6 Essentials To Be a Happier Mom with Less Stress in 1 Day

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Are you struggling to find the joy in motherhood? Do you feel exhausted, drained, stressed out overwhelmed?! I’ve been there! Described below are the methods that were life-changing for me when learning how to be a happier mom. I want you to be a happier mom today!

secrets to being a happy mom

**This post contains affiliate links to products that I own and absolutely love. Please read full disclosure here. This post was sponsored and inspired by Mama Wunderbar by letting me sample their amazing products!**


Motherhood is HARD! But you can be a happier mom!

From day 1 it is hard. You’re suddenly responsible for keeping another human alive, not to mention aspiring to give them everything the world has to offer.

Stress, hormonal imbalance, and sleep deprivation play huge roles in your life even before childbirth!

Your hormones are out of wack (for a long time if you breastfeed too), sleeping becomes so foreign you barely recognize it, you lose human connection, and self care goes out the window.

Sound familiar?

Even if you adore motherhood and cherish every waking moment with your little people that does not absolve you from how absolutely exhausting, draining, and stressful motherhood can be at times.

How can I be a less stressed mom every day?

I’ve been a mother a decade now and let me tell you, I had no idea who I was as a mom for the first year. I wanted to give my little angel in the world and do everything absolutely “right.”

So I read all the books, and I mean ALL the books about pregnancy and toddlers. I took every “fact” and doctor’s orders because I wanted to give her the absolute best I could. (Five years later I made quite different decisions though the second time around. If you’re a new mom don’t be afraid to make decisions based on what you know or think it’s best, no matter what “the experts” say. Plus we have there internet literally at our finger tips at all times these days so you can easily search for alternative parenting and medical practices with great success!)

Being a mom will suck the life out of you…IF you let it.

By putting so much stress on myself I was exhausted. Drained, sleep-deprived, and really no clue who I was anymore. I loved being a mom wholeheartedly from day 1, I thought it was the best thing ever! But I was always trying to be so perfect and giving every last ounce of energy I had away to my family that I was drained. I hardly felt human anymore.

When you are stressed out and exhausted, something has to change!

Over the past few years I’ve nailed down handfuls of amazing tips and tricks to help you be a more happy mom every day. I want to help you beat the stress of motherhood and find your happiness! Happy mom, happy family!


Give me my tools to be a happier less stressed mom today!

1. Joy elixir.

allie edwards of vigor it out with oranges and a mango lactation smoothie


I’ve literally found happiness in a bottle! It’s safe for and breastfeeding moms! Score! I adore tinctures and elixirs and am constantly learning more about the health properties of plants and herbs. It’s absolutely phenomenal the medicinal properties of the organic works around is.

Some tinctures I’ve tried have been highly effective, but insanely pricey (like hundreds of dollars for half an ounce kind of pricey!)

I recently came across a gem of an elixir in Mama Wunderbar’s joy! It is completely affordable at only $21 currently (plus I have a custom 10% off code to that! Just enter promo code ALLIE10X at checkout!)

The Joy elixir (search joy on the site it’ll pop right up!) is a euphoric blend of organic rose and lemon balm mostly.

how to be a happier mom

They’re known as happy herbs with the ability to boost dopamine and endorphins naturally!

Plus it is so delicious I can’t help but to take it any other way than straight onto my tongue. It really brings they phrase “stop and smell the roses” to life. Mama Wunderbar’s Joy tastes just like those honeysuckle flowers we used to enjoy as kids.

Any time I feel like I need a minute to myself or a breath of fresh air I simply place a few drops of Joy on my tongue and enjoy the instant mild calming effect. This elixir (isn’t that just a fun word all ways around it?) will definitely lead you on your way to being a happier mom.


2. Essential oils.

vigor it out essential oil archives

Throughout the past eight years, I’ve been moving my family away from artificial scents and chemicals and replacing them with essential oils. I’ve been amazed at their strength in healing and calming! I’ve personally effectively used essential oils to heal a ganglion cyst, heal our fish’s fin rot, promote healthy and fast labor completely free from tearing, create numerous home cleaners and disinfectors, create bug repellant, heal gum disease, and create mood-enhancing scent blends.

Each essential oil has different properties and uses. The ones I’ve found most effective to be a happier mom:

(I’ve tried a lot of different brands of essential oils but Simply Earth is my favorite. They are extremely affordable and highly effective for health and wellness. Their quality rivals those expensive MLM brands at a fraction of the cost! Use code VIGORITOUTFREE for 20% off!)



Create your own room and linen refresher or body spray for an immediate mood boost any time!

Room Refresher / Fabric Spray / Body Spray:

Pick one or two or your favorite essential oil scents from those above and your mood. Fill a spray bottle with 2 cups of distilled water. Add 20 drops of each oil and shake well prior to every use.

The water and oil will separate. Test the strength of your mood boosting spray. If you would like a stronger scent continue adding 5 drops of each scent and testing until you reach the desired strength. (I’m currently using Lavender and Tea Tree and Lemon Myrtle blended to cleanse the air of cold , flu, and viruses.) The scent of your entire house can literally help you to be a happier mom!


Essential oil mood boosting roller:

You can purchase Glass Roll-on Bottles perfect for essential oil use on the go. Fill the bottle 90% full of a carrier oil (some essential oils can irritate the skin when placed on directly.)

