Breastfeeding Pilates: The Newest Way To Exercise With Baby You HAVE To Try

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A Whole New Way To Exercise With Baby

My breastfeeding Pilates routines are the newest way to exercise with baby you have to try!

breastfeeding pilates

Breastfeeding is wonderful.  For those blessed enough to be able to it is the absolute best thing you can feed your baby and toddler.  The benefits are huge!  It is such a special bonding time for mother and child and their biggest immune system booster.  I adore the special time I get to spend being such a critical piece in my child’s life.  Nourishing them, cuddling them, and getting one of the best views in the world staring at that precious little face I made.

On the flip side, it consumes A LOT of time.  Sometimes I am struck with a feeling of “Again?  Now?  But I need to x, y, and z!”  Both of my girls breastfed a lot.  They say that they will slow down  at about 4 months old, or whenever you introduce solids.  Well not for me.  And for those of you that choose to breastfeed after the first year (as I am this time) those thoughts can increase.  At least when they’re an infant you have lots of naps to accomplish all the things that just NEED TO get done!  Once they’re only taking one nap the “free time” (ok it’s soooo not free time but you know what I mean) dramatically decreases.

Exercise and fitness is very important to me.

I will find time every day and any way to squeeze in my workout.  I’m not even talking about dropping off the kids and hitting the gym for an hour.  I mean while having both kids 24 hours a day and incorporating them into the mix for 20 or 30 minutes!  So as a personal fitness trainer and breastfeeding mom of an 18 month old I’ve built some Pilates breastfeeding exercise routines for you!

Are you ready to give breastfeeding pilates a try?  Pilates is the perfect type of routine to do while playing games on the floor or breastfeeding.  The moves are often very muscle specific and don’t need to require any extra weight or machines.  Lie on your side and do twenty leg lifts and you’ll feel the burn in your hips!  So if you feel like you don’t have the time but really wish you could find it, I’m here to give you that time back with an entirely new idea.  While comfortably laying with baby on the ground you can fully and effectively exercise your butt and thighs with this simple routine.  And how perfect that it’s a great idea to switch breasts after 10-15 minutes to work the other side!


 breastfeeding pilatesbreastfeeding pilates

While lying on your side with a flexed foot lift your leg about half-way up.  Lower slowly and repeat 20 times.  Then hold your leg in the top position for a count of 10 seconds.  Point your foot and do sixteen baby pulses with your leg staying raised in the air before fully lowering your leg.


 breastfeeding pilatesbreastfeeding pilates

Keep your feet together on the ground and bend your knees forward toward baby.  Keep your heels together and bring the top knee up to “open” the clam as far as you can before lowering.  Repeat 20 times and be sure to keep a tight core!  (That means to tighten your tummy. Imagine pulling your belly button into your spine using your muscles.)  This also helps to strengthen your pelvic floor.


 breastfeeding pilatesbreastfeeding pilates

Switch which leg you are using by bending the top leg and placing your foot flat on the floor behind the leg that has been resting so far.  Open your hips by rotating them slightly toward the ceiling.  Flex your lower foot and lift and lower.  It will seem like a very small bit you are lifting your leg and that’s ok!  Repeat 20 lifts and you will feel the burn on this seemingly tiny exercise.  On the last repetition keep your leg lifted and point your toe.  Complete sixteen baby pulses and then lower.


 breastfeeding pilatesbreastfeeding pilates

Keep your body in the same position with hips slightly opened toward the ceiling, but now let your lower leg rest.  Bring the top leg up to where the upper half of your leg is perpendicular to the floor and the lower half is parallel to the floor and flex your foot. Point your toes as you bring your leg straight up for a full extension.  Flex your foot as you lower to the starting position.  Take this one slow to be sure to get that full top pointed extension in your thigh.  Repeat 15 times.


 breastfeeding pilates

Rotate your hips back to the squared off position you began in, meaning fully on your side.  Point your toes and lift your leg about 1 foot.  Slowly flutter your leg in 10 tiny circles forward.  Make sure you work slowly so you are able to support your weight well and not place any of it on baby!  Then switch the direction of your rotation for 10 more circles.

Then do the famous breastfeeding mom tuck and roll to switch baby to the other breast.  Repeat the full workout on the other side.

Pat yourself on the back and cuddle that baby while you rest those hips.  You just completed a full Pilates workout WHILE breastfeeding!  How did you like it?  Did you run into any trouble along the way?  Would you like a few more routines like this?  I have more breastfeeding routines as well as exercise ball with baby routines!  Not to mention baby wearing and stroller exercise routines.  Motherhood, health, and fitness is where it’s at!  I’m really excited to bring this new type of mom workout to you guys!  So if you really like this or want to learn how to multitask any of the others please let me know in the comments below!

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