Stability Ball Ab Workout: To Get Your Core Burning

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A stability ball is an endlessly versatile piece of exercise equipment. Utilizing only an exercise ball and your own body weight I will guide you in nine amazingly effective exercises to target every muscle in your core! This is an amazingly effective stability ball ab workout.

Stability Ball Workouts Rock For Fitness

stability ball ab workout

I hadn’t delved into using an exercise ball to workout until the past couple years and have grown to love it.

Initially stability balls entered my life as the best way to soothe a colicky baby. I bounced on that ball for so many hours for so many days that I even created my own exercise routine while bouncing baby! Which is now yours to master if it fits into your life!

You can exercise any muscle group using a stability ball.

But today we are focusing on the core. My favorite area to target using an exercise ball! There are so many different ways to use a stability ball for abs that I love it! It takes the workout up a notch from floor work utilizing only your body weight.


Stability Ball Ab Workout:

1. Extended Crunches

stability ball exercisesexercise ball core workout

Extending the range of motion on crunches targets your upper abs better than anything else I’ve found. Relax your body fully back on the ball with feet squarely on the floor. Slowly raise your head then back (using your abdominal muscles, not your hands) one vertebrae at a time until you crunch your upper abdominals as much as possible before lowering slowly down in the same manner. Repeat 20x.

2. Lateral Leg Raises

stability ball exercisesstability ball exercises

Take some time to find your balance on your side on your stability ball; feet stacked on the floor. (I find gripping the ball in a sort of side hug to be helpful.) With your free hand on your hip raise the upper leg until parallel with the floor and lower. Repeat 20x and then switch sides for 20 more reps.


3. Declined Pushups

stability ball exercisesstability ball exercises

Place the ball under your shins with hands shoulder width apart on the floor. Lower until your elbows reach a 90 degree angle out to the sides and raise back to starting position. Repeat 20x.

4. Declined Roll Ups

stability ball exercisesstability ball exercises

Remaining in the same position, instead of lowering your upper body, you will be rolling your legs. Slowly roll them along the ball until your feet are at the top of the exercise ball. Slowly roll them back to starting position. This is my absolute favorite stability ball exercises for abs. Complete 20 reps.


5. Twisted Plank

stability ball exercisesstability ball exercises

Once again remain in the same position on the ball. However this time roll your feet forward on the ball while twisting your knees (kept together) to one side. Roll back to starting position. Then roll your feet forward while twisting your knees in the opposite direction. Roll back to starting position and continue this pattern 20 times.


6. Spinal Extension

stability ball exercisesstability ball exercises

Lay over the stability ball on your stomach with feet spread wide for balance, toes touching the ground. Placing hands lightly on your forehead, raise up your upper body as far as possible. You will appear to be searching for something in the distance. Use your spinal extensors, not your glutes to perform this exercise 20x.


7. Elbow Plank

stability ball exercises

Lean your elbows on your ball with feet outstretched behind you. Keep your body in a straight line by tucking your hips under and activating your core. Hold for 1 min.


8. Reverse Crunches

stability ball exercisesstability ball exercises

Lay flat on your back on the floor with the exercise ball placed securely between your calves and feet. Slowly raise the ball to a 45 degree angle from the floor and return it slowly to starting position. 20 reps.


9. Scissor Twist

stability ball exercisesstability ball exercises

Remain in the same position as the last exercise. However begin with your legs already raised up at a 45 degree angle from the floor. Rotate your legs one direction until one foot is on top of the ball and the other is directly under. Immediately switch the direction of rotation until your feet have switched positions. 20 rotations.

stability ball exercises for abs

Your core should be burning, muffin top melting away. You can complete one or more sets of this routine. Rock out ab day at home! Let me know which piece of equipment you’d love to learn to use at home in the comments below! Also I’d love to hear what muscle group you’d love a new routine to target.

stability ball ab workout


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