Jack Frosted Candle Holders To Create a Winter Wonderland

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 Jack Frosted Candle Holders:

frosted candle holders

I’m so excited that Christmas is right around the corner! I have a beautiful DIY craft for Christmas home décor you’re absolutely going to love. Inspired by Rise of the Guardians: these easy frosted candle holders will add just the touch of snow and ice that you’re looking for this season.

DIY Christmas Crafts are Special!

I love everything handmade 1000 times more than anything I can purchase at a store. This year I’m psyched to be able to be featured in a wonderful Christmas blog hop featuring 25 bloggers with the most amazing crafts and recipes all inspired by their favorite Christmas movies.

It’s seriously a gorgeous and inspiring roundup of talent put together by Megan at C’mon Get Crafty and I’m so ecstatic to be a part of it!

Christmas Movie Inspired Crafts and Recipes?

What a brilliant and fun idea!

Christmas Bells Are Ringing!

I love decorating for Christmas. Pulling out the decorations I’ve had my entire life makes me think of every wonderful Christmas of the past. My childhood was adorned with over-the-top Christmas decorations that I will always cherish thinking of. Imagine all those classic favorite Christmas movies of yours, that was my house.

Plus I adore adding new DIY décor as well as personal precious décor made from the tiny little hands in my home every year. The holidays make reminiscing so easy year after year.


I love classic Christmas movies like Home Alone, “Merry Christmas you filthy animal!” But, since becoming a mom seven years ago, an amazing Christmas cartoon has quickly risen to the top of my list too. Rise of the Guardians.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – time for the annual 25 Days Of Christmas Movies Blog Hop! #ChristmasMoviesHop

We have 25 talented bloggers gathered together to share with you all the wonderful crafts and recipes you can make this Christmas season, based off of some of the most beloved holiday classic films. There are 25 films to be inspired by for your holiday season, and 25 talented bloggers to aid your inspiration! If you love Christmas movies, you have come to the right place!!


Let’s Meet The Hosts!


It's the most wonderful time of the year, and that means 25 bloggers working to show you how to honor your favorite Christmas Movies with inventive crafts and recipes! #ChristmasMoviesHop #Christmas #Christmascrafts #Christmasrecipes



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Have you seen Rise of the Guardians?

If not:

let me fill you in. It is a whimsical tale about all of our favorite mystical holiday stars that make childhood so dreamy. Santa, the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy, the sand man, and even Jack Frost. These characters unite in this entrancing movie to protect the children of the world from the boogey man, ‘Pitch’.

The way they portray these common characters is truly unique. Making Santa big, tough, and tattooed: he is definitely my favorite! If you haven’t settled down to watch this colorful animated feature you should definitely do so this year.


Frosted Candle Holders for Christmas

frosted candle holders

In the movie every time Jack Frost touches something it freezes. Giving it a magical icy look. A lot like Elsa does in Frozen. In fact you could totally pass these beautiful candle holders off as ‘Frozen’ if your kids would enjoy that more.

I wracked my mind as to how to recreate this frosty appearance in my home for the holidays and was struck by the memory of a science project I did with the kids last year.

We grew Epsom salt crystals in the refrigerator. It is a really awesome experiment that you should definitely try! It’s the only crystal growing my then five-year-old had the patience for; as they grow overnight. The crystals were impressive! But equally as impressive was the frosted look the entire glass was left with. A year later, my Jack Frosted candle holders idea was born.

I was SO happy with how simple and beautiful my original idea of wine glass candle holders turned out that I couldn’t help but create a few baby food jar candle holders as well. I love baby food jars for crafting and upcycling and this isn’t my first post including them!

Two crafts for one in this post!


Jack Frosted Candle Holders

frosted candle holders


  • Epsom salts
  • Warm Water
  • Dish Soap
  • Super White Glue or Mod Podge
  • Wine Glasses
  • Paintbrush



  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the wine glasses. The crystals won’t adhere correctly if they are greasy at all.

frosted candle holders

2. In a bowl or mug heat 1/2 cup of water. It doesn’t have to be boiling, but very hot. I heated mine in the microwave like a cup of tea.

