The Importance of Hydration While Breastfeeding and How to Stay Hydrated

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Staying Hydrated While Breastfeeding

Staying hydrated is an important part of every day life. Staying hydrated was super important to remember during pregnancy, and probably even more important to do while breastfeeding. Hydration while breastfeeding is imperative to maintaining a great milk supply.

In this post we will cover why hydration during breastfeeding is so important, how to best stay hydrated while breastfeeding, and how much liquid you actually need to maintain proper hydration while breastfeeding.

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how to stay hydrated while you breastfeed

How Much Water Do You Need for Proper Hydration While Breastfeeding

We all know the old adage that you should be drinking at least eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day. But these days, there are a lot of doctors and specialists that would greatly disagree with that number, claiming it is much too low.

In reality how much liquid your body needs varies greatly from person to person. Based upon many factors such as body composition, activity level, and more. 

The easiest way to put it is that in an easy to remember number is by first looking at your body weight. You should be drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces per day up to drinking your weight in ounces per day. I live where it’s hot and exercise almost every day, so I am at the high end of this spectrum.

This is a healthy range for an adult who is not breastfeeding.

But How Much Hydration Does a Breastfeeding Mom Need?

As a breastfeeding mother you know you should be drinking at least as much as stated above! According to the WHO, breast milk is more than 80% water. So as you can imagine, it is vitally important to stay hydrated while breastfeeding.

To stay properly hydrated while breastfeeding you should be drinking at least 13 glasses of water per day. That’s a very generalized number much like the old “8 glasses of water per day.” But when you compare the two, it gives you a really great idea of how much extra liquid you need to be drinking to stay hydrated while breastfeeding!

You need an average of 40 extra ounces of water a day while breastfeeding. So whether your body operates well on half your body weight in ounces, or your full body weight in ounces you should still be aiming an extra 40 ounces on top of that.

How Much Breast Milk Do You Make in a Day?

On average, once your milk supply is established, you make an average of 20-40 ounces of breast milk each day. Which makes sense now that we broke down how much extra water you need.

And since breastmilk is mostly water, you need to be drinking AT LEAST as much liquid as you’re making! Hydration is so important while breastfeeding!

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3 Reasons Hydration While Breastfeeding is Super Important

So now you know how much you need to drink for proper hydration while breastfeeding. But why is it so important anyways? 

Hydration is so important to your body every single day. When you are draining extra fluids out of your body (breastfeeding, sweating, etc.) it is even MORE important to refill the tank.

  1. The first and most important reason to stay properly hydrated while breastfeeding is it keep a high milk supply. While your milk supply is affected by many things like eating enough calories, and eating the right lactogenic foods, hydration is #1. If you are not properly hydrated your milk supply can be negatively affected. If you are ever suffering from low supply, the first step to fixing that is to make sure you are hydrated!
  2. Your skin will look better. Your skin suffers when you are a new mom already due to lack of sleep and maybe not having the time to care for it quite as well as before baby was born. Staying hydrated will replenish your cells from the inside out. Making you appear younger and less tired. (Even if you aren’t feeling that way.)
  3. Being well hydrated will help to improve your sleep and your mood. Both can suffer postpartum with the exhaustion of new motherhood and all those hormones. Staying properly hydrated while breastfeeding can give your sleep and mood a boost in the right direction.

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Staying Hydrated While Breastfeeding

Staying hydrated while breastfeeding can actually be tough. For many, including myself, remembering to drink enough when you are exhausted is really hard. And more often than not, you will be pretty sleep deprived and exhausted in those months or years of breastfeeding.

You will notice your thirst increase right away when you start breastfeeding. You might even be thirsty all throughout the night.

And sometimes, just drinking enough water isn’t actually enough to stay properly hydrated. Your body needs enough electrolytes to help your cells absorb the water you and drinking and properly utilize it.

That’s why I’m so excited to share the best tips and tricks that can help you stay hydrated while breastfeeding every single day.


1. Get a huge water bottle.

I’m talking a big one! Be sure that it is BPA free. I love having a giant water bottle and a great shaker cup filled up at all times. Aim for something at least 28-32 ounces. By adding in just one extra bottle that size into your daily water intake, you will be just about hydrated enough for breastfeeding that day.

2. Get glasses or mugs you love.


Drinking your drink out of a cup that makes you smile makes it so much more fun and easier to do. I have a collection of mismatched mugs in my cupboard all with positive messages. They make me smile and feel good to be sipping out of. Whether it is a fancy wineglass, positive message, or your favorite animal, get a glass that makes you smile. Check out some of the top inspirational cups on Amazon.

3. Try Majka’s Hydration Booster.

hydration while breastfeeding majka

This product is my saving grace for hydration while breastfeeding. 4 ingredients, all natural, and loaded with electrolytes so that your cells can use more of the water you drink.

What does that mean for a breastfeeding mom? It means that this Hydration Booster does exactly what it’s name claims. Helps the water you drink work better for you!

As I mentioned previously: I live where it’s hot, I love to exercise, and I breastfeed. I almost always feel like I’m dying of thirst, even when I pound giant glasses of water all day. When adding in only one scoop of Majka’s Hydration Booster into my daily routine, I don’t get that dying of thirst feeling all day. Plus it tastes light and refreshing and should be in every breastfeeding mom’s hydration arsenal.

PS- Use code ALLISEN20 for 20% off your first order to try my fave new product!

4. Eat your liquids.

Drinking upwards of 100 calories can be tough. Fortunately, these high numbers of water you need to stay hydrated while breastfeeding doesn’t necessarily need to be water. You can count some foods toward your daily ounces of liquid. Soups, some fruits (like watermelon), and some vegetables (like cucumber) all are loaded with liquid and will help keep you hydrated too.

5. Mix it up with healthy drinks.

While water is best, it can get boring to drink plain water in that amount all day every day. Fortunately there are lots of amazing ways to enhance your water that can mix up the flavor and even add in extra nutrients! Try these ideas to fancy up your water and stay hydrated while breastfeeding. (I like keeping a pitcher of one or more of these in the fridge at all times.

  • Infused water (Slice up fruits, veggies, and/or fresh herbs and let them sit in a pitcher of water for at least half a day.)
  • Fresh brewed iced tea (Sweeten with stevia if desired.)
  • Lemonade made with stevia
  • Add a splash of ACV to your water
  • Unsweetened coconut water
  • Add chia seeds to your water
  • Add a scoop of Majka’s Hydration Booster
  • Coffee (Hot or cold, just not too much or it could affect baby’s sleep.)

6. Always have a drink with you when you sit down to breastfeed.

This is easier said than done. But try to carry your large water bottle around with you. Or even leave water bottles in a couple rooms of the house next to where you usually end up breastfeeding. Especially in those early months of breastfeeding you feel thirsty almost all the time. You are breastfeeding almost all the time, and it is tough to walk around and keep refilling your water glasses.


Wrapping Up Hydration While Breastfeeding

As you can see, staying hydrated while breastfeeding is super important. Not only for baby, but for you too mama! Staying hydrated with enough healthy liquids will help your moods, your sleep, and your skin!

Using these tips and tricks you are on track to stay hydrated through your breastfeeding journey.


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  1. Great tips! Reminding myself to stay conscious on my water consumption really helped me, especially during the periods where I was really tired and forgetful. It’s not something I really thought about until I started paying attention to it more closely!

    1. Thank you. That’s why I started carrying a giant cup with measurements on it, to remind myself and keep track better. It’s amazing how much hydration you really need while breastfeeding.

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