5 Life Changing DIY Summer Beauty Hacks

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These DIY summer beauty hacks are all you’ll need to create DIY self tanner, learn how to lighten hair fast naturally without sun, learn to make homemade DIY body scrubs, and make DIY lip scrub with coconut oil. These are al natural homemade remedies to all your summer problems used making mostly things you can find in your kitchen!

My 5 Life-Changing DIY Summer Beauty Hacks You Need To Make Now!5 summer beauty hacks

I have five beyond easy and completely amazing DIY summer beauty hacks that you MUST use this summer!  These are some of my favorite recipes I can’t wait to share with you.  Exfoliators, self-tanners, hair lighteners.  I’ve put all of my little tips and tricks together for you in one place to help you feel fresh, bright, beautiful, and healthy this summer!

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1. Invigorating Exfoliator

 invigorating exfoliator

I find citrus scents to feel completely refreshing and grapefruit is one of my favorites for summer!  Second only to tangelo essential oil that I used to make from my father-in-law’s small orchard… I guess we’ll call it that.  It just a small amount of regular land but he grows EVERYTHING there and has many mature fruit trees.  I now live 1000 miles away so grapefruit it is!  This recipe I that always keep on hand is simple, affordable, and great for your skin!


-1/2 c sea salt
-1/4 c Sweet Almond Oil
-a few drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil
-1 bag of green tea

DIRECTIONS: Empty the tea bag (or two if you buy the cheap Dollar Tree tea like I do) into the sea salt and mix until incorporated.  Cover the salt slowly with the oil.  It takes a bit of mixing to blend well so a quick pour will end in a lubricated countertop!  Add as much essential oil as you enjoy.

Using a long thin object (think back side of a spoon, etc.)  Mix well.  If you ever buy the healthy peanut butter that separates and try to stir the oil in, it’s a lot like that!  Make sure you blend in the bottom edges or when finishing the scrub it’ll be quite dry!  Even that is an easy fix, just add in a little more oil!

I use this one as a face scrub but it would work fine on the body too.

2. Delicious Lip Exfoliator

 lip exfoliator

No one likes the dry peely lips that can come from dry or hot or cold weather or lots of sun.  Rub this on as often as you like and rinse with warm water to feel soft, sweet, and kissable again.

This is the only DIY summer beauty hacks recipe I have created for you guys that isn’t all natural.  It is still super great, delicious, cheap, and easy but includes Kool-Aid.

I’ve heard a lot of bad things about Kool-Aid but to be honest I love it, it’s my guilty pleasure drink I often indulge in.  Seriously I drink more than the kids.  I make it with stevia so it’s really not that bad, and sooooo yummy.  This recipe is so delicious you will want to be licking it off your lips, I mean, actually you can if you want.  Since it uses Kool-Aid you can even customize the flavor!

-2 tbsp. white sugar
-1 tbsp. Coconut Oil
-1/2 tsp Kool-aid of choice

 lip exfoliator

DIRECTIONS: Mix the sugar and Kool-Aid in a small jar. (I use recycled baby food meat jars.)  I like using red/orange/pink Kool-aids for a possible little lip stain!  Pictured you see cherry limeade, strawberry, and pink lemonade.

Depending on the temperature in your home you may need to warm the coconut oil to reach a liquid consistency.  Add the oil slowly and mix using a slender utensil.  There you have it!  This is soooo good you could literally eat it.  Your lips will feel and taste phenomenal!

3. Self Tanning Lotion

 self tanning lotionself tanning lotion

We all know coffee and tea stain our teeth right?  Well you can use them to stain your skin too!  This is so much more affordable than those store-bought self tanners!  It smells somewhat like coffee, but also a little weird, not bad… definitely not compared to self tanners I’ve tried in the past!  But you don’t quite smell like Starbucks either.

-1 c strong brewed coffee
-1 cup unscented lotion
-an empty spray bottle… not really an ingredient but you need it!

DIRECTIONS: Make 1 cup of the strongest coffee you can.  Mix 1/2c (of coarse depending on the size of your spray bottle) with an equal amount of unscented lotion in a squirt bottle.  Any lotion will do actually but coffee is a strong smell and I’ve always been afraid mixes will end up gross!

