Back to School Lunch Ideas To Keep It Delicious, Healthy, and Fun Every Day!

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B2S Lunchbox Ideas for the Entire School Year

Are you ready for back to school? Are you already stuck trying to come up with amazing healthy back to school lunch ideas? Maybe you’re looking for cute creative ways to fill that lunch box with love when you send your precious little angels out the door! I’ve totally got you covered!

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lunch box ideas

Amazing Lunch Box Ideas To Try Now!

Packing that school lunch can feel tough for everyone even two weeks into the school year! Sure, you can pack a sandwich and throw in some chips or goldfish and a brownie. But like Mini Wheat’s keep telling us on their commercials, keep them full, keep them focused!

I’ve done the digging for you! You don’t have to troll Google or Pinterest any more for gobs of viral school lunch ideas, they’re all here! But If you want even more ideas I have a whole board on my account dedicated to healthy lunches you might want to check out. It’s right here.

So sit back, read, pin, enjoy and make a list for amazing healthy and creative lunch ideas to pack in those cute little lunch boxes. AND if you’re itching for over 50 MORE wonderful lunchbox ideas be sure to stop by my 2 Months of Cold School Lunches sure to please even picky eaters!

**UPDATE** Just launched an extensive better back to school lunch ideas that you will love! Loaded with healthy tips, hundreds of ideas, and organization hacks so that you actually get to enjoy making school lunches!

How can I keep my school lunches organized?

Pick up the #1 BESTSELLING bento box set from Amazon right now! You get 15 boxes ridiculously cheap to make packing all these awesome healthy lunch ideas a breeze!

Having these on handmakes school lunches, work lunches, and meal prep so much easier! This affordable set has enough boxes for the whole family!

And of course I added more crazy good roundups of school lunches for 2019

I’m going to share an except from Quick and Easy School Lunch Ideas with you that can really help keep all these delicious lunch ideas organized for you this year!

Because when your lunchmaking process is organized, the time it takes can be quartered and you might even… gulp… begin loving making lunches!


“How to Get Your Lunchbox Prep Really Organized… and Fast

Here are a few simple but life-changin tools that I use to organize my kitchen, pantry, and overall lunchbox making process.

1. Add color-coded bins to your pantry

color coded organizing bins for the pantry

When attempting to involve the kids in lunch packing (which realistically doesn’t happen every single day, but when it does it’s always nice) it is WAY easier to say, “Ok, now go pick a snack from the green bin.” than it is just pointing them toward the shelf. 

By having colored bins set up for different types of snacks it’s very easy for kids, AND FOR YOU, to go grab a snack cracker or fruit from it’s designated bin. (We also use them in the fridge for a bit more organization.)


2. While we’re at it, you can color-code your kids’ lunch boxes.

color coded bento box lunchboxes

There are a lot of really nice and affordable BPA free bento-style lunchboxes available on amazon. I like having color-coded lunchboxes for the kiddos for two reasons.

  1. It makes for a lot less confusion when you hit that rushed time of the morning and I can just holler out, “Jade grab the green box!”
  2. Once again, giving kids options makes them feel happy, involved, and important. So the days they are helping they get to pick their lid color.


3. Organize the rest of your pantry in clear plastic containers.

clear pantry bins for fast lunchbox packing

I like having my pantry crazy organized. We go through a lot of food in my house, and when I say a lot I’m sure if you saw the amount of food the 4 of us alone purchase and consume every month you’d be astounded!

With all that food quickly coming in and out everything needs to have a place or it gets lost in the shuffle. Behind my color-coded bins of snacks that the kids can pick, there are clear plastic bins that hold the staples in an easy to see and access place.

Having an organized pantry makes the whole cooking and preparation process exponentially easier.”


VIRAL ROUNDUP: School Lunch Ideas

1. 2 weeks of Gluten-free School Lunch Recipes

school lunch ideas

From: Gluten Free School Lunch Recipes from Cool Mom Picks

Stacie from Cool Mom Picks has put together two weeks of delicious looking school lunch ideas for you to try now! They are simple, creative, and completely healthy. I will definitely be making some of these for the kiddos and myself! Even if you love gluten you should give these all a try.


2. Ham and Mac n’ Cheese Lunchbox Muffins

school lunch ideas

From: Ham and Mac n’ Cheese Lunch Box Muffins from I Should be Mopping the Floor

What kid doesn’t love mac n’ cheese? I LOVE Kristi’s idea of making single serve mac n’ cheese bites in a muffin tin. They are super easy and fun plus totally unique and adorable.

RELATED: Better School Lunch Ideas Extensive 2018 Edition


3. 6 Epic Lunchbox Wrap Recipes

From: Lunch Box Wrap Recipes from Vigor it Out

This is an absolutely phenomenal resource of delicious ways to mix up your lunchbox. Wraps are even more versatile than sandwiches and this creative list of recipes will please kids and adults alike.


