101 Creative, Fun, Free Things To Do With Your Kids Today

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An Huge Amazingly Inspirational List of Fun Activities to do With Your Kids!

Having kids is the absolute best!  It is exhausting, engaging, entertaining, comical, heart warming, and challenging every day.  But even the most creative of us need help sometimes coming up with new ideas for things to do with kids!  That’s what this list is all about.  Inspiration for fun and free things to do with your kids! Currently I am a stay at home mom right now but have been a working mom for a couple years in the past too.  I love being a stay at home mom, even a work at home mom.  I’m aware they need me and love having my guidance, but the reasons are a little selfish too.  I love not missing a single thing those little ones do, learn, and create.

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Sometimes though it can be hard to think of something new and fun to do!  Sometimes you’re just exhausted and completely drawing a blank. At times you just want them to play independently.  Other times you feel like you’ve done everything under the sun lately and nothing new is coming to mind.

And maybe you really don’t remember how to play much at all right now and are looking for some inspiration! I went through that.  There was a time when I completely forgot how to play by the time I had my first child.  I loved her so much but I had no idea how to really play like a kid with her.  My playing consisted of cards, dice, darts, and pool for years… really not toddler friendly.  She’d give me her toys and look to me for creativity and imaginary play ideas and I had no idea what to do!

It took a little while but then it finally clicked.  I get to revisit all the awesome, carefree, imaginative things of childhood every day with a whole new perspective.  So here’s my amazing list of inspirational ideas to get you going.  All of these are simple and all are either free or super cheap!  Score!!


101 Things to do with your kids:

1. Cook a family favorite together.101 things to do with kids
2.  Tackle a new recipe together.
3.  Bake a cake just because.
4.  Bake cookies. (Like the BEST peanut butter ones!)
5.  Go foraging.
6.  Make moon sand. (Four different ways!)  101 things to do with your kids
7.  Make silly putty.
8.  Make Oobleck.
9.  Read their favorite book together.
10.  Write a book together.
11.  Go to the library.
12.  Go to the park.
13.  Play tennis.
14.  Play soccer.
15.  Play catch.
16.  Play in the mud.
17.  Go rock collecting.
18.  Go for a nature walk.
19.  Do a nature scavenger hunt.
20.  Make story stones.things to do with kids
21.  Build a tee pee outside.
22.  Blow bubbles.
23.  Play with chalk.
24.  Watch the clouds.
25.  Star gaze.
26.  Stomp in puddles.
27.  Go to the beach.babyfingerpaint
28.  Dig for sand crabs or clams.
29.  Play at night with glow sticks.
30.  Collect bugs.
31.  Collect leaves.
32.  Pick a bouquet.
33.  Draw or color together.
34.  Paint rocks.
35.  Finger paint. (Brand new baby safe non toxic idea)
36.  Stamp paint with veggies.
37.  Go for a hike.
38.  Make a nature craft.10 things tp accept about motherhood
39.  Make a holiday craft.
40. Dance to kid tunes. (Epic dance party anyone?)  
41.  Sing campfire songs.
42.  Sing active songs.
43.  Go swimming.
44.  Stomp in leaves.
45.  Go for a run.
46.  Do yoga together.
47.  Build with craft sticks.
48.  Do a paper plate craft.

exercise with kids

49.  Visit a pet store.

50.  Visit your local humane society.
51.  Write/draw letters to family members.
52.  Make hand print art.
53.  Make salt dough.
54.  Play with play dough.
55.  Make sensory bags.
56.  Make sensory bottles.

101 things to do with your kids57.  Make a baking soda and vinegar volcano.

58.  Experiment with milk painting.
59.  Play charades.
60.  Play Pictionary.
61.  Make a pie.
62.  Make a pizza.
63.  Build a fort inside.
64.  Play hide & go seek.
65.  Roast marshmallows over a candle.
66.  Make shadow puppets.
67.  Have a barbecue.
68.  Make homemade lemonade.
69.  Go go a bike ride.
70.  Play a board game.
71.  Play a card game.
72.  Build your own board game.
73.  Have a water fight.
74.  Do cartwheels and somersaults in the grass.101 things to do with your kids
75.  Play kick the can.
76.  Make a daisy chain.
77.  Make hot cocoa from scratch.
78.  Feed the wildlife.
79.  Play I spy.
80.  Play with water balloons.
81.  Dig in the dirt.
82.  Interview your kid.
83.  Make refrigerator clips.
84.  Create with pipe cleaners.
85.  Go to a museum.
86.  Make a slip n’ slide.
87.  Make a craft with egg cartons.
88.  Make a craft with toilet paper rolls.rainbow spaghetti
89.  Do a home spa together.
90.  Make a fidget spinner.
91.  Make a felt board.

92.  Build sand castles.
93.  Make sun catchers.
94.  Make rainbow spaghetti.
95.  Skip rocks together.
96.  Go fishing.
97.  Make an I spy bottle.5 awesome activities

98.  Make a sensory bath.
99.  Decorate cans.
100.  Play dress up.
101.  Camp in your back yard.


things to do with kids

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