“Would You Rather…” The Most Creative Way To Pick Your Kiddos Mind

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would you rather

Do you like the game “Would You Rather?” It’s so much fun to see the inner workings of how your kids thinks! The game provides thoughtful entertainment when waiting. Then they just begin to love it to fill the void anytime!

Would You Rather Read My Blog or Pay Bills?

(Hahahaha… so glad I won!)

Sometimes the questions are so silly you can’t HELP but to get in on them. “Would you rather have cotton balls for hair or corks for teeth?” And other times they may be more serious, really picking the inner workings of your child’s personality. “Would you rather be rich or happy?”

I’ve been playing this game a lot lately with my almost seven year old and am really enjoying it. Sometimes though when I’m tired or my mind is on other things I get totally stumped to keep the game going. Do you ever feel like that? Well I’ve got you covered!

25 Would You Rather Questions Coming Up!

I’ve even learned to adapt the game to my almost one year old. Say whaaa? It really helps in car rides for her. She hates the car. She’s always hated the car. Really she just hates to be strapped in anywhere but on Mommy… but it’s getting better. (She’s turning 2 in October.)

I’ve put together a list of 25 “Would You Rather” questions for school aged kids for you as well as 15 “Would You Rather” questions for toddlers! Let’s be real, they have super short attention spans so that is more than plenty! I even went a step further and created free printables for you!


So have fun reading these and bonding with your kids.

WOULD YOU RATHER? (School aged version)

FREE PRINTABLE: Would You Rather… School Age


1. Swim in a pool of jello or swim in a pool of pudding?

2. Have a pet dinosaur or a robot?

3. Have to swim the entire day or stay still the entire day?

4. Be an eagle or a cheetah?

5. Ride on a whale or an elephant?

6. Be the size of an ant, or be the size of a house?

7. Live fifty feet up in a tree or live in a cave underground?

8. Be older or younger?

9. Visit China or England?

10. Be covered in ants or be covered in worms?

11. Have cotton balls for hair or corks for teeth?

12. Have butterfly wings or fish fins?

13. Have a pink cat or a flying horse?

14. Be rich or happy?

15. Loose all your toenails or lose your eyebrows?

16. Be an only child of have eight siblings?

17. Be stepped on by a horse or thrown by a gorilla?

18. Have to groom a bear or ride a rhino?

19. Live at SeaWorld or Legoland?

20. Live at (whatever they chose for number 19) or Disneyland?

21. Have to wear clothes made of leaves or sleep on a bed made of moss?

22. It rain glitter or rain jellybeans?

23. It be Christmas all year or Halloween all year?

24. Fly to the moon or swim to the bottom of the ocean?

25. Have five baby goats to take care of our one giant pig to care for?


WOULD YOU RATHER? The Toddler Version

FREE PRINTABLE: Would You Rather… the toddler version

Would you rather…

1. Pet a kitty or a doggy?

2. Fly like a bird or swim like a fish?

3. Be Nemo or Dory?

4. Have blue hair or green hair?

5. Play in rain or play in snow?

6. Dance or sing?

7. Be tickled or be hugged?

8. Touch a bug or eat a bug?

9. Have four hands or three eyes?

10. Hug Elmo or fly with Abby?

11. Play with a goat or play with a pig?

12. Play in the water or play in the dirt?

13. Eat a whole cake or a whole watermelon?

14. Ride on a boat or in a plane?

15. Go to the park or go to the mall?


I hope you absolutely loved this and I can’t wait to hear in the comments below when you plan on using it! Printed them for a long car ride? Took them on vacation for the holidays? Maybe waiting at a doctor’s appointment?

I love getting playful and creative with the kids and have so many other ideas I’d love for you to check out.

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