The Perfect Fall Bucket List for Kids

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Fall Bucket List for Families

Fall is the best season for a bucket list. With cider to drink, pumpkin pie to make, and corn mazes to run through, you need an epic bucket list to be sure to make all the wonderful fall family memories you can! This fall bucket list for kids will ensure a fall to remember! 

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Fall is My Favorite Season with lots of great Family Fun

Yet… this year I’m not quite ready for it. I know it has a lot to do with moving to a much colder and darker place than I spent my first 27 years (Southern California) and a little or maybe a lot to do with being a homeschool teacher now while having a curious toddler as well! However I’m beginning to embrace that fall and back to school is upon us and I’m ready to create that bucket list for the season!

Do You Make Seasonal Bucket Lists for Fall, Spring, or Summer?

We like making schedules and bucket lists here in our house. They really help keep the kids on track and make sure we get every lovely little thing in we want with the days that fly by!

This year I made 2 bucket lists, as I’m a blogger now and not only thinking of my family but yours as well! I’ve got a super fun 10 item fall bucket list for toddlers and a more extensive 25 item bucket list for families, maybe with slightly older kids and parents in mind too.


I love everything about fall.

The feeling in the air. I love the scents we surround ourselves with. Apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin. I enjoy savoring a warm drink in the cooling weather! Finally being able to appreciate the warmth of the coffee in the morning… though I have it that way every day regardless. I look forward to the holidays and all the fun they bring. I embrace the hoodies, the sweaters, the rain. Fall is gorgeous.

The only thing I don’t like is how gosh darn dark it is way up in Washington so quickly. Our summer days are incredibly long and the winter days are ridiculously short.

Like sun comes up at 9:30 and sets at 4:30 short. If it shows up at all amidst the clouds and rain. It makes for wonderful family time, and lots of easy chances to have a hygge night but it feels REALLY dark to me. I don’t even mind the cold or the rain or snow… I actually think it’s really fun! But the darkness takes some adjusting.



Does anyone else have a plan to have a pumpkin spice EVERYTHING day? It’s on my family bucket list and I totally added that one. I adore all things pumpkin spice! So here’s my plan for that day:  DIY pumpkin spice coffee creamer in my coffee, and pumpkin smoothie for breakfast. Followed by a turkey wrap with pumpkin spice and berries for lunch. Ending with a big mug of harvest soup for dinner! Then don’t forget pumpkin-spiced popcorn with candy corn tossed in for dessert. Join me in my obsession!

I suppose that’s enough marveling in the beauty that is fall and about time for those bucket lists!

Toddler Fall Bucket List:

  1. Go apple picking
  2. Get lost in a corn maze
  3. Make cinnamon playdough
  4. Drink cider + cocoa
  5. Collect colored leaves
  6. Make pumpkin moon sand
  7. Go on a nature hike
  8. Jump in a leaf pile
  9. Play in puddles
  10. Go to a pumpkin patch




Got some older kids? Or ready for our big bucket list? Here you go!

Family Fall Bucket List:

1. Go apple picking
2. Get lost in a corn maze
3. Make chili
4. Play + watch football
5. Make a thankful for list
6. Read together outside
7. Make pumpkin bread
8. Drink cider and cocoa
9. Collect colored leaves
10. Go on a hayride
11. Go on a nature hike
12. Jump in a leaf pile
13. Make candied apples
14. Bake a pie
15. Play in puddles
16. Go to a pumpkin patch
17. Roast pumpkin seeds
18. Have a pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING day
19. Bring a fresh baked dessert to a neighbor
20. Carve epic pumpkins
21. Roast marshmallows
22. Make pumpkin spiced moon sand
23. Make cinnamon play dough
24. Make a harvest soup
25. Have a family movie night with buttered popcorn.
fall bucket list

Wrapping Up the Best Fall Bucket Lists for Kids

Please let me know how you love these lists and don’t forget to pin them for later! Did I miss any amazing activities I need to add?
What are your favorite and least favorite things about fall? What crafts and recipes would you love to see posts for? Please let me know in the comments below!

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