How to Join Pinterest Group Boards Like A Boss

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If you’re new to blogging or just now interested in learning how to extend your reach, chances are you’ve learned that Pinterest is key. Get ready to learn everything you ever wanted to know about Pinterest group boards. Driving thousands of not millions of page views to bloggers each month. The best way to extend your reach by millions is Pinterest group boards. I’ll let you know exactly how to join Pinterest group boards easily!

The key to getting Pinterest traffic is joining Pinterest group boards.

pinterest group boards

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When I was just tossing around the idea of blogging and decided to do some serious research with all the free information cycling the web I read a lot about Pinterest. Some bloggers are successful with using other forms of social media to drive traffic but Pinterest seemed to be everyone’s secret weapon.

Then I read about Pinterest group boards.

I had no idea what they were. Then I found a post once that made me finally feel like I wasn’t alone! I can’t even recall who it was at this time but they were already a pretty successful blogger who said they felt as if they’d been living under a rock once they heard about Pinterest Group Boards!

So what is a Pinterest group board?

If you’re familiar with Pinterest at all you know the process:

  1. Create a board of something you’re into, an event you’re planning, a room you want to decorate.
  2. Search the endless database for pins of pictures (usually leading to a blog post) and “pin” those you like to each respective board.
  3. Repeat!

Now imagine all of your friends coming over and all laying out their favorite magazine articles in front of you as an awesome collaboration of ideas on a similar topic. That’s exactly what a group board is. One person creates a board, say; “Parenting.” They can now invite their friends or fellow bloggers to join as a member and pin to that same board right along with them.

How does a group board extend my reach?

Not only is the person allowing you to join letting you share all of your great ideas with them, but they are essentially lending you the eyes of their entire audience. So say you have only 100 followers on Pinterest.

If you join a group board with 10,000k followers and you pin your blog post onto it, those 10,000k people can potentially see and repin it. (Of course that’s assuming that every one of them goes on when your pin is high in the feed that day. But even if 2,000k of them see it, that has drastically extended your reach!)


Can you be on too many group boards?

No! Well, you can only judge that by how many you can handle seeing in your feed and pinning to without going bonkers. I really had to work up to it.

When I first started my Pinterest account and pinning I joined about 15 and felt overwhelmed. I practiced pinning daily to all these and then joined about 5-10 more. Every time I join about 10 new boards I feel personally maxed out.

Then I try pinning different types of content to each, monitor how many other people are pinning to it each day, and how often that content is getting repinned from that board before moving on to more. It’s a great idea to join a lot of group boards to: Get your first viral pin on Pinterest!

Right now I am using a highly effective and unique manual pinning method I crafted after reading Carly from Mommy on Purpose’s Pinterest Strategies book. Part of her proven method involves joining A LOT of group boards. I think she’s brilliant and I’ve had sooo much success on Pinterest after reading her book which is a steal at under $30!

Five viral pins in 8 weeks and counting! I highly recommend picking up her book right here to explode your Pinterest reach!

Will anyone let me on their boards when I am brand new?!

You can definitely get on some really good group boards as a brand new blogger and pinner. No, they won’t have hundreds of thousands of followers, but you can definitely get on a few with up to 20k followers as a newbie with the correct approach.

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How do I even FIND group boards?

Check out the profiles of other bloggers you follow in your niche. Chances are they are on quite a few!

When you browse for group boards do it on a desktop.

I’ve never read that piece of advice anywhere else. I was always confused with how to find who the group board owner was on my tablet or phone. I’d click back and forth, messaged tons of the wrong people, and wasted so much time trying to figure it out. (See all the little images below have a circle with three photos on it? = group board!)

pinterest group boards

Search for group boards on your desktop!

So I’m saving you that mind boggling trouble. Pull out your desktop and start searching from there. You can identify a group board by the little circle with three images on the main board image. Click on the board. The top right corner will have three circles with some pinners from the board and a fourth with a number of how many other pinners that board has. The first circle when viewed on a desktop is the board owner!

(Another side note about why to do this on a desktop. It’s the only way to see how many followers a board has. Before I figured out how to find the number of followers I was judging which boards to apply to by the number of contributors. Totally the wrong idea.