4. School Lunch Ideas For A Month

school lunch ideas

From: School Lunch Ideas for a Month from Mom Endeavors

A full MONTH of lunch box ideas? Yes please! Sara, has outdone herself with ideas that are completely cute and REALLY keep it fun even for the entire month! I LOVE the Frozen themed lunch. Who doesn’t want to pop open that bento box to see Olaf’s ridiculously captivating face staring at them?


5. 2 Weeks of Healthy School Lunch Ideas

From: 2 Weeks of Healthy School Lunch Ideas from Kristine’s Kitchen

Kristine as great healthy ideas all over her blog and I’m so glad she created 2 weeks of lunch box ideas for me to include in this roundup. They involve a lot of ingredients and take a little work to fill the whole box this way but I stand firm by eating a rainbow to include all the vitamins and nutrients in healthy natural foods and she definitely must live by that mantra as well.


6. Fresh Simple Unique Kid-Friedly Lunch Ideas

unique and fast school lunch ideas for kids

From: Quick and Easy Kid Approved School Lunches from Vigor it Out

These are fresh new ideas for 2019. This roundup is focused on fast, fresh, and unique ideas blending kid-friendly flavors. You are sure to find a new family favorite in this brand new post!


7. Back To School Lunch Ideas

school lunch ideas

From: Back to School Lunch Ideas from Belly Full

You can find 3 totally creative school lunch ideas here! PLUS the post has photos of her great ideas from the two previous years as well! My favorite is the sandwich kabobs which will definitely be happening this year in my home! It’s a ridiculously cute way to put together a sandwich especially for those kids (like mine) who will take it apart and eat each item separately anyways.


8. 50 Creative School Lunch Ideas

school lunch ideas

From: 50 Creative School Lunch Ideas from Vigor it Out

This list is packed with awesome ideas to keep your lunch box creative for months! There are tons of healthy Paleo lunches, yummy muffin tin recipes, DIY hot pockets, and so much more! You’re not going to want to miss this roundup which even features a beautiful and amazingly helpful free printable for great lunch ideas at the end.


9. Bento Lunch Ideas

school lunch ideas

From: Bento Lunch Ideas from Bloglovin’

Bento Boxes are so cool and really helpful for packing healthy lunches on the go! Everything is divided up, no zip locks needed. If you don’t have any you really should pick them up! (The link will take you to Amazon’s #1 best selling set that I know you can’t beat the price of!) The cute animal themes and cookie cutter sandwiches will make every child feel as special as they should!


10. Back To School Lunch List

school lunch ideas

From: Back to School Lunch List from Tastes Better From Scratch

I love when I find out that the stuff I’m promoting on my roundups comes from the same place. I know these gals have got it down with creative, healthy, and fun food ideas they love to share! Lauren at Taste’s Better From Scratch has laid out school lunches perfectly for you with an awesome list to help you mix and match for endless combinations of great lunch box ideas!


11. Back To School Lunch Box Ideas

school lunch ideas

From: Back to School Lunch Box Ideas from Vicky Barone

This blog may be archived but the ideas and advice still rock! Vicky has really simple but completely delicious ideas to keep the lunch ideas rolling! Adding cut up avocado in with some tasty quesadillas is simple genius.

I really hope I was able to provide you with months and months of great school lunch ideas!

Our kids deserve healthy, fun, food and we can make it happen (most days) with these great ideas from my fellow bloggers! I’ve got awesome tips you should definitely check out for healthy slow cooker meals for your busy days. (Though, what day is ever NOT busy!) And my most popular, slow cooker soups for you to try out this fall. Yum Yum Yum.

Pick up the #1 BEST SELLING bento box set from Amazon right now here! You get 15 boxes ridiculously cheap to make packing all these awesome healthy lunch ideas a breeze!

Pin this for me and for you! What roundup would you love to see? This one was requested by one of you! Thanks for the great idea! Next I’m planning on a slow cooker Thanksgiving roundup, so please check back for that. Join our mailing list now to stay up to date on delicious recipes, workouts, and crafts.


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healthy snack checklist

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B2S Lunchbox Ideas for the Entire School Year

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  1. Thanks for creating such a great round up of lunch ideas. The gluten free options might work well for us. I’ll have to give them a try since my lunches have already gotten boring and uninspired.

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for your fabulous lunch ideas. As a former teacher, however, I wonder if I could suggest using non-disposable bento boxes? It is so depressing to see how much waste is generated by school lunch packaging. In fact, many schools are now moving toward a zero waste policy (or “pack in, pack out”). There are some fabulous reusable bento boxes online that are not very expensive and can be quickly rinsed out at the end of the day. Thank you!

    1. Jessica, I couldn’t agree more! I felt the same way when I worked as a store manager watching all the waste created from shipments… it was nauseating really. So I understand your concern with the waste from school lunches. All the bento boxes, lunch boxes, and thermoses I link to are meant to be washed and reused for the long haul, definitely not disposed of! We don’t even use throw-away napkins in our house. Glad you liked the lunchbox ideas.

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