Healthy Slow Cooker Soup Recipes To Make This The Best Fall Ever

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I’ve found 8 delicious, healthy, slow cooker soup recipes that beg to be tried this fall! You’re going to absolutely love these recipes! Each is unique, completely healthy, and pretty simple.

Slow Cooker Soups Are The BEST Fall Food For Busy Healthy Families!

slow cooker soup recipes

Back to school, football season, fall, and cooler weather make us all think about using that Crockpot! To be honest I use mine a lot throughout the summer as well to not heat up the house but I know that’s not the norm!

Slow cookers are amazing.

I’ve found throughout the years you can make anything, literally ANYTHING in a Crockpot! I am constantly trying to cook new things in my slow cooker with great success. There’s a little bit of a learning curve but slow cookers are so simple.

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Here’s my best tips for learning how to use a Crockpot.

  1. Learn how much liquid to add to the type of recipe you’re making and remember it’s not going to evaporate! and
  2. Remember meat goes below the veggies.

If you’re new to slow cooking or just want the easiest slow cooker recipes try out these soups!

slow cooker soup recipes that are easy and healthy

You can’t really overcook soup.

I love trying new slow cooker recipes but I always go back to soup. Soup has got to be my favorite food… followed shortly by smoothies. I love soup so much I’ll make it even though only half of the family will eat it! I normally try really hard to make sure everyone likes the meals. No so easy since I’m a total herbivore my husband’s a total carnivore, and Jade doesn’t like any foods that are mixed or touching!

Soups are so versatile. You can literally add anything and make a soup! My favorites are veggie soups. So much so I’ll eat them for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner and usually even eat them cold. This roundup is perfect for fall and I’m sure you’ll love every single viral recipe here!

After this mouthwatering roundup you’re definitely going to want to check out a few dozen more amazing healthy slow cooker recipes here:

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So without further adieu… here’s the deliciousness.


1.Minestone Soup

slow cooker soup recipes

From: Marzia (Little Spice Jar)

Though I am a total herbivore nowadays, my childhood was completely different. I ONLY ate broccoli with cheese and spinach with capers… my palate had to be enticed to eat my veggies . I loved only one type of soup, you guessed it, Minestrone. I’m definitely trying this super healthy recipe soon with some whole wheat pasta to see if I can get my little “I don’t like mixed foods” lady on board.


2.Chicken Vegetable Soup

slow cooker soup recipes

From: Best Recipe Box

No fall soup roundup could be complete without a super healthy chicken noodle soup. Not much warms the hands, heart, and mouth like chicken noodle soup from scratch. It’s the absolute classic and I WILL be making this for sure soon!

3.Brocoli Cauliflower Cheese Soup

slow cooker soup recipes

From: Danae at Recipe Runner 

This soup sounds so intriguing I can’t wait to try it. It’s a lightened up and unique take on broccoli cheese soup. Using greek yogurt (one of my top favorite substitutions in recipes), cheese, and cauliflower in addition to broccoli for what promises to be a creamy and satisfying healthy soup.


4.Split Pea Soup

slow cooker soup recipes

From: From Valerie’s Kitchen

There’s absolutely no way I could complete a soup roundup without including a wonderful split pea recipe! It’s Eddie’s favorite that he totally turned me on to. I save my ham bones eagerly anticipating our next split pea soup venture. However, we haven’t yet tried making it in the crock pot so this recipe is absolutely begging to be tried with that ham bone anxiously waiting in the freezer.

5.Chicken Potato Soup

slow cooker soup recipes

From: A Spicy Perspective

This is a totally new soup for me! It’s really healthy, plus a little bit of bacon which is totally ok! It sure kicks the flavor up a notch a makes this soup seem totally indulgent. It’s hearty, delicious, and perfect for a really cold night.

6.Chicken Taco Soup (No Cutting)

slow cooker soup recipes

From: Kristine’s Kitchen

This recipe it healthy and zesty and could not be ANY easier! It utilizes canned ingredients to bring you a delectable and filling taco soup! Top it off with a scoop of low fat sour cream and a dash of hot sauce and you’re ready for a taste sensation that will make you forget you’re eating healthy!

7.Cabbage Patch Detox Soup

slow cooker soup recipes

From: Blair at The Seasoned Mom

This recipe is SO up my alley! I love cabbage soups with a tomato base and I love all things detox! This healthy recipe slow cooker soup recipe is easy, fast, and afordable. It has tons of vegetables and some meat to balance it out. PLUS directions for substitutions to create a vegan option!

8.White Bean French Onion Soup

slow cooker soup recipes

From: Chrissie at The Busy Baker

If you’re looking for a tasty, healthy, and really filling soup this is it! Bean soups fill you up quickly. And they keep you full for a long time! This recipe has lots of fresh ingredients for a tasty twist on french onion soup.

9. Easy Healthy Crockpot Vegetable Soup

slow cooker dinner recipes for your crock pot

Healthy Crockpot Vegetable Soup from Vigor it Out

This soup is absolutely loaded with mouthwatering colors, flavors, and nutrients. The delicious ingredients make it a perfect detox soup that the whole family will love! It’s light and flavorful and perfect for a cold evening.

I love having dozens of delicious slow cooker ideas on hand.

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I want to know which soup is your favorite!

I Would LOVE to hear what other recipe roundups you’d love to see for fall! Don’t forget I’ve got another great slow cooker roundup here and a Thanksgiving slow cooker roundup coming out in two weeks! Love blackberries? You’re going to want to read the bomb diggity blackberry recipe roundup for delicious desserts, drinks, and more! Check back in next week for a back to school lunch roundup, and please subscribe to my email list if you want to stay up to date on all my healthy tips! Recipes, workouts, and fun!


I’ve been going a little slow cooker crazy lately so wanted to make sure I give you the chance to check out a couple more AMAZING slow cooker recipe roundups:


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