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The One Week Make More Milk Diet Plan

Increase your milk supply naturally + drop the extra pregnancy weight + increase energy + feel great!

In only 7 days… what have you got to lose? Except exhaustion stressing on your milk supply, and extra inches of course
blueberry morning lactation smoothie to increase breast milk supply overnigh

This 1 week challenge is an offshoot of that program. It gives you a taste of the types of milk boosting recipes you will find in the Milky Mama’s Postpartum Plan, you’ll just get a lot more of them there (a 28 day meal plan worth), a 28 days fitness plan, and full guidance on how to lose the excess baby weight while breastfeeding.

But don’t worry, you get A TON of recipes, tips, and tricks in this 1 week challenge too.

are you ready to change our life in only one week?

Increase Milk Supply Through Your Diet

I have an amazing diet and exercise program aimed at helping breastfeeding mothers specifically lose the baby weight while maintaining a high milk supply (or possibly even increasing their milk supply).

It can be a great plan for

any of these women

Those who struggle with milk supply


Those struggling with postpartum weight loss



Those looking to regain strength and energy postpartum

Any combination of the 3! (The full 4 week plan adds in a full workout plan too.)

“There are so many recipes in this I couldn’t believe it!”

So get ready for a ton of amazing tips for increasing your breastmilk supply with nutritious whole foods and learn how to put them together to best increase your milk supply naturally through your diet!


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