The Best Baby Safe Finger Paint You’ve Never Thought Of

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Are you ready for the ABSOLUTE BEST baby safe finger paint you’ve never thought of?!

Let’s talk finger painting.

I’ve spent countless hours searching for great non toxic baby safe finger paint recipes online. Let’s face it; for a couple years most if not all things introduced to our little angels is going to be explored through the mouth. Why? Why does my little one keep putting things in their mouth? It is scientifically proven that at birth our little ones have much more sensory receptors in their mouths than anywhere else. Everything we place in front of the little ones for play or exploration will end up being licked, tasted, sucked on, and at times even eaten. Their nerves and sensory receptors are so strong there… and as they learn all about this big beautiful world, all things will be explored with what they are given.

Great, now that we know that, how can we gear learning and exploration of art in that direction? I love baby finger paint recipes involving water, cornstarch, and food coloring. If we want to go even more crunchy the (oh so fun) food coloring which poses a problem for many sensitive children can even be replaced with more natural alternatives like beet root powder and turmeric. I adore DIY healthy recipes but sometimes the littles need a simple distraction fueled by learning and my time is limited! I never find posts about my favorite “baby finger paints” so I’m going to blow your mind with an awesome alternative. We finger paint our dinner table often times with condiments! The beauty of this is it’s cheap, quick, and on hand at all times.


What a beautiful pallet of baby safe finger paint that consists of mustard, barbeque sauce, ranch, and baby food sweet potatoes.


She has fun… she draws and paints, I add in (yes I ate some ranch… I love ranch flavored anything) and the cleanup is super easy. I have no fear of the sampling that will no doubt occur. Big sister even threw in some ketchup packets to add more colors to the art.


What a way to create one happy baby, one happy family. Messy and tasty fun. Simple, affordable, with an easy cleanup?! Tell me it isn’t so!!! Oh yes it is! This all stemmed from an idea of my godmother’s of finger painting with pudding. That was great fun as well but offered less natural color choices. Plus my kids don’t love the taste quite as much, and we don’t keep it on hand. Who doesn’t have a little ketchup and mustard? Heck, you can make a stop at a gas station and end up with enough little packets of edible finger paint for a lovely afternoon.

baby safe finger paintDid your baby enjoy this activity? If so I bet you’ll enjoy our collection of 5 DIY Bath Paint Recipes!  You should definitely check it out! And since I bet you’re still in the super-young baby years I’ve got the life-changing way to soothe your baby to help you out. PLUS how to save hundreds by making your own baby wipes!

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Are you planning on trying it soon? What other easy edible finger paints can you think of onhand? I’d love to hear more in the comments below!

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