Majka vs. Milk Dust Lactation Protein Powder Comparison

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Milk Dust Compared to Majka Protein Powders to Increase Breast Milk Supply

There are a few amazing protein powders that claim to increase breast milk supply in lactating mothers. Two of the main companies are Majka and Milk Dust. But how do they compare? Which is better if any and what is the difference between these two lactogenic protein powders?

comparing breastfeeding protein powders for postpartum

**This post probably contains affiliate links to items that I own and am in love with and am confident will benefit you immensely. Please read full disclosure here.**

What are Milk Dust and Majka Lactation Protein Powders?

A lactation protein powder is pretty much just what it sounds like. A protein shake powder specially designed for lactating mothers that contains ingredients in it known to help to increase breast milk supply.

Foods that are known to increase breast milk supply are called galactogogues or are often referred to as being lactogenic.

But why make a protein powder lactogenic?

Many women are eager to lose that excess baby weight and feel more energetic and more like themselves again postpartum. A high quality protein powder as a meal or snack replacement can be a great way to help you lose the baby weight in a safe way.

Protein powder is also a wonderful nutritional choice postpartum because it is fast and easy. You will be exhausted, have very little time, and have only one free hand at any given moment. Having a nutritious meal that you can blend up with one hand is a godsend after having a baby!

So it’s clear to see that working a high quality protein powder safe for babies into your postpartum diet plan is a great idea.

Not to mention, protein is the most important macronutrient for you to focus on in your diet postpartum while breastfeeding your child.

Protein is responsible for muscle growth and body tissue repair. During pregnancy and childbirth your body has been stretched, pulled, grown, shrunk, and probably torn. Your ligaments and muscles have softened and things may feel deflated and weak.

Protein is the macro that is needed in your diet to repair your body which has been stretched, pulled, grown, shrunk, and probably torn.

Your body also needs adequate protein to create rich breast milk and fill it with protein for your growing baby. Much like how the protein you consume is helping to repair your tissues, organs, and muscles; the protein in your breast milk is responsible for helping to grow baby’s muscles, organs, and even their brain!

But what are “lactation protein powders?”

What makes these types of protein powders different is their inclusion of lactogenic galactogogues known to naturally increase breast milk supply in many women right in their ingredient list.

Lactation smoothies and lactation cookie recipes are hugely popular! Many mothers are eager to learn what additional ingredients they can add to their recipes to increase their breastmilk supply.

But Majka and Milk Dust both include galactogugues right in their formulation!

Which means no more wasting priceless moments you don’t really have to scoop extra oats and flax meal into your lactation smoothies.

You just add one scoop of protein powder and your lactogenic ingredients are already there!

Along with tons of other nutrients and benefits to both mother and baby.

repair after all they’ve been through!

Postpartum Weight Loss While Breastfeeding

There is one struggle that so many moms have postpartum, knowing how to lose the baby weight safely while breastfeeding. Can you even do that? How can you diet and breastfeed? How can you lose the excess weight and not lose your milk supply?

For years I’ve been asked by my mom clients these same questions in different ways again and again. So as a certified online health coach, fitness trainer, maternal nutrition specialist, and mom of 3, I decided to compile the proven successful postpartum diet and exercise plan that I created for my breastfeeding mom clients into a program that now anyone can have access to!

It’s called the Milky Mama’s Postpartum Plan and it is built for you! To teach you everything you need to know to be successful at postpartum weight loss while breastfeeding!

Check out my 28 day plan now to help you regain strength postpartum with short effective workouts, increase your milk supply with loads of delicious recipes, and finally lose that excess baby weight at the same time! Both Majka and Milky Dust are highly recommended to incorporate into the Milky Mama’s Postpartum Plan.

How Long Have Majka and Milk Dust Breast Milk Increasing Protein Powders Been Around?

The first lactation protein powder on the market was Boobie Body, the creator of Boobie Bars. You can read more about my comparison of Boobie Body, Majka, and Milk Dust where I put each to the test for a week when first establishing my breast milk supply!

