7 Ways To Master Self Care With Kids

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The importance of self care for mothers is second to none and yet we always overlook it. Your family is depending on you so you need to take care of yourself so you can take care of them! This list of self care activities for mother with kids in tow is 7 perfect ways to self care with kids for a stay at home mom.

You Can Learn To Self Care WITH Your Kids!

self care as a mom

I find tons of posts and pins lately on how to practice self-care… but never how to self care with kids in tow! I’ve made a wonderful list of ideas and directions to guide you to do just that.

I’m glad it’s becoming in vogue to learn to take care of your mind and body! In many of our lives sometimes even years can pass while we’re taking care of this, that, and the other just to get by and forget how to really enjoy, appreciate, and take care of yourself! Not just your body either. Caring for your mind is equally as important.

You NEED to care for you so you can care for them!

Each year we are discovering how much more connected mind and body truly are. I distinctly recall not even really feeling like a person until my first little one turned one. I don’t think I realized how motherhood consumes every second you have and every piece of your body, mind, and rest. I adored being a mommy even though I wasn’t really fully prepared (but then again who is), but sort of felt like a zombie for a year.

Sometimes when your job of stay at home motherhood requires you to be on call literally 24 hours a day you might think “who the heck can find time to self care then?!” Or if your a working mom your time is equally as busy just funneled in two or more different directions. I’ve done both so I feel ya! So I’ve put together a wonderful list of seven simple self-care tips for moms.

The beauty of these self care tips is you can even incorporate your little ones into them. Genuine ways to self care with kids.

SAY WHAT? Self care WITH kids? Yes! It is totally possible, and I’ll help give you the knowledge  to help you accomplish this monumental feat.


7 Way To Self Care With Kids In Tow


self care

Coffee, tea, detox drink, or another, but nothing starts the day off quite like your favorite drink. Coffee is my favorite in the morning but the others each come up now and then. Either get a up a little bit before the kids and make and really enjoy that drink, or let them help you make it! Little hands love to help scoop the coffee into the pot or put mommy’s tea bag into the cup so it’s the perfect way to self care with kids in tow!



self care with kids

Whether in the morning, evening, or midday taking time to breath deeply while stretching is great for mind and body. If you know yoga a nice flow sequence is great for a quick and invigorating feel. I love a sun salutation, learn it, teach it to your kids, do it together!



self care with kids

Or at least put on one of your favorite songs. Sing if you want, reflect on the lyrics, or simply enjoy. Not the hokey pokey, something you love. It is so important to listen to music to truly find happiness in motherhood. It can play in the background or be the forefront of what you’re doing. Humans are built with a connection to music. It begins in the womb and never goes away! So listen to one or more of your favorite songs and enjoy it.



self care with kids

Can I recommend a DANCE PARTY with your kids? (Seriously this is the third post I’ve mentioned dance parties… I might have a bit of an obsession.) You can even add in a full body HIIT exercise into the dancing. Self care with kids becomes so much easier when you enjoy an epic dance party together.

Take listening to music to another level and dance it out. It is so freeing and fun to just take a break from all the pressing things you have to do and dance for a few minutes. You’ll feel better and refreshed in no time.


self care with kids

I have two little girls so they might be easier to get on board than little boys but I don’t know. Create an awesome body scrub (One of my favorite DIY recipes along with some other great DIY beauty tips.  I should make a post all about body scrubs… let me know if you want me to!) and maybe even a hair and face mask.

Slather it on, scrub your body… even if you only have time for your feet! and rinse it off. Kids love making messy mixtures and some even like rubbing them on! It’s fun, relaxing, and great for you! Here’s a great hair mask recipe… you can even rub it down to your face but a bit of warning, it does smell like egg salad!

-1/4 c mayonaise
-2 tablespoons olive oil
-1 egg yolk

spa day
DIRECTIONS: Mix all ingredients together and rub into hair. (You can double recipe for long hair too. I do!) Cover with a shower cap or plastic bag for 20 minutes and rinse out.



self care with kids

Yes I love looking up kids crafts, homeschool help, and reading about parenting but it’s refreshing and healthy to grow your mind or just be entertained with something just for you! Grab that magazine you never have time for or catch up on the new blog post from your favorite blogger. (Raising my hand, pick me, pick me!!) Do it on nap time or give your kiddo a busy bag.



self care with kids

It’s amazing the healing benefits of getting outside. Sometimes of the year in some places we don’t all have that option, but if you do go do it! Walk outside and breath deeply the fresh air, admire nature or your city for at least five minutes. So strap on that baby carrier, grab a stroller, or pull the kids outside and go for a walk!


I hope you work these 7 ways to self care with kids into your every day!

7 ways to self care

You deserve to feel refreshed and special. Breath deep, enjoy life, and take care of you while taking care of all the wonderful things in your life too!

What are your other self-care ideas that you incorporate into life with kids? Let me know in the comments below!  Next read 25 MORE tips to self care… with or without kids this time! And Beginners Guide to Hygge With Your Kids is a wonderful informative post outlining how to bring the en vogue and awesome Danish lifestyle of hygge into your home for more bonding self care. Don’t forget to pin this please!

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    1. I feel you Maria! You know it’s going to be a long day when you’ve had to reheat the first cup of coffee twice before you take a sip! 🙂

  1. Including children into your self care would me actually getting self care. I love this ideas. Thank you for sharing this great post in the All For Mamas Link Party Week 12 #allformamas. I will share this post on the Facebook Group Page @All For Mamas on my facebook page Blended Life Happy Wife on pinterest, twitter and google +

    1. I’m so glad you liked my ideas Stephenie! Finding self care time as a full time mom can seem impossible, I really hope you work your self care in with them! You deserve it!

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