Morning Yoga Flow You Will Never Start Another Day Without

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Yoga is the absolute perfect way to start your morning. With this 10 minute wake up morning yoga routine you will relieve back pain and hamstring and hip tightness caused from sleeping. Roll out of bed for a perfect morning yoga flow that starts off slowly and leaves you feeling energized.

Do you ever wake up with morning stiffness?

Do you ever wake up with a crick in your back? Maybe tight sore hips? Or perhaps every morning your hamstrings are so tight you cannot even bend over! The intensity of morning stiffness each person experiences each day varies, but it happens more often than not. Morning yoga can help!

Why do I experience pain upon waking?

According to Telegraph Reporters, “Scientists have discovered why we wake up stiff in the morning – because our body’s natural ibuprofen has not kicked in yet. Researchers revealed the reason our limbs can feel rigid and achy when we rise is because the body’s biological clock suppresses anti-inflammatory proteins during sleep.”

Now that we know the proposed cause I have a delightfully refreshing and only 10 minute solution to your achy waking.

Why Do Yoga Upon Waking?

  1. Yoga can help alleviate tight muscles that we all wake with most days. Tightness in your hips? There’s a yoga pose for that!
  2. Yoga can help to activate your digestive system. Your body spends the evening and overnight digesting your meals from the day before. Yoga can help relax the muscles and intestines to get your day off to a perfect start.
  3. Morning yoga can become a very healthy habit. It clears and centers your mind while stretching and activating your muscles.


I’ve created a 7 move morning yoga flow:

to start off your day right.

A yoga flow is simply a yoga routine where each pose ‘flows’ smoothly into the next. You shouldn’t have to stand up and reposition to move easily from one pose to another.


This routine targets back, hips, and hamstrings.

Roll out of bed only 10 minutes early and I guarantee you’ll be happy with the results. I promise you can literally roll out because I’ll always start you off in child’s pose in the mornings! You’ll get to stretch and wake up at the same time as the poses will slowly increase in intensity as you wake up.

10 Minute Morning Yoga Flow

1. Child’s Pose

morning yoga flow

Tuck your feet under you in a sitting position with knees apart and stretch your hands in front of you as far as you can. Focus on straightening your back by pushing your belly button towards the floor. Hold this pose for at least 30 seconds while deeply breathing. Visualize your tension leaving your body through your limbs with each exhale.


2. Cow Pose

morning yoga flow

Raise up onto your hands and knees and arch your back downward while lifting your head toward the sky. Pull your shoulders back and toward each other and breath deeply and slowly 5 times.


3. Cat Pose

morning yoga flow

Remain in the same position on your knees but curl your spine upwards toward the ceiling. Drop your head and tuck your hips. Continue breathing deeply 5 times while focusing on pulling your spine upward. Feel the release of tension between each vertebrae.

Now take a deep breath in while returning to cow pose and exhale while returning to cat pose. Complete this cycle 5 times.


4. Chaturanga

morning yoga routine

Tuck your toes and lean forward into a standard plank position. Lower your body slowly remembering to let your elbows slide along your body. Hold this position hovering above the floor for one deep breath before moving on to the next pose.


5. Upward Dog

morning yoga routine

Push up with your arms to raise your chest as high as you can. Release your toes to point out straight behind you. Lift your head toward the sky and focus on opening your heart by pulling it upwards as much as you can and pulling your shoulder blades back. Breath deeply as you hold this pose for at least 5 deep and slow breaths in and out.


6. Half Splits Pose

morning yoga routine

My hamstrings are ridiculously tight today and my form is terrible in this pose. Check out a proper half split pose.  That being said:

Pull your right foot forward between your arms and raise up onto your left knee. Place your hands at your sides on the ground and flex the forward foot. Focus on pressing your belly button down toward the floor to stretch your hamstrings further and straighten your lower back. Take 5 deep breaths slowly in this position.

(**If you are extremely tight in this area, as I always am, you can modify the pose slightly by either using yoga blocks to place your hands on to raise up a bit off of the floor or if they are not available slide your knee that is placed on the floor slightly back as you see in the photo to bring you closer to the floor.**)


7. Pigeon Pose

morning yoga routine

Stretch your left leg (the one that was kneeling) straight back and point that toe while sitting onto the floor. Curl your right leg in with toes pointing out and to the left. Rotate your hips forward to open them as much as possible. This is a phenomenal hip opening stretch. Take five deep breaths in this position.

(**Once again if you are extremely tight in this area you can modify by placing your hands on yoga blocks, holding your hips up off of the floor with your hands or blocks, or leave a very slight rotation in your hips.**)

From pigeon pose bring your back leg forward and tuck your knees under you to return to the starting position of child’s pose.

Repeat the entire flow again but this time switch the forward leg in the half splits pose and pigeon pose.

Slowly lift to standing, ready to take on your day! Head off to make a delicious detox drink to conquer your day with a lot of self care and health right from the start. (And hey, I love coffee too so feel free to brew some of that as well!

Don’t forget to take a few minutes here and there throughout your day for self care.

You can even learn to do it with your kids! It is so important to focus on your health and pleasure if even only for a few minutes. It will set you up to smash all your goals and give you the strength to handle the bumps in the road.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Kim! I’m glad these could be of help. I’m resolving to do a lot more yoga this year myself.

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