Only once I finally switched to desktop was I able to see the number of followers on the top left hand side under the group board name and it’s number of pins. You can see it in the picture below. Whew, another headache saved from you!)

pinterest group boards(Hey look, the owner is ME! 😉 )

A lot of older posts your read will direct you to find boards on and other sites like that. Don’t. That website is no longer updated and is a total dead end. I spent countless hours (again) searching and reaching out to dozens of group boards in this manner and received 0 invitations for all that time spent.


How do I get added to these boards?

Now you’ve hopefully found handfuls of group boards that you’re interested in. The best way to browse for group boards I’ve found is to find a blogger I admire and follow who is on lots of group boards and click on one after another of their group boards, checking out the descriptions.

Now some board owners are going to be perfectly upfront and will have the board rules as well as how to contact them in the description. Try to go for these boards at first; you’re pretty likely to get a response.

Unless you REALLY love the content and it is perfectly in your niche then you can try to contact the board owner through a Pinterest message or commenting on one of their most recent pins. I’ve had some success with this method, but not too much. It’s worth trying if you really like the board.


What to say when messaging a board owner.

First and foremost you need to follow the pinner or at least the board you want to be added to. Many request that you follow all of their boards. They honestly cannot find you to add you if you haven’t followed them first.

Then construct a very polite message somewhere along these lines:

(Fill in the parentheses as fits for each board you message.)

Dear (so and so),

I found your wonderful group board (inset name here) on Pinterest and I absolutely love the content! My name is (your name here) and I blog at (your blog here) about (all the great things that you write that pertain to that board.) I would really love to be added as a contributor onto your awesome board! I’ve already followed all of your boards and promise to follow your board rules. My Pinterest email is (email here) and my Pinterest handle is (name here). Thank you so much for your consideration and if I can be of any help please let me know.


(your name here)

I find it’s helpful  to tell them what you can bring to the board and end with a polite offer to help them back for helping you out with the add. If you state the group rules that you have already read and are promising to adhere to they find that a huge relief!

Almost nobody asks for anything in return other than sticking to the board rules but a few do. Usually simple social follow or share requests.

The other AWESOME way to find group boards!

Now I’ve got a trick that will basically have board owners coming to you! Facebook groups. At one point I was trying to slowly get added to group boards and noticed the same lovely ladies’ face coming up as a member of dozens of big boards I wished to join! I was just astounded by how many she was able to conquer and so decided to reach out and just ask. “How did you do it?”

The friendly and very helpful Corrie at Centsable Momma directed me to the Pinterest Group Boards Facebook Page.

It is awesome and you need to join right now.

Board owners of all niches are posting links to their boards open for contributors on there every day! Most boards are small, most grow quickly, and a few are pretty large.

There are a few other blogging group boards on Facebook that make posts once a week or once a month where the board owners looking for contributors will post the information.

pinterest group boards

While Pinterest is still the #1 social media outlet for driving traffic A LOT has changed on it recently! Finding out how to conquer Pinterest amidst glitches and algorithm changes is sure to set you up for success!

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What do you want to learn about blogging? What questions do you still have about Pinterest group boards? Please let me know in the comments below! And we’d love if you’d join our mailing list to stay up to date.

And by the way I have a few group boards open for contributors now so if you’re interested follow me at VigorItOut and email me at to be added!


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  1. Before joining a group board I also check how many repins pins on the board get. It takes some time to do the group boards research and to email the owners, so it’s better to not waste the time, joining groups with low repin rate.

    1. Glad you think I included useful information, even if it doesn’t pertain to you anymore. 😊 It’s the guide I wish I had found when I was looking too.

    1. Your so welcome Shelbi. It was something that mystified me for months so I wanted to help shave all that time and searching for fellow bloggers.

    1. You’re so welcome! At first, learning how to join Pinterest group boards can be so difficult and time-consuming! Once you know the polite and effective way to join boards, it really takes a lot less time and you have a lot more success!

    1. This is a wonderful question Leah! Especially with all the changes that Pinterest has made this year, geesh! To answer your question, yes I absolutely still use group boards (though I know not all do any more) BUT they are only niche specific and well keyworded boards. Definitely not any “all niche” boards these days and I’ve left any boards that don’t perform for me. And I continue to do well this way and my account is still growing steadily.

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