But around two years ago Majka Nourishing Lactation Protein Powder first came onto the market and Milk Dust Breastfeeding Protein Powder was not far behind it!

Both companies were created by mothers with mothers in mind!

After going though their own struggles postpartum whether it be with losing the baby weight, sugar cravings, meeting their nutritional needs, or having the time to make a nutritious meal, the creators have each included things in their specific formulations to reflect what they feel are most important to a nursing mother’s needs.

What Ingredients Make Majka and Milk Dust Protein Powders Increase Milk Supply?

Majka has been around about a year longer than Milk Dust, and Majka’s original formulation was actually very similar to Milk Dust.

They both used fennel/fenugreek to increase breast milk supply in lactating mothers.

But more recently Majka has changed their formulation in response to their clients needs.

So even if you’ve tried Majka in the past, it does not mean that it will or will not work for you the same these days as their formulation has changed to omit fenugreek and all it’s derivatives.

Instead Majka now includes Shatavari root as heir key lactogenic ingredient, an herb also well-known to increase breast milk supply in lactating mothers, in addition to other lactogenic foods.

Even though fenugreek (fennel) is one of the most powerful galactogogues for most women, in some moms (and in some babies) it is known to cause gas. For this reason Majka chose to reformulate.

On a side note, Boobie Body also does not include Fenugreek but instead has a lactation blend including shatavari as well.

So if you already know how each of these galactogogues works on your specific body, you might know which is right for you!

The most notable difference between the two protein powders is their main galactogogue:

  • fenugreek vs. shatavari

It is the most important difference worth noting between Majka and Milk Dust.

But it is not nearly the only one.

the milky mama's postpartum plan

What Other Differences are There Between Majka and Milk Dust?

How About the Cost of These Protein Powders?

There is a notable price difference between the two lactation protein powders as well.

Majka Nourishing Lactation Protein Powder is on the high end of the price range at $65 for 15 servings, coming in at $4.33 per serving.

Milk Dust is $53 for 25 servings OR you have the option of subscribing to pay only $48 for 25 servings. Which makes each serving cost between $2.12 and $1.92.

Clearly price is also a notable difference.

How About We Compare the Nutrition Between These Protein Powders?

Both Majka and Milk Dust contain a surprising amount of nutrients. They are both definitely high end protein powders! With clean ingredients and lots of nutrition!

But this is where Majka takes the cake.

Majka has enough nutrition in it to fully replace your prenatal vitamin. Which is exactly why they have the higher price point that they do.

If you consider the fact that when consumed daily, Majka will eliminate the cost of your prenatal (which you should continue taking throughout your exclusive breastfeeding journey) the cost doesn’t seem so high anymore.

Majka also contains digestive enzymes.

Many women have trouble with digestion and elimination for a while after childbirth. Majka’s digestive enzyme blend can help keep things moving the way they should.

But that isn’t to say that Milk Dust is lacking in added nutrition in any sense!

Milk Dust Lactation Protein Powder contains high amounts of nutrients that your baby and your body need like 100% DV plant sourced folate (as opposed to artificial folic acid which there’s a good chance you like half of women can’t absorb), high levels of vitamin A, vitamin B12 (for energy), and potassium, in addition to a greens blend.

But is there more to it than added nutrients?

While Majka may contain more added nutrients when compared to Milk Dust, there is one very important addition to Milk Dust that Majka is lacking.

Most breastfeeding women (myself included) crave sugar. There are many reasons for this, but what is important is that the creator of Milk Dust is well aware of this craving and how detrimental it can be to your postpartum weight loss goals and overall health.

So Milk Dust includes a special formulation that helps you fight sugar cravings!

Cinnamon Bark is part of the sugar craving busting formulation in Milk Dust and the flavor blends so well with the fenugreek! Just an added bonus.

How Do Majka and Milk Dust Compare in Flavor?

Honestly, both of these protein powders hold a very distinct flavor that turns some people off.

Both Majka and Milk Dust mix up green, surprise!

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Green doesn’t mean bad. Green points to added nutrition.

