The Best Full Body Active Stroller Workout For Moms

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Do you love getting the kids outside in the stroller? Going out for a walk or run is great exercise! How about turning a stroll with the littles into an effective full body workout? This stroller exercise routine will equip you with all the tools you need to work out your entire body. It’s not as hard as you think!

Full Body Active Stroll

By incorporating these seven exercises into your walk you can get in a super effective full body workout for you while the kids get to enjoy the stroll! A stroller is a great device to use for body weight exercises, which are some of my favorite and some of the most effective.

Stop thinking of a stroller as a convenience device. Think of it as an awesome piece of exercise equipment.

Getting the kids outside for a stroll or a run is amazing. You all get the enjoyment of the beautiful outdoors as well as bonding by being active together. Strollers are a wonderful invention that are useful for so many years.

I often baby wear by almost two year old and the almost seven year old gets the stroller ride. You might think she’s a bit old to get the awesome ride along but it’s the only way that I get to go as far and long as I’d like to on foot! So stroller it is.

I used to design 45 minute long exercise routines for moms with a stroller or while baby wearing.

I have so many amazing long routines I’d be more than happy to share with you (think stroller strides) but I’ve found some of the classes to be such a stretch to complete with happy little ones.

If your child has trouble staying strapped into a stroller for any length of time try out my Anti-Stroller Workout! It’s a a killer full body workout that you can complete with a toddler exploring alongside of you!

Not all kids are happy strapped into a stroller for an hour.

Not at kids are happy baby wearing for an hour. When given awesome fitness tips and routines online you are able to easily adapt them to your own children and family. Nothing can be better and more manageable than that.

If you’re looking for even more great ways to squeeze in a workout as a busy mom check out Exercising With Kids 101 for TONS of great ideas!

Knowledge is power and strength.

For these exercises you need NO EQUIPMENT except the stroller and your amazingly strong and capable mom body.

I recommend doing each exercise for 20 repetitions two times for a really effective full body workout.

Don’t worry, if you need to do less reps and want to do them each once or maybe more than twice it will not negate from how effective these exercises are for your entire body.

Work at your own level, plus one or two reps more than is comfortable.

The most important things to remember to get a really effective workout is to do these repetitions slow and steady and keep good form. Tighten your abdominals (imagine pulling your belly button towards your spine) to activate your core. Keep your shoulders back.

I find it keeps the kids entertained the best to do about three exercises, then run or walk some, do three more, etc.

stroller workout

repair after all they’ve been through!

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  1. Stroller High Knees

stroller workout

Grab low onto the front end of your stroller (make sure it’s locked!) and rock out 30 seconds of high knees! I find making silly faces at baby and either playing music or singing fun kids songs really make this a winner! Think the ABC’s or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

2. Stroller Push Ups

stroller exercise

From the same position grabbing onto the front end of the stroller (once again be sure your stroller is locked during this one!) complete 20 inclined push ups. It may take a little adjusting of your arms to not hit your face on the snack tray! Count aloud for learning fun or sing!

the milky mama's postpartum plan

3. Stroller Squats

stroller workout

While gripping onto the back handles of the stroller sit back into am imaginary chair as far as you can. Try to sit back far enough that your knees are not coming in front of your toes to protect your joints! Yes, you WILL look like your taking a poop. Complete 20 squats before moving on to the next exercise.

4. Walking Lunges

stroller exercise

While gripping the handles of the stroller take a big step forward with your right leg. Dip your left knee slowly downward as close as you can to the ground then slowly raise back to starting position. Next take a large step forward with your left leg and complete the same motion. My oldest calls these “the turtles” because you’ll be walking along at a turtles pace! Complete 20 on each leg for a total of 40 lunges. If baby gets bored as mine does with this amount of a slow pace just do half of the reps, run for half a minute, then complete the rest.

5. Stroller Triceps Dips

stroller exercise

Back to the front end of the stroller for this one! Make sure your stroller is locked and grip the front of the stroller facing away from baby. Slowly lower your body with your elbows pointed behind you, as close to your body as you can. Lower until your elbows reach a 90 degree angle and then straighten your arms. The farther away you place your feet the harder this exercise will be.

6. Reverse Leg Lifts

stroller exercise

Jog back around to the handle or the stroller. While gripping the handles, lift your right leg behind you as far as you can without bending over to activate your glutes. There are two ways you can complete this one. You have the option of doing 20 repetitions on one leg and then switching to the other for 20 more. OR you can alternate legs with each lift. I prefer doing one leg for 20 repetitions at a time to really feel the burn, but it’s up to you!

7. Calf Raises

stroller exercise

Standing behind the stroller at the handle bars rest your right leg lightly on the back of the stroller, placing no weight on it. Point your toes on the left foot to raise up as high as you can 20 times. Be sure to keep all weight off of the right foot during this to get the most out of this exercise. Switch to the left leg resting up on the stroller and complete 20 reps with the right leg.

You can do each exercise as many times as you wish but for me twice is great. Any longer and the kids get bored and any fewer and I’m not satisfied with the workout.

Some quick tips that help a stroller workout go smoothly.

  1. Bring snacks!
  2. Don’t forget to bring drinks for everyone!
  3. Bring toys or stuffed animals that you can sing kiddie songs about while you exercise. (Like a bee for “Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee”, 3 kitty toys for “3 Little Kittens”, or random animals for “Old McDonald!”)
  4. Bring bubbles. If all else is failing… just blow some bubbles!

stroller workout

A stroller workout is probably the most straight forward form of mom exercise. Did you know I’ve got great routines for you to get in almost ANY way? Please check out Breastfeeding Pilates for a great routine you can do while watching TV, playing on the floor with the kids, or even breastfeeding! I’ve even got a routine you can do while Bouncing to Soothe a Baby on an exercise ball! Babywearing Workouts are some of my favorites as well as turning an epic dance party into a cardio HIIT routine!

Let me know in the comments when you’d love to squeeze in a workout that you can’t quite figure out. I’d love to help you out and create a routine for you! Chances are TONS of moms feel stuck in your same predicament and would love the same thing as you.

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