Babywearing Workouts You Can No Longer Live Without

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After childbirth we are all eager to get back to feeling and looking like ourselves. A new mom has NO free time. Most of us are with our little one 24 hours a day and many of them aren’t ready to hang out in a stroller for long. Learning how to do a babywearing workout is the ultimate solution to your problems! You can learn to workout with baby. Babies are actually usually very content to ride on mom while she boosts her strength, fitness, and health through a babywearing workout!

Why try a babywearing workout?

babywearing workout

As a new mom you aspire health, fitness, and NEAR your pre baby body! Sometimes there is literally NO TIME to workout unless you learn the skills to incorporate your child into your workout routines!

There are some awesome mom’s fitness groups like Stroller Strides that teach you the skills to do just that! But what if you are stuck at home? What if your child hates the stroller? What if your baby will NEVER complete a 1 hour class and you feel like your money is completely wasted in such an environment?


Babywearing workouts. I am a certified personal fitness trainer specializing in fitness in motherhood. I have created dozens of stroller and babywearing workout routines for new moms that absolutely love it!

Finding babywearing workout classes can actually be a bit of a struggle at times. But with the wealth of information on the internet you can easily try out this phenomenal form of exercise with baby at home!

What is a babywearing workout?

Instead of doing floor work while playing with baby (which can be awesome especially when they’re really small and pretty immobile), or strapping them into a stroller to go for an active stroll, you actually wear your baby in a carrier while completing a safe and effective workout!

Most babies are far more content being worn on mom than anywhere else. I recommend getting a high quality ergonomic baby carrier. Some of these are extremely high priced and while I’ve heard MANY moms tout their amazing love for their carriers, more affordable options work quite well too.

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Awesome Ergonomic Baby Carriers

Ok now you’ve got some visual and price range ideas for the types of carriers you need to complete babywearing workouts.

I’ve heard the most word of mouth rave reviews for the Ergo baby and Tula carriers. I however use an older model of the 3rd pictured (Infantino front to back rider) and am beyond happy with it’s performance!

For me the most important things are of course that baby is well supported, safe and happy AND that they are able to face out as well as face me. My little one has NEVER (even as an infant) been satisfied facing inward unless she was cold, tired, or nursing. A babywearing workout can be completed with baby facing either direction.

I’m all set! Now What?!

I’ve rounded up five phenomenal babywearing workouts from around the web for you! They are high quality routines that will give you results!

If you guys are really loving this article let me know in the comments below because I have dozens of my own babywearing routines I would be more than happy to share to help you reach your fitness goals.

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Baby Wearing Workout Roundup

1. 15 Minute Babywearing Workout

babywearing workout

From: Diary of a Fit Mommy

I’ve been following Sia from Diary of a Fit Mommy for quite some time. This workout is an amazing starter babywearing workout. It targets legs, glutes, and arms. It’s easy to squeeze in any day and will give you a great feel for babywearing workouts in only 15 minutes!

2. Shape Up For Summer: My Babywearing Workout

babywearing workout

From: Heidi Powell

Ok does anyone else super love Heidi Powell?! She and her husband (Chris Powell from Extreme Weight Loss) are TV celebrities and total fitness gurus. I was so excited when I found out that she has her own babywearing workout available! This workout is best completed with baby on back but can completely be adapted to the more common front wearing as well.

postnatal diet and exercise for breastfeeding moms

3. A Babywearing Workout

babywearing workout

From: The Lean Green Bean

I love this workout utilizing a kettlebell to really step it up a notch! Not only will you be using babies’ increasing weight but added weight to REALLY work out those glutes and thighs. So important for all of the lifting, carrying, and chasing required every day of motherhood!

4. Total Body Babywearing Workout

babywearing workout

From: Lille Baby

This link contains two wonderful babywearing workouts created by Natasha of Fit Mama Santa Barbara and featured on the Lille Baby page. You can find detailed directions as well as a link to YouTube videos to really help guide you along.

5. Total Body Babywearing Workout

babywearing workout

From: Physical Kitcheness

This is a fun and creative babywearing workout with the photoshoot set in my favorite place; the beach! Workout the entire body while having fun and spending time with that ever increasing weight you’ve been blessed with!

babywearing workouts

Some Other Amazing Ways To Workout With Baby:

  • Exercise With Kids 101 <-so many amazing tips and ideas to get you started!
  • Active Stroller Workout <-Workout your entire body while little rides along
  • The Anti-Stroller Workout <- when trying to go for a run or active stroll there are SO many times that baby and toddler will REFUSE to stay in the stroller. Here’s a hardcore workout you can do with them in tow!
  • Pilates With Baby <-targeting glutes and legs while side lying with baby, playing with your kids, or even breastfeeding!

What is the area you’d love to learn to target with baby and kids in tow? What is your favorite type of exercise? Would you like to see even more babywearing workouts? Please let me know your answers in the comments section below!


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