Family Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

Clever Family Camping Hacks You Need To Try This Summer!

7 camping hacks

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Camping is fun but leaving our nice, clean, running water, homes can really throw you off!  But You’re trip will go so much smoother when you use my 7 camping hacks sure to make your next trip a breeze! Let me just preface by saying, “camping is awesome.”  I am so amped right now.  We are going camping tomorrow for three days and I am so gosh darned excited!  I love vacation, I love nature, I love camping!  My babies are passed out next to me in their camping beds, (although indoors) clearly just as amped as I am.

It’s amazing that in such an advanced society that we live in, that going back to our roots stirs this amazing utter happiness within us all.  Heck, even those who love the city decide to go ‘glamping’ on vacation.  Nature is so beautiful, and we are so blessed that our vacation is right ‘in our backyard.’  Although we did move over 1,000 miles to make that happen for our family.  I see so many lists of what to pack while camping which are super-awesome and helpful and you can totally find me on Pinterest to follow my boards relating to that subject if you want even more great tips!  (Camping Hacks by Vigor It Out).

For now I’m going to give you a great round-up of camping hacks that we are definately using this week!  They are helpful for camping with kids as well as camping… period! These 10 family camping hacks are sure to make your next trip a breeze!


1. Store Eggs In A Water Bottle

7 camping hacks sure to make your next trip a breeze

Ok, so I’ve been camping many times and this is my first time trying this. It is definately the best way to store eggs and I will repeat this EVERY time we go camping!  The first time I went camping as a family I brought the eggs in a carton.  Have you tried that?  It’s an epic fail.  The carton gets soggy, the eggs barely make it to the second day.  Then you are left wondering, “What do I do with the eggs now?”

The next few times I packed all the eggs in their shells into a Tupperware.  It works fine, but sure does take up a lot of room in our already small cooler. I
love eggs.  They are one of my favorite protiens and they are always coming on our camping trips.  So from now on you should crack all eggs into a plastic bottle using a funnel.  Simply pour them into your pan in the morning and you’re good to go!


2. Clean Baby Play Station

7 camping hacks

The first time we went camping with our youngest she was only eight months old.  I was so stressed on how that would go, but it went amazing.  She has always been our nature baby and we we’re so blessed that the days went smoothly.  That being said, I remembered this awesome hack that my best childhood friend sent me years before; about using a fitted sheet at the beach to keep baby contained and clean.  We no longer lived at the beach, but it was super applicable for camping with a baby.  It gave me the time to set up the tent while hubby played with her in the awesomely simple play-space we created. (My husband rocks, he knows I love building and creating and fully absorbs my normal ‘mom-jobs’ to give me the opportunity to do them.)


3.Hand Washing Station

camping hacks

Our campsite this time does not come with running water!  **gulp** Never done that one before.  Camping is messy (heck life with kids is messy regardless of where you are… am I right?), so a handwashing station right at your base camp is absolutely necessary!  Save (or find in your recyclables… as we did) a huge laundry detergent or fabric softener bottle.  The ones that have a spout as well as a regular bottle opening.  When washed out and refilled with water these make an awesome handwashing station!  Place a bucket or large tub under the spout to scrub off or rinse feet to get the most of your water.


4. Soap Holder

So of coarse we all have soap at every clean-up place while camping but they often get… (well for lack of a better word) nasty.  Sand and pine needles completely embed themselves into our nice cleaning agent.  To prevent this and just to make a simple super holder, just tie your soap into a nylon at the spout of you hand washing stations!  It is so easy to suds up in this way and it really helps to keep SOME of the grime off of your soap!


5. Pool Raft Camp Beds

So once clean, fully fed (and probably hopped up on a lot of s’mores), and exhausted it’s time to turn in to that cozy tent!  A great, and amazingly cheap way to make a kids camping bed without purchasing an air mattress is to turn a pool floaty into a bed.  They used to be available at the Dollar Tree but at least in my location, no longer are.  But for a few dollars you can still purchase one as we did, (be sure to wrap it in a fitted sheet as those things get cold!), adorn with a pillow and blanket; and you have an amazing portable bed!  They aren’t the most comfy but children are so resiliant with sleep that they absolutely love them.  I, (even with chronic joint pain) adapted to sleeping on a hard surface to benefit my joints and my children and I super-love these too. You can definitely save some money on your next camp trip by picking up an Air Mat here from Amazon right now!


