How To Make Your Own DIY Hatchimals and Hatchimal Eggs

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You’ve found the right place to learn how to make your own DIY Hatchimals, Hatchimals stuffed animal, Hatchimal collEGGtibles AND Hatchimals eggs! How to make a Hatchimal egg and cute little DIY Hatchimals is so easy and ridiculously affordable. This full tutorial will walk your through every step of 4 great hatchimals crafts.

Do You Want To Make Your Own DIY Hatchimals?

make your own hatchimals

There is a craze that has been going on for two years now and I’m sure you’ve heard of them, Hatchimals! The cute and loud little Furby-like creatures debuted around Christmas 2015 and sold off of the shelves everywhere!

Now they have Hatchimals CollEGGtibles too. Tiny blind bag collectible Hatchimals that are seemingly endless in variations and absolutely adorable.

At only $3 each they are a bit pricey for a tiny toy, and yet cheap enough to be perfectly affordable.

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Since Christmas the shelves in our stores are emptied every day they restock. It’s a craze.

And we are a part of it! Hatchimals colleggtibles are ridiculously cute and so fun to have. Simply rub the egg in your hand until the heart changes colors. Then you press the egg to hatch and reveal your new collEGGtibles baby.

You can make your own DIY Hatchimals collEGGtibles!

Utilizing only supplies from  the dollar tree, you can create adorable homemade DIY Hatchimals collEGGtibles! You can easily create all different types of hatchimals creatures but today’s tutorial will focus on the Penguala.

My brilliant seven year old daughter has become completely obsessed with creating her own homemade Hatchimals toys every day in different ways. We now have homemade stuffed animal Hatchimals, pom pom hatchimals, and bead Hatchimals. Not to mention dozens of homemade Hatchimals eggs.

These homemade DIY Hatchimals collEGGtibles are perfect for Valentine’s day! Epic for Easter baskets! And just so fun all around.

You can get on board with the Hatchimal craze for pennies on the dollar, and lots of crafting fun. Imagine the delight when your child gives each of their friends their own Hatchimal Valentine this year! Immediately the coolest Valentine in the class. Or maybe is surprised by a Hatchimal Easter basket? I think we’ll have to have a Hatchimals Easter egg hunt this year for sure.

So without further adieu I’ll get through the 4 how to make your own Hatchimals tutorials:

  • pompoms
  • wooden beads
  • Hatchimals eggs
  • stuffed animal


Make Your Own Hatchimals collEGGtibles with Pompoms: DIY Tutorial

make your own hatchimals



  • Pompoms
  • Colored foam sheets
  • Hot glue & Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Wax paper
  • Black sharpie (optional)
  • White paint pen (optional)

make your own hatchimals


make your own hatchimals

Step 1: Choose two pompoms to be your hatchimals head and body. Also choose another color pompom to be the belly fur color. Hot glue together the head and body.


make your own hatchimals

Step 2: Trim the fur off of the third pompom to create the additional color that Pengualas have on their belly and behind their eyes.


make your own hatchimals

Step 3: On the wax paper create one circle filled in with hot glue, and a smaller connected oval. (Be sure to use the wax side! (I messed that up about 3 times). Place all the fur you cut off of the third pom pom onto this glue.


make your own hatchimals

Step 4: Allow the belly fur to dry and then trim the excess to form a perfect belly and behind eyes spot for your homemade Hatchimals collEGGtibles Penguala.


make your own hatchimals

Step 5: Cut a tiny beak, two wings and eyeballs out of the foam sheets. (We have two variations we use for the Hatchimals eyeballs. The first and most simple, is cutting two black circles from the foam sheet and dotting with a white paint pen. The second option is creating 2 bubbles of hot glue on the sheet of wax paper. Then when they dry, color black with a sharpie and dot with a white paint pen. Both variations will be pictured in this post.)


make your own hatchimals

Step 6: Hot glue the eyes and beak onto your Hatchimals’ body fur.


make your own hatchimals

Step 7: Glue this piece onto the original two pom poms that you glued together in step 1 to be the head and body. Glue on the foam wings as well.


make your own hatchimals


Step 8: The final step is getting your new DIY Hatchimals collEGGtibles Penguala to stand. Make a large spot of hot glue on the bottom of your adorable creation. Press the glue onto the wax paper to stand and allow to dry.

Once the glue has dried remove the Penguala and ta-da! You have created your own Hatchimals collEGGtible toys.  Next to create the eggs.