NOW Avocado Oil and NOW Sweet Almond Oil are my favorite carrier oils. I always keep NOW oils on hand and they last so long! Then add 10 drops of each essential oil into the roller. Seal and shake will before testing your scent.

(If it is too faint for your liking continue adding 2 drops of each scent and testing until you reach your preferred strength.)

milk boosting recipes to increase supply with lactogenic food

If you are considering picking up a Now Carrier Oil I found this AMAZING deal going on right now with the two bottles I use and linked before as well as Jojoba Oil (which I also use and love, it’s usually a more expensive carrier oil and just wonderful for the face when mixed with Coconut oil) for far less than you’d pay for only 2 bottles!

It’s the most amazing deal for high quality carrier oils and Sweet Almond, Avocado, and Jojoba are the most emollient carrier oils around!

**If you’d love to learn more about essential oils and their uses my Rock Your New Year’s Resolutions free promotion features two amazing FREE eBooks by established health and wellness bloggers you can pick up right now! Did I mention those and all other resources on that page are currently FREE?!**


3. Exercise.

lunge to kick cardio exercise for pregnancy

Exercise is more than just good for your waistline. It is an immediate energy boost. Exercise is also a serious natural mood booster! It is pivotal to get in some exercise to be a happier mom and relieve stress today.

A good workout will flood your body with endorphins and dopamine, pretty heavy stuff!

Having a gym membership can be awesome. Childcare included, and a little mental break from the kids. Sometimes you just need to focus and refresh to be a happier mom.

If you are a completely full-time mom with no break from the kids exercise can seem impossible. Fortunately, I have so many tools, resources, and routines built just for you! I can teach you how to successfully exercise with your baby or kids at home!

how to raise healthy happy kids

If you’re interested in learning more about this option first stop by exercising with kids 101.

After that here are some great resources to get you started:


4. Self care.

how to gain minimal weight while pregnant

Chances are if you’re a mom (new mom’s and us more well-seasoned mom’s alike) self-care has a tendency to fall by the wayside. How can you possibly make “me time” when you have to: pack lunches, take the kids to school, walk the dog, feed the baby, do the laundry, pick up the house, start dinner, nurse the baby change the baby, pick up the kids, drive them to practice, finish dinner, clean up the kids, help with homework… Need I go on?

Self care doesn’t have to be pricey or time-consuming to make an enormous difference.

You don’t need to go to a salon or even have somebody else watch the kids. Self-care is another essential to begin your journey to be a happier mom. There are amazingly effective ways to add in a tiny bit of self care even with your kids in tow!

Let’s aim for carving out three 5 minute blocks for self-care for you every day. You by all means more than deserve it!

Start by adding in one at a time. I prefer one upon waking, one before bed, and one whenever I need it most during the day… Which usually falls after dinner time.

I’ve put together 25 more Self care ideas that are fast, easy, and remarkably effective for helping to feel refreshed and renewed.

If you want to try an entire self care evening with your littles try making an at home spa night. I have three girls and we find it really fun and refreshing! All the beauty treatments are all-natural, frugal, and DIY too!


5. Dance

postpartum workout exercise with a toddler mommy workout lateral the crab shuffle

Dancing is another huge natural releaser of endorphins! It has an amazing ability to just free your mind of everything. It doesn’t matter if you have absolutely no dance skills either! Turn up some music really loud, get your kids (because NO kid doesn’t love a dance party!) and just go for it.

Sometimes I love using my favorite songs (thank goodness my kids love rock and roll and reggae!) Or more often we end up with a YouTube collection of kiddie favorites. If you have any sing-along DVDs or VHSs (or am I the only one still rocking out to those?) that is another great option.

We probably do this in our house at least every other day. I even have devised how to turn a kid’s dance party into a full HIIT cardio for mom! If you’re looking or an amazing double boost of endorphins! What mom isn’t in need of that? (You can also find a list of some really fun and wild kids songs from YouTube in dance party workout.)


6. Laugh.

vigor it out allie edwards health

I’m serious, that simple, laugh. Talk to or watch your kids for a while, their antics and comments are sure to do the trick! If your kids are having an off day pop on a funny movie! Watch an old TV show you haven’t seen forever that always puts you in stitches.

You’re aiming for that real heartfelt belly laugh. Bonus points if you find a way to genuinely laugh so hard that tears flow out!

No matter how down you are or how hard life might seem right at that moment, laughter is really the best medicine. Remember those endorphins and serotonin I keep mentioning? Laughter will flood your body with those “feel good” hormones! Not to mention a rush of oxytocin. It is so effective that laughter can increase blood flow and even temporarily relieve pain!



I hope you utilize some if not all of these amazing ideas and resources with great success!

I want to hear your smile story!

Which of these are you making the choice to include in your day to day to pursue your happiness in motherhood? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below.

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  1. I think we all know these tips intuitively but in the mist of the crazy every day life of a mother we forget to apply them. Some days I can’t even think past the next history lesson or how to break up my daughter’s fight. These tips are great and we all need a nudge some days to take care of ourselves so we can be better moms.
    I’m going to check out that Joy tincture. We’ve been diffusing citrus oil during school time which seems to be really helpful.

    1. I think you’re right Stacey. Though we may all know these tips everything can easily get pushed aside to conquer the tasks of motherhood every day! I’m really glad that you enjoyed the post and citrus oils are some of my favorites!

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