Mommy and Me Stroller Workout: How To Get It In When You Kid Refuses To

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Stroller workouts are where it’s at for all of us full time moms. A stroller is more than a convenience device, it can be the ultimate piece of fitness equipment. This mommy and me stroller workout is not only a great exercise for all, but the key to solving the problems of those whose kids want OUT!

So you go out for a jog, run, or walk with all these great plans of your amazing workout ahead. And after less than ten minutes your kid refuses to be in the stroller. Arching their back, yelling, or begging for release. What do you do NOW?!

Abandon the workout? Go home? Let them loudly complain? Settle on releasing them and follow your toddler around to play instead? NO WAY! Mama’s going to get her full workout in with these exercises at a toddler’s pace. (Not REALLY at their pace though, because you’ll be kicking your own butt while going at their speed.)

You Can Definitely Do a Stroller Workout At Baby Speed.

My youngest daughter has NEVER liked being strapped into any device that’s not on me. Car rides? Horrendous. Stroller runs? Difficult as heck. Grocery shopping in the cart? Sooo not happening. As she’s getting older it is definitely improving but not resolved at all. She’s almost two.

So being a fitness trainer and also running mommy and me workouts I had to learn to adapt. I had to take my knowledge and creativity and formulate ways for a mother to get in a stroller exercise with baby when baby doesn’t want to. And I’m here to share those tips and tricks with you!

Stroller Workout Walks Can Be WAY More Than Walking.

When this problem first arose (about two years ago because it’s definitely not new) I scoured the internet for tips on how to do Stroller Strides, how to do stroller workouts jogging, and how to keep the kids entertained in the stroller. I found lots of great tips. But NOTHING was going to keep MY girl in the stroller for an hour, or even 45 minutes… which is what most stroller exercise classes require.

Some moms are ok with pushing through while their kids complain. Teaching them to adapt and that mommy is really helping them by helping herself. I’m not one of them. She’s a baby, I’m not letting her scream or cry for my own gain. Instead I’ve learned amazing ways to Exercise With Kids. (Check out that post for LOTS of ideas.)

Don’t Give Up. Complete These Mommy and Me Stroller Workout Exercises Instead!

I think starting off with a jog or run is a great idea. If your little one is willing to stay in, try THIS full body stroller workout! If not, push it as far as you can. When it’s not working anymore pop that little angel out. Let them explore, walk along side, or try out these fun moves with you!


Stroller Workout Walks: 8 Phenomenal Exercises To Do at a Toddler’s Pace

**This is a full lower body workout. Expect your legs to burn. Push through and rock it out. I like to try to make it through everything at least twice, it really helps in the muscle gain and metabolism boost to get in two sets. If they’re new moves for you settle on one! Adapt and play as your kid needs it. Sing silly songs and make funny faces. Get them to try the moves out too. Remember to keep your core tight on every exercise and maintain good posture.**

1.Sumo Squat To Leg Raise

stroller exercisestroller exercise

Spread your legs beyond shoulder width and point your toes out at a 45 degree angle. Sit back as deep as you can and stay there! Do tiny pulses in that position for a count of ten before lifting up into standing position while squeezing your glutes! When almost raised up lift your right leg to the side and slightly behind you to further activate your booty on one side while further activating your quad on the opposite leg. Return to squatting position and sit deep again. Do ten more baby pulses and repeat the leg raise on the left leg. Try to do this ten times!


2. Stroller Toe Taps

stroller exercise

Be sure your stroller is locked into position. Grip the handle if you like or place your hands on your hips or in front to balance yourself. Hop one foot up and lightly tap the stroller. Immediately hop the other foot up to tap the stroller and repeat as quickly as you can for 30 seconds. (You can do this at the front or back of the stroller.) Fun mommy tip: Sing the ABC’s slowly including the ending and you should be at about 30 seconds.


