Full Guide To A HIIT Dance Party Workout

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Dance Party=Fun For Any Age

dance party

A dance party with your kids is soooooo much fun! It’s simple, invigorating, children love it, you get to be silly, and get an amazing workout. Throughout the years I’ve been a babysitter and nanny in addition to a mommy and I’ve never had any child turn down a dance party. Whether you’re rocking out to Pandora, the radio, YouTube, or a kids song movie it’s fun for everyone!

Dancing in and of itself is great exercise! It gets those muscles moving, it releases endorphins, and it is wonderful cardio. Sometimes though you and your body might yearn for more that just silly dance moves. Can an epic dance party be made into a FULL workout? Totally! So I’ve put together a little cardio workout of fun and simple exercises to work into that dance party for if mommy really wants to feel the burn!

Older kids can totally get into the cardio challenge too! Complete each of these exercises throughout your fun bonding time with the kiddos for 30 seconds each. Repeat as many times as you’re up to! (3 sets equals a full body HIIT routine that will burn calories and boost metabolism for the next 48 hours! For more details of what a HIIT routine is be sure to read my Guide To Healthy Living here.)

Pull out those tunes and let’s dance!



dance party

This is a very common move in exercise dance classes and once you have it down it’s easy. Begin standing with feet together and step your right foot out to the side. Cross your left leg behind your right for the next step. Bring your right leg out to the right again for another step. Then bring your left leg to meet your right for the final step. If you’re really feeling it add in a hop (and I even love to clap) as you bring your feet together. Then complete the same steps but going to the left. STEP, CROSS, STEP, TOGETHER, STEP, CROSS, STEP, TOGETHER!



  dance party

Begin standing with feet together and take a large step forward with your left foot slightly to the left. Then take a large step with your right foot toward your right. Bring your left foot back and to the left with a large step. Lastly bring your right foot back and to the right with a large step! Your feet should be stepping in the corners of your “box.” I repeat “UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN.”



camping hacks dance party

Here’s a real cardio killer I absolutely love! It couldn’t SOUND easier (ya right!) and kids love to do this one too! Stand in a wide stance, squat down a bit, and move your feet up and down without actually moving anywhere as fast as you can. The higher you bring your knees the harder this gets!



dance party

Start in a regular stance feet shoulder width apart. Slowly squat your booty straight back. Imagine sitting back into a chair. Swing your arms up overhead while you jump as high as you can. It doesn’t have to be very high at all to get a great workout, these are tough! Repeat as many times as you can in those 30 seconds!



dance party

Step your right leg back into a deep lunge. Make sure you are stepping back far enough that when you bend, your forward knee does not past over your toes. Swing your right leg forward (the one that was lunging in the back), bringing your knee towards your chest and then step back into lunge position. Repeat with a slow lunge and quick knee-up! Take your time and find your balance, that can be tough to get into rhythm. Complete as many as 30 seconds will allow and then switch sides!

dance party

You can add these moves in as much as you want! You can do three sets, you can just do a couple of the exercises, it’s your call. But I bet you’ll feel great, and a little winded as you turn a kids dance party into your very own Zumba-like class! Above all have fun watching those smiling faces.

exercise with kids Right now we’re on a YouTube dance party binge we do every day that my 1 year old is totally obsessed with. (Although she does call the site “you poop”) If you’d like to give our dance party a try look up Baby VuVu – Everybody Dance Now, Schnuffle Bunny – Beep Beep, Patty Shukla – I Can Do It, The Gummy Bear Song, Crazy Frog, and we always end with a cuddle and cool down to Rock a Bye Baby! Have fun!


Did you know you can totally complete a Pilates workout WHILE breastfeeding or playing with your kids on the floor? Check out full directions here.  AND I’ve got a complete workout while bouncing baby on an exercise ball to calm and sooth them.  Imagine strengthening your muscles and calming your baby at the same time = fit mommy bliss. Check it out here. What are your favorite songs to dance to with the kids? Want to read more like this? Let me know below!

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