This recipe also works with black tea I’ve read but never tried it myself.  Cap and shake shake shake that bottle to mix well.  Apply liberally and rub in to avoid streaks.

Avoid knees, elbows, ankles… basically any major joint as they tend to absorb more and then look dirty!  The coffee is quite effective and smells ok to me!

Continued use will darken skin over time.  If your squirt bottle doesn’t fit 1 cup then feel free to half the recipe.  It’s an easy 1:1 ratio. 🙂

4. Quick Tan Lotion

 quick tan lotion

This one I found on our much loved Pinterest!  It’s so simple, there’s a good chance you have the two ingredients.  Cocoa powder and lotion!  It couldn’t be more simple and affordable!  It’s quick, easy, and more temporary than the coffee recipe.

Plus you smell delicious!!! 

Chocolate scented and tan, yum!  Look how amazing the results are on this one!  Definitely keeping this recipe on hand for those long dark spring months here.

 quick tan lotionquick tan lotion

DIY Homemade Cocoa Powder Tan from ThriftyDIYDiva.

5. Hair Lightening Rinse

 hair lightening rinse

So last winter I went far away from anything I’ve done in a decade and decided to take my blonde hair dark.  Really dark, like mahogany dark.  I loved it!  It was really fun for a couple months but at that time started to fade and I was not happy with the now faded brown with purple and red undertones.

I took to the internet and found a million things about naturally lightening color.  I’ve done the color stripping thing before, that will never happening again!  The damage was terrible to my naturally dry and brittle locks.

So I tried many things and ended up settling on my own recipe bringing the best results.  You can repeat this rinse weekly until you reach your desired results but it is awfully drying.  If you decide to use it often be sure to follow up with my hair mask you can find in THIS POST.

You can see in the photo how much of the residual reddish dye using this mix removed with only one treatment!  (To be honest it took doing this three times to get almost all of the dark color out but the photo depicts my last session.  Then I FINALLY got to take my hair to a blonde bailage which I’m so happy with.  My first try at that one!)

-20 crushed Vitamin C pills
-1/8 c baking soda
-1/2 c conditioner
-1/4 c hydrogen peroxide

 hair lightening rinse


First mix the baking soda and vitamin c pills.  Next add the conditioner, you can add more to accommodate long locks.  Slowly add in the hydrogen peroxide.

Note: it will fizz!! Use a large container so you don’t cause any spills.

Once this is well mixed wait five minutes for the mixture to settle and paint onto hair, root to tip. working it in.  Then wrap your hair in plastic wrap or a plastic bag and wait at least 30 minutes.  Rinse well and condition!

Your hair will most definitely be one or more shades lighter! 

Another tip for this recipe: you can add food coloring to the mixture to help lift out unwanted undertones as well!  Yes food coloring on your hair, it actually works!  Green fades out red/purple and blue takes out yellow/coppers!

5 summer beauty hacks

I hope you loved 5 DIY Summer Beauty Hacks as much as I loved writing it!  You can easily take these ways to pamper yourself and create a full home spa on the cheap!

I love sharing my healthy, frugal, easy tips and secrets with you guys! Enjoy a nice, fresh, “I’ve been hanging out in Cabo for  week” look without even leaving your bathroom!

Well, maybe to run to the kitchen for ingredients!

All the links in this post are to the great products that I actually use myself to make these awesome beauty DIYs!

And I just HAD to share this awesome bundle I found tonight on Amazon! I tried out all the “good for your skin” oils to find out what my skin personally liked and was the most emollient… for me. I favor sweet almond and avocado oils.

Anyways there’s this awesome sampler pack available right now that I would definitely pick up if you’re getting into making your own beauty treatments! You get to try 3 of NOW’s oils for a great price in 4 oz. size bottles. Plenty to make lots of great body scrubs and more.

Don’t forget to share the love and pin this one for later!

Are there any other summer recipes you’d like to see?  Are there any beauty items you’d love to DIY but don’t have any idea?  I’d love to know about it and make a post about it!  Let me know in the comments below.

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