3. Lunge Knee-Ups

stroller exercisestroller exercise

Stand with feet split and step forward really far. Bend your back knee down slowly as close to the ground without touching it as you can. Make sure your feet are far enough apart that your front knee isn’t passing in front of your toes. Swing your back leg up bringing your knee up in front of you and tightening your abs. Repeat on the same leg 20 times before switching to the other leg.


4. High Knees

I have no idea what happened to my high knees picture sorry! While remaining in one place you basically jog in place but bring your knees up towards your chest as high and fast as you can for a count of 30 seconds. I always feel like a prancing pony. I’m surprised, but my little super loves this while in the baby carrier.


5. Butt Kicks

stroller exercise

Once again you will basically be jogging in place. Perfect for hanging out with your kid while giving them their freedom so they can check out that really cool bug on the ground! This time you’ll be swinging the lower half of your leg back to kick your booty with each “step” and not bringing your legs forward at all. Do 30 seconds as fast as you can. This exercise as well as “high knees” are really great to throw in whenever your kid starts to wander. You get to skyrocket your heartrate and hop along at a kids pace.


6. “The Crab” Side Shuffles

stroller exercisestroller exercise

Definitely our favorite exercise to throw into our strolls. Adapted from my high school days of basketball drills. Get back into that sumo squat position and shuffle along staying as low as you can. Bring your heels as close together as you can with each step… you can kind of see that behind my cute baby crab in the second picture. (Yes those are my crab claws in the picture. Definitely no necessary, but way more fun!) If your kid is doing it with you then 5 to 10 steps in each direction is great; or you can do it in a circle. Shoot for twenty slide steps on each leg however you break it up.


7. Lateral Leg Lifts (Knee Bent)stroller exercise

This is basically a side crunch while standing. You will be targeting your obliques by standing in good posture, tightening your core, and lifting your knee up and to the side as high as you can slowly. Next repeat on the other side for a total of 30.


8. Alternating Walking Lunges

stroller exercise

Remember our lunges from before? Well now you’ll be doing them moving around. Stand with feet split and step forward really far. Bend your back knee down slowly as close to the ground without touching it as you can. Make sure your feet are far enough apart that your front knee isn’t passing in front of your toes. Next step forward on the other leg and complete the same motion. This is a great exercise for toddler pace exploring.

Mommy and Me Stroller Workout Complete!


Congratulations! You’ve now worked in muscle training and cardio with your kid at your side! Hopefully had as much fun as I did, and should be a little sore in the legs tomorrow! Remember to stretch all the muscles you targeted today when you’re done and follow up with lots of water.

I REALLY hope these exercises and tips help all you moms with kids like mine. Or anyone who might want to ditch the stroller and get in a workout on a walk with the kids.

If your little one is happy in the stroller OR if you can give your kid an activity to keep them entertained for only 14 minutes a day I challenge you to try out my Ultimate One Week HIIT Cardio Challenge For Your Busy Life. It’s a killer full body high intensity interval training workout that will transform your body if you give it your 100% for only 14 minutes a day!

Let me know what fitness hurdles you want to overcome with your kids. I WILL write a post for you. What is your favorite type of exercise you’d love to learn a new routine for! Talk to me in the comments below.

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  1. Love this post! I’m due Oct 15th with baby girl number three, and I am praying for discipline in being active with my girls and staying motivated to lose the baby weight! Right now I am walking about 3 times a week. I use a fun destination for cooperation. We walk to the playground up the street, they play, we walk back. It’s almost 3 miles total, it kicks my butt every time, and my girls get great time outdoors! <3 Loved your post!

    1. So glad you liked it Taylor! Congrats on baby #3! Maybe I’ll join you one day. Walking is great super pregnant, that’s all I could do with the end of my last pregnancy due to health complications. Sounds like you’ve got it down!

    1. Thanks so much Amy! “the crab” is definitely one of our favorites to do together. It’s the best workout with my oldest in the stroller and the little strapped on me… whew a killer! Haha, can’t wait to hear how this goes for you!

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