25 Ways To Self Care In Motherhood You Can’t Live Without

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Motherhood is the easiest time in life to forget to care about yourself, how can you not? The importance of self care for mothers is incomparable. Your family is depending on you so you need to take care of yourself so you can take care of them! This list of self care activities for mother is 25 perfect ways to self care for a stay at home mom.

Why You Need To Take Time For You.

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Why is self-care soooo uber important in motherhood? Well point blank it’s a really easy place to lose yourself. Children take up every minute of every day. Let me preface with the fact that I absolutely adore motherhood, I think it’s better than anything and the biggest gift in life. That being said, you can easily become so wrapped up in the duties of motherhood especially in the early years (heck, probably in the later years too but I’m not there yet!) that it’s easy to lose sight of taking care of yourself.

Your sleep will be altered, your self care routines, your eating habits… it will lay siege to all aspects of self care. But if you don’t remember to care for yourself you will spiral into unhappiness and will only end up resenting those little blessings in your life.


Being a Mom Is Exhausting In a Beautiful Way.

There will be many sleepless nights. So many days will be completely exhausting. There will be tears and tantrums and they won’t always make sense. More spills and messes than you can imagine are going to happen. There will be endless laundry. Arguments and bad behaviors will find their way in. There will be outright defiance. Eventually there will be paint on the carpet, crayon on the walls, and stickers on the furniture. Food will be on the floor and cups will be in weird places. There will be breastmilk, sweat, blood, vomit, and pee all over the place for a little bit.

Amidst all that and the million other things kids bring into our lives you can easily lose yourself. You can lose that morning jog or morning tea and contemplation. The pedicures, the bars, the late nights doing anything other than calming a helpless child. You can get so wrapped up that you skip the time to shampoo, lotion, clip your nails… anything that takes those extra minutes you feel like you don’t have.

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A Little Care For You = Better Care For Them

Well moms it’s time to take back even a few minutes here and there to take care of you because then you can do a better job taking care of them! Self care is important and we often get so wrapped up in everything else we forget to care for ourselves. We forget to appreciate the small and simple blessings in our everyday lives. By working in a few minutes here and there for your own pleasure then you can really appreciate the little cuddles, the tiny hand reaching for yours, the light in your child’s eyes at your compliment, the tickles and giggles, the child who barely fits now crawling into your lap, the endless questions that you get to fill their mind with answers to, the amazing feeling when you watch them conquer something new, and all the millions of other awesome things motherhood brings every day.

Here you can find a post about my top tips for self-care WITH your kids. And now I’m going to give you a bunch more that you can squeeze in without them… or maybe even with if it’s your liking.


25 Ways To Self Care In Motherhood

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1. Practice deep breathing.

2. Sip a hot drink really slowly

3. Do a beauty routine on your face

4. Lotion your entire body

5. Massage your feet

6. Buy a delicious snack or topping only you enjoy

7. Make your favorite dessert

8. Bake something you’d normally buy

9. Participate in a hobby you love

10. Have a glass of wine

11. Watch something that makes YOU laugh

12. Take a bath

13. Light candles

14. Write something, journal, blog, or be poetic.

15. Close your eyes and massage your temples

16. Go for a run

17. Sleep in something that makes you feel good

18. Eat mom’s own healthy and delicious snacks, not leftover goldfish and bread crusts!

19. Declutter something

20. Watch the clouds

21. Watch the stars

22. Watch the ocean

23. Paint your nails

24. Learn how to make something new

25. Think of three great memories that make you smile

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Most of these are pretty quick, really easy, and can be so helpful in caring for YOU! Put yourself first a tiny bit and your family will reap the benefits I promise! I hope I gave you some new ideas that you just can’t wait to try! Another great way to relax and self care with the kids is a DIY Spa Day!  You should definitely try it out. Follow this post up with reading 7 Ways To Master Self Care With Kids for truly inspiring ways to work in a little self care even as a full time mom!  Another great way to self care with kids in a super-bonding way is to learn to bring the Danish art of Hygge into your home! Have a beautiful week and take care of you so you can in turn take care of them.

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