How To Make Your Own DIY Hatchimals Eggs

make your own hatchimals egg

Hatchimals eggs are usually white or light pink with different colored speckles indicating what type of collEGGtible is inside. We dug out our Easter décor to create our eggs (but lucky you, they’re already popping up in stores now!) This craft is the perfect finish for your Hatchimals Valentine’s or Easter Basket gifts!


  • Easter Eggs (the small work perfect to house the hatchimals made with regular sized pompoms or wooden beads. We also used the large eggs to house many Hatchimals or those made with giant pompoms.)
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Pink Paint
  • Purple Paint
  • Hot Glue + Glue Gun
  • Nail Polish (optional)


Step 1: Paint the entire egg white.


make your own hatchimals

Step 2: Dip your brush in the pink paint and flick the brush. The paint will fly onto the egg to create absolutely perfect Hatchimals egg speckles. (Watch where you do this, our wall now looks like a Hatchimal egg!) Do the same thing with the purple paint. Allow the eggs to dry fully.


Step 3: Using hot glue, make a heart shape on the closed egg going over the seam between the halves. Fill the heart in with glue as even as you can and slowly separate the egg. (We tried placing the heart above the seam in the egg and it didn’t look as good. We also tried letting the heart dry before separating the halves, which ripped off some of the paint. So through much trial and error the described method definitely gives the best result to make your own Hatchimals eggs.)


make your own hatchimals

Step 4: Paint the heart either pink or purple. (When you open a Hatchimals package the heart is purple until you rub it to warm it. It changes to pink when it is ready to hatch.) Acrylic paint would work just fine to paint the heart on your craft. However, we love using nail polish. It gives a beautiful sheen.

Once dry your egg is done! Your new Hatchimals Penguala has a home to live in! These eggs and babies make an absolutely award winning Valentine’s Day gift for friends, or a fun Easter Egg hunt surprise, or even a special surprise in Easter Baskets.

These little things are ALL over our house! They’re literally in the kitchen cabinets, glued to the babyproofing back of the dining room chair…




How To Make Your Own Hatchimals With Wooden Beads:  Full DIY Tutorial

make your own hatchimals

These are the absolute simplest Hatchimals toy to make. We’ve only made Pengualas and Bearakeets this way, and it takes under a minute. I don’t think they’re quite as cute as the make your own Hatchimals collEGGtibles with pompoms, but they are simple and clean looking and still awfully adorable.


  • Wooden Beads (available at your local Dollar Tree… actually all supplies for every one of these crafts are!)
  • Foam Sheets
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Black sharpie
  • White Paint Pen (optional)


Step 1: Pick two beads for the head and body (we use the same color but it’s up to you you’re choice) and hot glue them together.

Step 2: Cut out two small triangular wings and beak from the foam sheets and hot glue onto the bead head and body to create a Penguala. To create a Bearakeet cut out a rounded beak and two ears in addition to two triangular wings.

Step 3: Use a tiny dot of hot glue to adhere the foam pieces onto the head and body.

Step 4: Use a black Sharpie to color a black spot on the belly and two eyes.

Step 5: Dot the eyes with a white paint pen and you’re already done! These even already stand on their own!

These are perfect crafts to create even with toddlers and wonderful Valentines or Easter gifts for friends!



How To Make Your Own Hatchimals Stuffed Animal

make your own hatchimals

This is the first hatchimal craft we made and we didn’t make this one up! We found it on YouTube created by Geeklightful. It’s a perfect video tutorial of how to make your own Hatchimals out of two pairs of fluffy socks! We only had one pair of socks to spare so used that and additional fabric scraps and ended up with two adorable Pengualas thanks to that tutorial!

We adapted how the eyes and beaks were made a bit also due to the materials we had on hand. Our Hatchimals eyes and beaks are created with paper, hot glue, and Sharpies. My daughter is absolutely brilliant with her use of hot glue. It seriously amazes me. I didn’t have the creativity to create everything out of hot glue. She’s brilliant.

Isn’t the plushie great? Please check out Geeklightful’s cute video for the tutorial. She did it so well I don’t want to attempt to duplicate or steal her idea.


Now your house can be filled with adorable and affordable Hatchimals just like ours has become!

What kids crafts and activities are your favorites? What toys are your kids ABSOLUTELY obsessed with right now?Always looking for creative new ideas! Share your ideas below and please pin this for later.


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