Milk Dust contains a greens blend which includes both chlorella and spirulina. Both of these (especially spirulina) contain a vibrant green color. It doesn’t take much of these powerful nutrients to dye your smoothie.

Majka also contains a “greens” blend but it is more your typical green vegetables like spinach and kale. Still great for you, but not as green as chlorella and spirulina for sure!

breastfeeding diet plan postnatal

How Does Milk Dust Taste?

Milk Dust’s strong and unique flavor can be attributed directly to it’s two flavorful ingredients: fenugreek and cinnamon bark. To me, I adore the flavor of Milk Dust.

It is sweet and almost deliciously addictive. It absolutely tastes like a dessert and in my mind makes sense that it will help to fill those breastfeeding sugar cravings.

However if you do not like the taste of black licorice, there is a good chance this will not be the right lactation protein powder for you.

While the flavor is not pure black licorice because of the strong cinnamon flavor as well, (which I feel is very complimentary) it is still highly prevalent.

Milk Dust is currently only available in their original signature flavor.

How Does Majka Taste?

While Majka’s old formulation had a strong fenugreek taste, the new one does not. However, I was surprised that even after removing that strong flavored ingredient, Majka tastes quite similar to how it’s original formulation did.

Majka tastes like a nutrient dense plant based protein powder. It is a unique flavor that I find best suited for cooking lactogenic recipes with or eating in some of their other delicious lactation treats.

As a protein powder I feel it has a very healthy taste. Luckily it comes in two flavors now, and I recommend the chocolate.

How Effective are Majka and Milk Dust at Increasing Breast Milk Supply?

I have tried both Majka’s old and new formulation and Milk Dust’s protein powder.

In fact, when I had my third baby was was first establishing my breast milk supply, I thought it the perfect opportunity to test the effectiveness of all the lactation protein powders on the market!

You can read more about how Majka and Milk Dust increased my milk supply, by how much, and how it felt in my Boobie Body vs. Milk Dust vs. Majka Ultimate Lactation Challenge Review

Spoiler Alert:

they both increased my milk supply. The amount and engorgement feels were quite different though.

Do Milk Dust and Majka have any other lactogenic products?

Yes they both absolutely do! And I think I’ve tried them all!

Majka, who has been established a bit longer, has branched into no bake lactation bites in original, chocolate, and seasonal cherry, overnight oats, and a separate lactation booster drink.

The no bake lactation bites are my absolute favorite product of theirs. The are delicious, addictive, and I can’t keep my kids out of them.  The lactation bites are loaded with amazing grains that you can see and they compliment the flavor of Majkas lactation blend wonderfully. (All flavors of the lactation bites are good but original is my favorite.)

Their overnight oats are actually extremely similar to the energy bites and quite tasty. They are loaded with seeds and grains that just scream nutrition!

The lactation booster is somewhat like a chai latte. It is yellow from turmeric and best served with a scoop of cocoa powder mixed in.

Milk Dust has just branched into additional lactogenic treats with their new lactation bars.

These lactation bars are like the ultimate treat! They are really sweet, but absolutely delicious, have a great texture, and you’ll definitely have to hide them from your kids!

Milk Dusts lactation bars will help you stay on a whole food nutritious diet because you will fill that sweet tooth treat with these instead!

Wrapping Up Majka vs. Milk Dust Lactation Protein Powders

There are some major differences between Majka and Milk Dust including:

  1. their lactogenic blends
  2. their key galactogogues
  3. their prices
  4. their effectiveness (Everyone’s body react differently to different galactogogues, I can only attest to how they worked for my body.)
  5. their nutritional content

Which is right for you is your call! Personally, I’d try them both! I can offer you a special discount code for each so you can give them a try and find out which lactation protein powder is perfect for you!

For 10% of Milk Dust use code LACTATION at checkout now!

Use VIGORITOUT20 at checkout for 20% off Majka now!

So which are you trying first?

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Milk Dust Compared to Majka Protein Powders to Increase Breast Milk Supply

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