3. Stir in 1/3 cup of Epsom salts until they all dissolve. This will create a super saturated solution. (Since this is a great craft to do with the kids I must say: DO NOT DRINK! Magnesium sulfate is a very strong laxative. Not to mention it tastes really gross.)

frosted candle holders

4. Add about 4 drops of dish soap to the mixture and stir it in slowly as to not create bubbles.

5. Using a paintbrush gently paint first the inside of the glass. Be sure to be thorough. It’s best to work over a towel, craft table, or counter as it will drip somewhat.

6. Next, with the glass upside down, paint the outside of the glass. The solution will start to dry and form crystals almost immediately!

7. Allow to dry for a few minutes and repeat steps 5 & 6 with a second coat. In this step it’s very easy to see any areas you missed or smooth anywhere that might be a little too chunky. You can either continue using the paintbrush lightly to get just the effect you want. OR as it’s drying feel free to lightly tap with your finger to smooth perfectly.

8. Allow the glasses to dry fully while preparing a bowl with dry Epsom salts.

9. Holding the glass upside down, line the outer edge with the glue. I found it works best to do this a few inches at a time.

frosted candle holders

10. Roll the glued part of the glass lightly in the Epsom salt bowl. The crystals readily adhere to the glue.

frosted candle holders

11. I wanted the thick ice appearance of the edge of the glass to appear like it was fading up to the more lightly frosted part of the glass so I then lined directly above the iced edges with another ring of glue and patted lightly smooth to give a different effect. I then pinched and sprinkled more salt on this part. (This step is completely optional. It just depends what appearance you’re looking for.)

frosted candle holders


12. Flip the cup over into it’s normal position and cover the entire top side of the base with glue. Sprinkle Epsom salts on this part as well.

frosted candle holders

  1. Allow to dry fully.


Tips and Tricks:

If any of the “frost” dries where you don’t want it you can easily wipe it off with a moist cloth. Just be careful as to not remove more than you want as these crystals are very fragile and wipe away quite easily.

Your perfectly Jack Frosted Candle Holders can be done here or you can gently dress up the stem of the glass if you’d like. I dressed them up three different ways (actually 4 but one glass broke in the photography process. So glad I mad an extra!) To display: simply turn the wine glass upside down and place a candle on the top (which is actually the base of the glass.) Pillar candles and tea lights looks great!

Be VERY careful with these. Place out of reach of children. The crystals are so fragile!

I also tried filling the base of the glasses with a set of battery operated string lights from the Dollar Tree. You can see it in some of the photos throughout this page. It looks really great and even better in person.

To achieve the looks of the stems I used these techniques:

  1. Keepin’ it simple: I tied on a snowflake ornament using sewing string.
  2. I created a red bow using red ribbon. I curled metallic red star décor around the stem and proceeded to attach the bow with that.
  3. For the third, I cut an old Christmas light necklace whose batteries had died and twirled around the stem; tying it on itself. I also tied on a bow I created with the same red ribbon.

Which is your favorite?


BONUS!!: Jack Frosted Baby Food Jars

frosted candle holders


  1. Using the same mixture as you did for the wine glasses paint only the outside of the jars.

frosted candle holders


2. Once dry, line the outer edge of the jar (where you would screw on the cap) with glue and roll it in Epsom salts.

frosted candle holders


3. Once fully dry place LED tea lights into the jars for a festive display of frosted beauty!

frosted candle holders

This was so simple I completed them in minutes while the kids were in the bath.

I was just having too much fun with how the wine glasses turned out I couldn’t help myself! If you give these ones a try DEFINATELY use the ‘fake’ tea lights (the little LED ones you can pick up at the Dollar Tree.) After a couple nights of having real tea lights inside the jars the crystals broke down and the frosted appearance was spotty and more white.

frosted candle holders

I hope you love making these Jack Frosted Candle Holders and decorating your home with them this year to create your own little winter wonderland inside! Have fun visiting all the other amazing Christmas movie inspired crafts and recipes from this group of 25 talented bloggers!


Now let’s check out the rest of the amazing Christmas creations!

frosted candle holders

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    1. Thanks so much Erlene! It’s a really beautiful and easy craft, I hope it brings some fun frost to your décor this year!

    1. You’ll love the movie and the craft! When completing this craft we had extra Epsom solution and frosted our sliding glass door! It’s looks kind of amazing. 😊

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