How To Make 5 Awesome Crafts With Only $4 at the Dollar Tree

Wonderful frugal crafts with kids. You can learn 5 amazing crafts and activities for kids that cost only $4 from the Dollar Tree! These frugal crafts for kids include creepy cute spiders, finger puppets, sensory bags, a science experiment, and more!

Only $4 to days worth of activities!

5 awesome crafts

Only four dollars can create days of fun crafts and activities?!  Say WHAT?  That’s right.  With this little guide and your local dollar tree for just four bucks you can entertain the littles of a huge age range with 5 awesome activities and crafts.

There have been a million times when even I (who fancy myself a super-fun, fully engaging, endlessly creative mom), fall into an activity rut.  When I’m scrounging around in my mind for a new craft or fun activity to fill the afternoon or evening hours on a budget.  Fun doesn’t have to be expensive or hard.  Here’s a list of four items and five activities to do with them for under five dollars (plus tax of coarse.) 🙂

Head to your local dollar tree and pick up these four items:

-Ziploc sandwich bags
-googly eyes
-pom poms
-pipe cleaners

…and you’re well on your way to 4 awesome activities!



5 awesome activities

Have you ever made sensory bags for your littles?

They are so super simple, affordable, and mess free.  They are great for baby play or a calming activity for older kids who just need to fidget and relax.  There are endless options of awesome sensory bags but we’ll use the items we purchased and a few things around the house.


  1. First fill the bottom of the sandwich bag with anything moist and squishy.  Hair gel is my favorite texture to use but we don’t always have much on hand.  Lotion works great too.  Even things from the fridge like yogurt or mayo make a great sensory bag, only downside is they have a shelf life.

(My most frugal but most time consuming option is boiling some water and adding a couple tablespoons of cornstarch and stirring until it makes a gel.  Once cool place in the Ziploc baggies. That’s what you see pictured in the blue and red bags.)

2. Then add in googly eyes and or pom poms.  You can find fun things in the kitchen to add as well like popcorn kernels, beans, or raisins.

5 awesome activities

3. Lastly squeeze out the air and zip closed.

4. Place the first bag into another upside down and then zip closed too.  I recommend duct taping the final edge.

So fun and squishy. 

For an added play, tape them to a sliding glass door or window, they look great with sunlight streaming through.  Our absolute favorite bag we made for the photo contains Karo syrup, popcorn kernels, and chia seeds!

It is so great you should definitely give it a try.



5 awesome activities

Using the pipe cleaners, pom poms, and googly eyes and a tiny bit of hot glue you can make super-cute spiders so easily!  Cut the pipe cleaners in half and twist two pipe cleaners worth(four pieces) together at the center to create the legs.  Hot glue one or two (for those who want to have an anatomically correct spider) where the legs are twisted together.  Then glue on as many eyes as your little one wants.

Did you know different types of spiders have eight, six, four, two, or even no eyes?

My little bug lover likes to get real creative and glue on tiny pipe cleaner fangs as well sometimes.  This is such a fast and easy craft and toy!



5 awesome activities

Using again pipe cleaners, pom poms, and googly eyes you can make simple finger puppets.  Wind a pipe cleaner around your finger and hot glue pom poms at one end.  Glue on a couple googly eyes.

Let your kids get creative and design their own animals or monsters.

Short pieces of pipe cleaners make great hair, ears, or arms!



5 awesome activities

There are a couple fun options here.  The simplest is to glue a bunch of pom poms together and glue eyes on the front… cute caterpillar!

My favorite is to first twist two colors of pipe cleaners together.  Then wrap this tightly around a pencil to create a spiral.  Lastly glue a pom pom head and googly eyes on the front.

What a great toy for your new toy spiders to eat!

We even added tiny pipe cleaner antennae on the caterpillars!





5 awesome activities

  1. Fill a ziplock bag with water and seal it shut.
  2. Tightly hold the top while you have your kids poke pencils or pens straight through the bag.  The water does not leak!

This is just mind blowing and so simple and fun.

And a bonus tip:

babies can have fun at the same time if you fill a bag with the extra pom poms and let them pull them out and put into a couple cups (or those snackie containers with the rubber lids work really well too).

I just love watching that fun baby age of complete concentration and enjoyment of taking things into and out of containers.  (Gosh I’m such a mom!)

How’s that for a wonderful handful of crafts for only $4!

And you’re sure to have some leftover craft supplies for next time so store them in any extra Ziploc baggies you have!  I hope you loved this and have so much fun creating and experimenting.  For a few more super frugal amazingly fun DIY activities check out 5 ways to make bath paints as well as 3 great ways to play with spaghetti! Which activity was your favorite?  Did you guys like the dollar store craft roundup idea?  Because I’m thinking about making a few more posts like this with different items and crafts if you do.  Please let me know in the comments!

I know you’ll love reading 101 Creative, Free, Fun Things To Do With Your Kids for some awesome inspiration for those long summer days.

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