Toddler Christmas Gift Guide: To Please Every Little In Your Life

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Is anyone else astounded that Christmas is only six weeks away? It’s time to start shopping! The time to make and fill those Christmas lists is now! If you’re stumped on awesome toys for your baby or toddler this season look no further. I’ve got THE BEST  toddler Christmas gift guide for electronic/talking toys AND Montessori/classic toys all divvied up by category here for you! All the best toddler Christmas toys are right here!

Christmas is Coming… Are You Ready?

toddler christmas gift guide

I can’t believe that Christmas is almost here! My absolute favorite place to create and fill my Christmas lists is amazon!

No long lines, no fear that the product will run out or not arrive in time.

Plus our family all lives over 1,000 miles away and creating wish lists for the family makes it sooo easy for the whole family to get exactly what WE want!

This post contains affiliate links. Please read full disclosure here. You’ll never be charged extra for using any of my links and might even score a better deal! Plus I never recommend things I don’t own and love!

Baby toys and toddler toys are so fun!

Some toys are classic and wonderful for nurturing creativity. Some toys are really loud and can get annoying for parents, yet are mesmerizing for the littles! Which can totally make them a win for parents, seeking five minutes or more of “free time”. For both of my girls in those first few years those talking toys SAVED us in long car rides. (Or ANY car rides for my youngest, she still hates the car at 2.)

If you have littles or: littles in the family, you’re shopping for your toddler Christmas gift list in the right place!

Ready for some great ideas for those talking/electronic baby and toddler toys? We love building toys and dolls and figurines in our house but Christmas is a time we are happy to indulge in some of those fun and colorful, talking, and teaching toys for the littles. (All of these toys are perfect from about 9 months onward!)

Plus if you really want to know what’s hot this year check out Amazon’s Top 100 Toys 2018! Or if top toys is too broad and you want to focus just on educational toys Amazon’s Top 100 Educational Toys 2018 will be just perfect for you!

**If you’re looking for the classic toys feel free to scroll past the electronic section :)**


The BEST Talking+ Teaching Toddler Toys

  1. VTech Touch and Teach Turtle

We have the VTech Touch and Teach Turtle toy now and it is amazing for getting through car rides for our family. It is such a valuable toy we have purchased it twice! We had the older version (this VTech Touch and Teach Elephant Book) for my first baby.

It was a life saver for getting to visits at my family’s house when they lived 1 1/2 hours away! The VTech Touch and Teach Turtle is a great toy for littles because it flashes and talks and it definitely grows with the child. As their comprehension and letter knowledge increases I think they enjoy the toy even more!


2. VTech Talk and Teach Word Book

This awesome VTech Touch and Teach Word Book is on our list for our two year old this year! We love classic books, they are timeless; and our house is literally bursting with books. BUT for car rides, or any time I don’t have a chance to do the reading (think cooking dinner time) these interactive books are so much fun and a great help!


3. Playskool Friends Talking ABC Elmo

talking abcs elmo

A classic Talking ABC’s Elmo is a modern revamep version of everyone’s old favorite tickle me elmo. Now the soft loveable and eternally positive monster talks and sings the ABC’s!


4. VTech Turn and Learn Driver

Every child want to do just what mommy and daddy do. Vacuuming, driving, and scrubbing can all be monotonous activities for us but they are priceless to a toddler striving to become just like the most important people in their little lives. We have this steering wheel at all times in (you guessed it) the big toy box in the car! Our littlest loves to play “Beep beep, move it people!” and I know yours will too!

VTech Turn and Learn Driver is perfect for car rides.


5. Vtech Sit To Stand Learning Walker

Sit to stand walkers are amazingly adaptable toys. Baby is able to completely enjoy and engage with this toy in it’s flat mode. As they start to stand the huge selection of buttons and gadgets on the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker really inspire them to stay standing up and workout those little adorably chunky legs.

This #1 Bestseller even works as a great support when taking those first fun steps and continues to be a fun learning experience for years to come.


6. Baby Einstein Take Along Musical Toy

The Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy is small and simple but completely engaging and  entertaining for babies and toddlers! I’d say this cute little number was my baby’s first talking toy she became absolutely obsessed with.

The caterpillar handle is perfect for little hands to grip and to make this #1 Bestselling toy sing and switch songs there is only one button. Perfect for introducing even to baby!


7. Vtech Talk and Learn Activity Table

vtech talk and learn activity table for babies this christmas

I love love LOVE activity tables for babies and toddlers! The Leapfrog Touch and Learn Activity Table is another versatile toy that you can remove the legs from for sitter play and easily clip them back on as baby gets bigger. There are lots of activity tables out there but this is my absolute favorite. Another toy we’ve bought repeatedly for each child! I’m convinced this toy inspired my first to start standing and take her first “cruising” steps!

