Exercise With Baby At Home: Solid Workout Moves For Fitness Success!

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Exercise with baby and exercise with kids can seem impossible some days! What if you knew a handful of solid exercises you can easily do with your baby and kids no matter where you are and what you’re doing? I’ll give you my tips to set you up for fit mom success no matter what!

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exercise with baby

Exercise With Baby At Home CAN Be Done!

I feel like I haven’t added a fitness post in so long! In reality it’s only been two weeks but with homeschool, Halloween, and a killer cold that took out the whole family for 3 weeks it got put on the backburner.

I’m Ready For Mommy Fitness Motivation Thursday (Because Monday Came WAY To Soon)

As a stay at home mom, working mom, or homeschool mom the chance to fit in a workout some days just doesn’t happen. Getting to the gym, getting out in the stroller, or even just entertaining the kids for 30 minutes to squeeze in an amazing at home workout can literally be impossible.

Have you ever had those days?

Set up the kids with toys, drawing, or entertainment with an amazing 45 minute workout planned. Then they start to bicker. Next they insist on taking your workout music on your phone to play a game. Then the baby is so entertained by that, she wets herself. After cleanup and an outfit change OF COURSE it’s time to breastfeed. And as soon as you have them all entertained again:

the big kid stubs her toe, the little one bumps her head, and the workout that never really got going is over.

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Mommy Workout Times Can Be Hard To Find!

So for those crazy days:

These workout moves will raise your heartrate, work your full body, and leave you feeling refreshed and your muscles satisfied!

If there’s any way to squeeze it in at another time during the day pairing these moves with the moves from my Pilates With Baby Routine you will get your entire body and will NEVER miss the gym!

Lately I love stroller exercise routines!

But even THOSE don’t often go as planned with littles! If you’d love to try out a killer full body active stroll routine when getting out of the house this fall try this one! And for the days when the kids REFUSE to stay in the stroller I’ve still got you covered with the anti-stroller workout: a full body workout that can be completed at a toddler’s pace!

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With the right tools, exercise with baby can become easy and fun!

Basically to stay a fit mommy, you need to be able to learn how to squeeze in exercise moves anywhere anytime. Exercising with baby is a great way! Also, if you pack in a bunch of 30 minute exercises moms can do anywhere, you’re really helping to boost your metabolism, energy, and fitness.

The magic keys are to squeeze in mini workouts whenever you can, and learn how to exercise with your kids in tow in a fun way!

The moves of this post are targeted at what you can easily complete while playing on the floor with baby. Learn to turn tummy time, a game of Scrabble, or just spending time with the kids into your own mini workout session that you will absolute love.


5 AWESOME Moves To Exercise While Playing With Your Kids


exercise with baby

Place yourself over baby on your elbows, stretched out into a plank position. Try to keep your body in line, with your core activated as much as you can. Your stomach will suck in, and you’ll feel a burn from your shoulders through your quads. Hold for 30 seconds and increase each time you perform this plank.

It’s really helpful to sing a fun kid song to your baby or kids during this. It really helps distract you and extend the time of your plank. “A, B, C, D…” etc.



exercise with baby exercise with baby

Get into a side plank position. Place your weight on one hand and your feet, and keep your body in a straight line. (Ignore my hand in a fist as you’ll want to place your hand flat. I have a joint condition and can’t place my weight on my wrists.) Hold this position 20 seconds then dip your hips down to the ground and lift them back into starting position 15 times. (Repeat on the other side.)

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exercise with baby

From a side plank position reach your free arm up overhead. Then raise your upper leg perpendicular to the floor. From here raise it up to a 45 degree angle and lower back to starting position. Repeat 20 times.



exercise with baby exercise with baby

Place yourself over baby in a “pushup position” but with knees on the floor instead of toes. Keep your feet up behind you (I find it best to cross your legs to keep them steady). Lower your upper body until your elbows point straight out at a 90 degree angle before raising back up to starting position. Repeat 30 times.

This is the perfect move to treat baby to a kiss on each pushup!



exercise with baby

Pilates pushups are a great way to target your triceps as opposed to a traditional pushup which will be targeting your chest, biceps, and deltoids. To complete these pushups begin in a modified pushup position but raise one leg behind you as far as is comfortable. When lowering to the ground bring your elbows straight back, sliding along the sides of your body. Then raise back up to starting position. Complete 15 reps before switching the raised leg and completing 15 more.

Wrapping Up Exercise Moves to Do With Baby

I love these move for playing with baby, coloring time with the kids, or while playing a board game. I don’t know about you but I definitely feel better when I creatively get a workout in.

Let me know in the comments below how this workout worked out for you. What did you play with the littles while you completed it?

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  1. Great blog. I am very active and it’s hard to work out with a baby. But after reading your blog I thought it was very easy. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Jennifer, thank you so much and I’m glad you found the information helpful! Working out with baby is definitely and art to learn at first, but it becomes so fun and easy once you have all the right tools. 🙂

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