6.  DIY  Bug-Off Bracelets

camping hacks

So bugs suck. (Yes pun intended.)  I completely love being in nature but with that you have to be resilient against bugs.  They are not only annoying, they can harbor life debilitating diseases as well.  (Which I unfortunately have personally experienced and it’s absolutely horrible so please take precaution!)  This could not be easier and cheaper.  I’ve purchased the bug off bracelets before but did you know you can make your own?  Simply twist two pipe cleaners together and saturate with these essential oils: lavender , geranium, and tea tree.   (I ONLY link to the exact oils that I have used for years with great success! I get them at Amazon and they are much cheaper than DoTerra and the like and work wonderfully.) Then take this cute little fragrant bracelet and wrap it around your kiddos wrist.  This combination of oils will deter ticks (those evil little ********), mosquitoes, and flies. Pick up a cheap pack of pipe cleaners right now to ward off those little suckers.


7. DIY Bug Repelling Tikis

camping hacksJust as much as bugs hate citronella, so does my husband.  Which led me to discovering a much cheaper alternative to refilling our tiki torches.  Did you know they burn well on vegetable oil?  OMG I just saved you $10 a summer at least.  Now it’s super simple to turn these regular tiki’s into a bug repelling master.  Simply add ten drops each of lavender, tea tree, and geranium essential oils into the tiki torch.  (Sound familiar?  Yes, it’s the same concoction from number six on this list.  If it works, don’t fix it!!)  These tikis have a much more mild smell than the stuff you buy in stores but are equally effective at repelling those icky bugs!


8. DIY Portable Camp Lanterns

One very important thing to bring camping is lighting! The glow of the camp fire is gorgeous but fleeting.  When turning in to your tent it’s important that each person has at least a flashlight.  These super-cute, easy, simple, and cheap lanterns are perfect for the kids.  Save a peanut butter jar and pick up some battery operated lights at the dollar tree!  You can easily use those tiny flicker “candles” but I found super-cute LED string lights this time!  Wash out the peanut butter jar and stuff in your battery operated lights.  Create a handle by cutting a bit of string and tying knots on both ends. Then secure the knots under the cap while twisting it shut.  My girls loved having their own camp lanterns.

9. Tent Lantern

It’s equally as important to have a way to light your entire tent! Camping lanterns are very effective but really expensive! Not to mention, they usually require C or D batteries, also expensive.  Have no fear!  Find a nice bright flat LED light and strap it to a water jug.  It illuminates the entire tent.  We picked up our awesome light free with a coupon for the local hardware store, washed out a milk jug and refilled with water, and tied it on with a bit of paracord.  The entire cost for our lantern was about $1, simply to purchase brand new batteries! You can pick up a great LED Headlamp here for a decent price if you don’t have anything that will work great already. 🙂


10. Hobo Dinners

10 camping hacksDo you know what a hobo dinner is?  They are so easy to make and cook in an open flame.  You wrap your food in foil and stick it in or over the fire.  It couldn’t be any easier or more delicious.  They usually consist of ground beef and potatoes but we got all fancy.  Ground turkey, shrimp, mushrooms, potatoes, onion, corn on the cob, and bell pepper double wrapped in foil.  Make these the night before for the first evening camping!  C’mon didn’t you do enough setting up that first day?


Hope my 10 camping hacks sure to make your next trip a breeze helps you out this summer!  Have fun camping and stay safe!  Remember plenty of water, bug repellant, and sun block.  I’d love to give you more camping hacks if you are interested!  Just Let me know in the comments below and I’d be super psyched to put together another roundup. (It might even inspire us to take another little trip.)

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