you! To teach you everything you need to know to be successful at postpartum weight loss while breastfeeding and learning to make more milk!

Check out my 28 day plan now to help you regain strength postpartum with short effective workouts, increase your milk supply with loads of delicious recipes, and finally lose that excess baby weight at the same time! 

milk boosting recipes ebook to increase supply with lactogenic food

Tips for Making Pumpkin Spiced Overnight Oats

This recipe is really easy peasy. That’s why I like overnight oats. It is really easy to combine a whole bunch of great-for-you ingredients into one meal fast! (Also why I’m a huge proponent for smoothies loaded with protein powder safe for breastfeeding mamas.)

  • If you are new to overnight oats, you simply measure everything into a jar then top it off with your milk of choice. My favorite is unsweetened vanilla almond milk but feel free to choose another milk if it’s more to your liking.
  • Almond milk is loaded with vitamins, is low fat and low calorie, big on flavor, and even good for healthy milk supply. (Almonds are a galactogogue.)

jar of lactogenic pumpkin overnight oats for breastmilk supply

  • There is no cooking required in overnight oats and they are served cold. Simply add the jar to the fridge and enjoy for breakfast in the morning!
  • You can halve this recipe to make a smaller jar or single serving. This recipe made me a giant jar and when combined with a small smoothie it filled me up for breakfast for 3 days!

More Lactation Help from Vigor it Out

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