Lactation Soups for Breastfeeding Mothers

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Have you ever thought of eating soup to increase breastmilk supply? If you make lactation soup recipes you can!

Keeping a high milk supply can be difficult. The best way to do it is by learning how to incorporate lots of nutrient-dense foods into your diet.

Lots of healthy whole foods also tend to increase breastmilk supply. If you add soup recipes into your diet this fall that also contain milk-boosting foods you can see a nice increase in breastmilk supply without adding to your waistline.

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lactation soup recipes to increase milk supply

What is a Lactation soup?

Sure you’ve heard of lactation cookies before right? Delicious milk boosting cookies that you are told you can eat without regard (and so do so without a thought of their nutritional content) because they are great at increasing your milk supply?

We’ve all done it. Wanting to make more milk for those precious babies can make you put your nutrition blinders on.

But turns out, most lactation cookie recipes are just that… cookies. I mean yes, they are extremely helpful for increasing breastmilk supply but they are also typically loaded with sugar and bleached flour and other yucky empty calorie ingredients.

That’s why I created an effective yet healthy lactation cookie recipe!

But are there more foods great for increasing milk supply besides lactation cookies?

Other Great Lactogenic Foods

What is great about lactogenic foods is that they are all whole foods that are highly nutritious. Popular lactation foods and supplements have come a long way from only lactation cookies.

There are tons of lactogenic foods that you probably love and didn’t even know increased lactation!

And that is just naming a few!

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Why are Soups a Great Food for While Breastfeeding?

Soups are one of the main foods that I include in my program to help women lose the baby weight postpartum while increasing their breastmilk supply for a few reasons.

  1. Soups can be highly nutritious. If you choose the right ingredients soups can be extremely nutrient dense because you get a whole lot of different things in a single serving.
  2. Soups can be very slimming. While breastfeeding you need extra calories and extra nutrition. But because of that it becomes very easy to overeat or make poor nutritional choices because you get so hungry so often. Soups (at least those on this list and lose in my postpartum weightloss program) are very low calorie and yet very filling. Making them a perfect choice to eat while breastfeeding.
  3. Soups are easy to batch cook. You can meal prep them into freezer bags to make later or just make a huge crockpot and freeze the excess. Busy moms need easy and fast options!
  4. Soups are a great way to increase milk supply because you can slip in lots of lactogenic foods at once.

Curious about the Milky Mama’s Postpartum Plan for weight loss while breastfeeding?

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The Best 7 Lactation Soup Recipes

Each of these soup recipes is low calorie, highly nutrient dense, and contains multiple galactogogues.

What does that mean for you? You can eat these and slim down while increasing milk supply! Yum!

Vegan mushroom soup

Veggie chicken stew with flax

chicken and vegetable stew to increase milk supply


Carrot ginger stew

Turkey vegetable soup with quinoa

Ground turkey and barley tomato soup

tomato and barley soup for boosting milk supply

Mediterranean chickpea soup

Mediterranean chickpea soup to increase breastmilk supply

Roasted pumpkin soup

vegan pumpkin soup to increase breastmilk supply

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