The Leapfrog Touch and Learn Activity Table has over 70 songs for endless entertainment.


8. Leapfrog My Own Leaptop

This LeapFrog My Own Leaptop is a phenomenal toy for littles who want to be like the big kids! It is programmable with your child’s name and has four modes of learning play including music, messages, games, and ABCs. Your child will be absolutely delighted to hear messages customized for them from the most special people in their lives!

It’s really simple to program and the songs are a bit addictive and so fun! We have LeapFrog My Own Leaptop, Pink (Exact same toy but the pink version!)


9. Fisher Price Smart Stages Vacuum

Once again, a simple and fun “I want to be just like mommy and daddy” toy. My girls have always LOVED vacuuming with mommy with their own little Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Vacuum. It really makes the littles feel like a part of the family when they can be included with everyday activities. I ADORE having a tiny little vacuum in the house!

10. Green Kids Crafts – Discovery Box

non toy gifts for kids

For a really fun option that will keep giving all year long you MUST check out what the Green Kid Crafts Discovery Box has to offer. Similar to a magazine subscription, you can receive an awesome box of crafts, books, and projects tailored to your child’s age (Starting at only 2 years old and up!) every month for one low price. You will receive award winning themed boxes each month that include 4-8 unique and engaging STEAM projects designed to foster a child’s creativity and confidence while helping to raise the nation’s next generation of creative leaders. Plus the box will include a magazine, achievement badges, and fun and learning activities.

Green Kids Crafts have won a ridiculous amount of awards for their ability to engage and stimulate fun learning in children as well as their green aspects. They are an earth friendly company, and use only sustainable, safe materials in all of their products.

If a 3, 6, 9, or 12 month subscription is a bit more than you’re looking for they also have an amazing collection of science kits, craft kits, and discovery boxes available for purchase. This is my favorite gift idea of all because of the seemingly endless amount of options available.

It’s really a gift that keeps on giving all year!


Let’s get into some more quiet learning toys! Don’t overlook the classic toys. I feel they really encourage more creative play and a different type of learning than the fun, loud, and interactive techy toys do.

The Best Classic Toddler Toys

    1. Playschool Form Fitter

This is an amazing learning toy that can provide lots of quite, creative, learning play. We have two shape sorter toys but the Playskool Form Fitter is my favorite. It’s simple. There are two holes for each shape, and the edges aren’t too sharp: which makes the pieces slide in a bit easier than some of this toys’ counterparts.


2. Solid-Wood Building Blocks

The Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Solid-Wood Building Blocks With Wooden Storage Tray (60 pcs) is the best building block set out there! It comes with 60 pieces in lots of different shapes with finished edges.


3. Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks are the perfect introduction for any baby or toddler into the world of Legos! This set contains 80 pieces that fit together easily for endless building play. There’s also a Mega Bloks Deluxe Building Bag 150-Piece Set available.


4. Lego Duplo Deluxe Box of Fun

For those toddlers that are a little older and more coordinated I’d definitely recommend the LEGO DUPLO Deluxe Box of fun. We JUST got this set for my now 2 year old’s birthday and it’s a perfect fit!


5. 15″ Soft Body Baby Doll

My girls have both loved playing babies from the time they were STILL babies! This Berenguer Boutique Soft Body Baby Doll set is amazing for the price! It comes with a soft bodied blinking baby doll and lots of accessories. (This toy is recommended for ages 2+)


5. Step 2 Great Gourmet Kitchen Playset

step 2 great gourmet kitchen playset

A toy kitchen is a MUST in every household! This is the updated version of the one we have at our home! The Step 2 Great Gourmet Kitchen Playset even includes lights and sounds with the burners and a chalk board to keep track of the shopping list. This kitchen even includes 36 pieces for a full fun kitchen of realistic play!


6. Peel n’ Play Food Playset

You’re definitely going to want to pick up the Small World Toys Living – Peel ‘N’ Play 13 Pc. Playset whether or not you decide to buy the play kitchen to go with it! There are endless numbers of great play food sets out there but of the many we own this is definitely the favorite that spans years of play! The food velcros together into a few pieces that the kids can cut and peel apart.


I KNOW so many of these toys will be winners for your baby or toddler this year!

Whether you’re looking for light up interactive toys, or quite creative play I shared with you my best ideas for this year!

Which of these toys are the ones you can’t wait to buy? Are there any other gift ideas you’d like to see? I’ll have at least two more coming out in the coming weeks. (Thinking about gift guides for millennials of every passion I can think of first off.)

Let me know which type of friends and family have you stumped this year. I’d be happy to do a little research and put together a great gift roundup just for you!

We’re still quite a bit before Christmas and if you’re still savoring every bit of fall you should hop on over to a few of these posts:


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