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How to Make Postpartum Padsicles to Speed Healing

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Homemade DIY Padsicles Recipe and Directions

After childbirth everything down there will be sore. Postpartum padsicles are the most amazingly soothing thing that every new mom needs. You can easily learn how to make postpartum padsicles at home with essential oils to aid in healing and soothe you lady parts that desperately need it.

In this article you will learn exactly how to make the best DIY padsicles for soothing and comfort postpartum

Postpartum Can Be Painful: Homemade Padsicles with healing essential oils will help

After all, you have just gone through one of the most difficult and yet miraculous things that you will ever experience as a woman. Bringing another human into this world, through your lady parts.

With the proper preparation for childbirth and your perineum you can have a much more pleasant experience than heading in without a ton of research beforehand. I know, I’ve done it both ways.

This post contains affiliate links to products that I’ve used and love and am confident you will too! Please read full disclosure here.

What are these homemade “Padsicles”?

Padsicles are a fancy term coined for maxi pads loaded with soothing and all natural essential oils and Aloe Vera gel that have been frozen previously for your time of need.

With my first childbirth I was young and didn’t search the internet much at all. I read a mountain of books about pregnancy and childbirth but nothing in those can come close to comparing with all the amazing information readily available for you on the internet now 8 years later.

The first time around I was induced, had an epidural, and tore terribly. Basically my entire birth plan ended up out the window and the exact opposite things happened. Recovery was long and hard. (You can check out that exciting birth story here if you want.)

So for my second child I researched my butt off. I was online a lot searching for natural ways to prepare my perineum and soothe it after. And boy did that pay off!

To prepare for an easy natural labor I:

This time my labor went smooth and natural.

Extremely fast, no pushing, (I literally just breathed her out, my body did the rest), no painkillers, and NO tearing! Healing and aftercare was simple and soothing. I’ve gone both ways on this ride and I want to help as many moms as I can to follow my path the second time!

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How to Make Padsicles to Soothe Postpartum

These are pretty fun to make, not too terribly pricey, and worth every penny. I would never want to endure another postpartum without padsicles and my special soothing spray. It makes every trip to the bathroom so much easier, refreshing and more enjoyable.

These padsicles are loaded with essential oils which are very powerful at cleansing, healing, and disinfecting. All super important down there after childbirth!

I began my journey into learning the power of essential oils about 6 years ago and have been absolutely amazed at what I’ve learned about the power inside plants since then.

I use them to clean my entire house frugally and all natural, create lotions and soaps, heal my family (and even our pets), and so much more.

If you are new to essential oils I want to turn you on to my new favorite company called Simply Earth for your padsicles and household needs. I used to pick up my oils at a health food store called Sprouts but after moving across the country resorted to Amazon.

While you can get a lot of great items there at decent prices (and a few I will be recommending you pick up there) the quality of the oils for the price simply cannot compare to Simply Earth!

PLUS Simply Earth has this really cool subscription box that I absolutely love that you should try out in addition to picking up your padsicles oils. For only $40 a month you will get 4 full sized oils, some fun ingredients and recipes to make with them, and more!

It’s seriously a steal and if you’re looking to begin a journey into a more natural lifestyle or looking to switch to a much more affordable but equally as high quality of oils you should try them out.

If you’re interested in checking out their monthly (or quarterly) subscription box to really get on an amazing essential oil journey through my link you will get a monthly box, a free Big Box loaded with all kinds of bottles, diffusers, rollers, and more to use with your oils AND $40 coupon sent to your email for your next purchase.

Perfect for picking up the 2 oils you’ll need for your padsicles almost for free! But you have to enter my code VIGORITOUTFREE at checkout from Simply Earth.

I got on a bit of an essential oil tangent there, but knowing that you’re searching for all the ingredients for these amazing padsicles I couldn’t let you leave without sharing a deal so good I know you can’t find anywhere else!

Back to those DIY postpartum padsicles ingredients:

1. Large Maxi Pads

You will definitely want to have super and extra long maxi pads! There’s a whole lot of mess after birthing a baby and we want to keep it all in one place. You will be changing pads often, like every time you go to the bathroom for a while. I made an entire pack of these as padsicles and it was just enough.

2. Aloe Vera Gel

This is the type of Aloe Vera gel that you will need. It’s thick and will load up the padsicles with soothing and healing gel. I only bought one bottle and it was barely enough, I really with I’d picked up the two pack personally.

3. Witch Hazel with No Alcohol

This is one of the few witch hazels that doesn’t contain any alcohol. It’s actually really hard to find one without because it is created by distillation. But really, who wants to risk putting alcohol on your sore (possibly torn) and healing lady parts?

4. Lavender Essential Oil

I love this lavender, it is so potent, refreshing, and calming! This is the most important oil as it’s antimicrobial, immensely soothing, and healing as well. This is the best quality lavender I’ve found for the best price.

(Plus if you want to pick up their totally awesome subscription box to fill all your oil needs… you can get this and the next oil absolutely free with your next order with the coupon they’ll send you when you use the code VIGORITOUTFREE at checkout! Just a great little perk.)

postnatal diet and exercise for breastfeeding moms

5. Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium essential oil is wonderful for soothing and softening the skin. It has become one of my favorites after using it in padsicles as well as to prepare my perineum before birth. The quality and price of the same Simply Earth Geranium oil that I keep on my counter right now is without compare!

6. A Small Spray Bottle

I picked mine up at Target. They fit about 1 1/2 c liquid.

How to Make DIY Postpartum Padsicles:

  1. Open up all of the maxi pads but don’t take them off of the liner where the sticky part is.
  2. Spread a thin layer of aloe on each pad. You’ll want to be pretty generous with putting it all over. At least a good 6 inches in the middle. You’d be surprised how much of that area is sore after birth.
  3. Fill your spray bottle to within 1 inch of the top with the witch hazel.
  4. Using a dropper put in 20 drops of each oil.
  5. Spray each pad on top of the Aloe Vera gel liberally. You don’t want them drenched, but really pretty saturated.
  6. Fold your new padsicles back up and store in gallon freezer bags in the fridge.

I made one whole pack. It was about 40 and just enough. I used every single one! I do wish I’d picked up an extra witch hazel though so I could have saturated them more. They store nicely in plastic baggies in the freezer. Then whenever you are heading to the bathroom, just grab one out.

I cannot even begin to explain how soothing and healing these homemade padsicles are!

BONUS: Postpartum Soothing Spray

This spray is so soothing postpartum and it’s so easy to make! You are going to want to keep a couple of those little squeeze bottles they give you for using when going to the bathroom after labor at the hospital for this. Instead of using just water after each time you go to the bathroom simply drop in 10 drops of lavender essential oil into the full bottle of water too!

It makes an immense difference and smells amazing as a bonus. I always had a couple on hand sitting on the back of each of the toilets in the house. (Which is a great place to keep your postpartum aftercare kits btw.)


How to Make Healing DIY Padsicles for Postpartum

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