Awesome Exercise Ball With Baby Workout: Legs and Butt

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Mom and baby exercises are perfect to do on a stability ball. Babies love the rhythmic bouncing that an exercise ball provides. Learn how to do an exercise ball workout with baby. It’s the perfect post partum exercise routine.

You Can Learn How To Do an Exercise Ball Workout With Baby!

Many days especially with a new baby it can seem IMPOSSIBLE to get in a workout.  The best way to soothe a baby is on an exercise ball!  AND I’ve created a full exercise ball workout for you to complete WHILE bouncing them and cuddling!  Amazing, I know.  Bouncing back into pre-baby shape and weight (yes pun intended ;)) can feel super tough sometimes.  We all know being healthy involves eating and sleeping well.  Both you CANNOT find the chance to do as a new mom.


That is where the magic key lies.  The mom art of multitasking. You can easily find a way to fit in your exercise and spend quality time soothing your baby.  I personally love to workout, but in addition I physically NEED to regularly.

I haven’t mentioned it before but I suffer from a chronic disease that mainly attacks my muscles and joints at this point. A little exercise each day is mandatory for me or I immediately feel the negative effects. Your situation may not be so severe but how awesome that my troubles can cause me to NEED to create great multitasking mom fitness routines for YOU!

You Can Do Highly Effective Exercise Routines Quickly, With Baby, In Multiple Ways!

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So that being said I learned how to get a quick highly effective exercise routine in while bouncing a tearful tired baby to sleep on an exercise ball. For those of you who have never used an exercise ball to calm your baby it is the best way to soothe a colicky baby. It’s beyond amazing. No other form of bouncing so closely mimics the constant rocking baby feels in the womb as you go about your daily business.

I HIGHLY recommend trying this only when you are extremely comfortable in your ability to balance on the exercise ball while rythmically bouncing baby. Always keep a firm grip with both hands and hold baby close to the body and support the head, even when they are well old enough to hold it themselves.

Another awesome option is babywearing while bouncing.

Always remember when babywearing that you need to be able to kiss the top of your angels head and the airway needs to be clear.

If you are not fully comfortable doing ANY of these exercises don’t! I would hate for any child to ever be in danger. I literally had been bouncing hours on this ball each day with her for over six months before trying anything beyond the first exercise.

So… if you love bouncing baby in this way, here’s a great lower body workout on this ball. Between each exercise take a break as long as you need to fully catch your breath with normal rythmic bouncing. We definately don’t want to rattle baby.


Exercise Ball Workout With Baby


exercise_with_baby exercise ball workout

This is safe at any level. While bouncing straight up and down in good posture (shoulders back) tighten your tummy muscles to pull your belly button toward your spine. With each bounce shift your hips left while you bounce down (you should feel your obliques tighten) and the next bounce shift them right while you bounce down and squeeze that hip up! Complete 40 reps. 20 on each side.


exercise ball workout

Move your feet past shoulder width apart into a sumo squat position. Sit up straight in good posture and when you come up on the bounce lift up your booty to move your weight away from the ball (almost to a sumo standing position) and squeeze those glutes as tight as you can before returning down to bounce. After a few to ten reps you should feel a good burn in your gluteus medius. Score for that bubble butt! Complete 30 reps.



exercise ball workoutexercise ball workout

Move your feet in front of you and almost together while slightly shifting your weight forward on the ball. You still want to be sitting nicely with baby, but the contact will be high on your hips and more forward on the ball than when you were previously sitting squarely on it. Raise your toes so you are now bouncing on your heels.

(You don’t HAVE to be on your heels if that is uncomfortable. It does however place a bit more weight on the hamstrings and also really helps me to remember what part I’m working though.) When you bounce up squeeze your butt and lift your hips as much as you can. This will be working your booty as well as the hamstrings. Complete 20 reps.



exercise ball workout

Sit squarely on the ball and put your left foot flat on the floor in front of you. All of your weight will be on this foot. Place your right foot out to the right with the toe pointed in the air. Heel touching the floor. (Once again, if you are not comfortable or unable to balance well at this point with your toes pointed up you don’t HAVE to.  However it does help you to not place any weight on the leg that is mearly a support.)

Bounce for 15 reps one the left leg, lifting your weight off of the ball slightly using your left quad. Next switch your position so the right leg is placed flat in front of you and the left leg is out toward your left side with toe pointed up. Make sure all of your weight is bouncing on the right leg and complete 15 bounces. Thigh Burner!


Complete one or more sets if you want!

I bet you NEVER thought you could squeeze in an effective workout while putting your baby to sleep or even just spending some quality cuddle time with them on an exercise ball! Please pin this for later! Ready to pick up your own 45-85cm Exercise Ball?

Follow this link to pick up a great one now at Amazon, you’re not going to find a better price anywhere! There’s different sizes to help you out, they’re anti-burst and anti-slip and even include a pump! I like the 65cm personally… I’m 5’7″ if that helps.

exercise ball with baby


Did you give this a try? Are you loving it? Getting that extra energy burst tired mommy needs? Don’t forget to check out my Pilates With Baby workout too! As well as a FULL GUIDE to Exercising With Your Kids!

We’re gunna make this happen for you mama, together! What type of exercise with baby do you wish you knew how to do? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to put together some new routines!

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