DIY Spa Day Every Mom Needs To Make Happen Now

You deserve the ultimate DIY spa day at home with friends or with kids. These spa day recipes and tips will change your life. Self care is so important as a mom and with these tips you can have the ultimate at home spa day kit any time you like.

DIY: Full Spa Day At Home With The Kids


Sometimes you need a DIY spa day.

You deserve it!  We all need to relax more.

All us gals need to moisturize and pamper.  It’s mandatory that we all need to practice self care.  As a mother it doesn’t always happen.  Like ever!  Sometimes if you’re on a tight budget (who’s not?) and it doesn’t always happen.

I’ve got the tips and tricks to give you a wonderful, relaxing, fun spa day at home on a budget you can do WITH your kids.

Did you know most of the awesome things for your skin and hair are already in your kitchen?!  Olive oil, mayonnaise, and more, are great for your skin and hair!  Who knew?  Or maybe who once knew and forgot?

You need to get to pampering you and your little ones and you need to do it now. 

Your body and mind will thank you and you’ll have a blast!  So mix together a few concoctions and lather up to feel refreshed and pampered at home on a budget.  Feel free to do as little or as much as you want.


Step one: Nails!

spa day

  1. Run a hot bath and throw in the kiddos and soak those feet and hands.
  2. Next, grab the olive oil and rub it into your cuticles.  Let it sit for five minutes and if you want you can even use a cuticle pusher to really get into it.  That really never fits in time-wise for me these days but I do push them back and scrape off any dead skin with my fingernails. Olive oil is so much better for your skin and equally effective as any of those toxic cuticle creams you could buy.


Step two: Hair mask!spa day

  • Mix together two tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1/4 c. mayonnaise
  • one mashed up avocado

…and lather up those tresses!  Wrap your hair with saran wrap, a plastic bag, or if you have it, a fancy schmansy shower cap.  Let it soak in for at least twenty minutes.


Step three: Face mask!

For this step of your at diy spa day:

  • whip up 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt,
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of olive oil.

Rub this sweet mix onto your face and let it sit for at least five minutes before rinsing off with warm water.


Step three: Exfoliate!spa day

Now that you’re all good and moisturized make a relaxing body scrub.


  • 1/4 c. sugar in the raw with enough olive oil to make a thick paste.
  • I love to add in Lavender , Geranium, or Sweet Orange essential oil into the mix but you don’t have to.  (By the way, I ONLY link to great products that I actually use myself! These are all Aura Cacia Essential Oils which are very high quality and a great price. I’ve used them successfully for homeopathic remedies so I know they work! Grab some now and save tons on the oils and medical bills as well as cleaning products!)

(Also if you don’t have sugar in the raw on hand white sugar or sea salt totally work as well but they have a much more course texture that I really only like to use on my face.  Mama should be scrubbing down her whole body today!)

  Then hop in the tub and rub, rub, rub.


Step four: RINSE!

Wrapping up your fun and relaxing at diy spa day will be a real good rinse! Wash your hair as usual and be sure to condition to lock in that moisture.  Rinse your face in the warm stream of water and get all that sugar off.


Oh my goodness, how amazing do you feel now?! 

Don’t forget to top it off with a full-body moisturizing with your favorite lotion.  You’ve taken care of entire body so well, so healthy, and so affordable!

It doesn’t get any better and it’s so easy to get little kids into this fun spa day too!  Although often times I’m the only one with the hair mask on.

Love yourself, love your life, breath, relax, enjoy, and smile.

Please consider continuing easy self-care with your kids and 25 super simple but totally mind and mood enhancing tips to self-care. Let me know in the comments below how you like this routine!  How often are you going to work it into your schedule?  Got any great ideas I missed?  Let me know! And please pin this!

If you’re into this or want some great tips and advice to leading a healthy life you HAVE to read An All-Encompassing Beginners Guide To Healthy Living. You’ll love it and hopefully get some great inspiration.


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