Pinecone Pumpkins The Easiest Fall Craft To Try Today

This fall craft is so easy, super cheap, and the final product is absolutely adorable. This unique idea of turning your basic pinecone into a pumpkin is THE BEST! Pinecone pumpkin crafts for kids are not only super simple, but cost next to nothing!

Pinecone Pumpkins

Happy Fall Y’all!

(Ok so I’m not from the south but the phrase is still super-cute!) Fall is almost here and despite a super busy last two weeks I think I’m FINALLY ready for my favorite season! My posts and pins have way slowed down lately but my mom is visiting from Cali for a week AND my oldest is turning seven and had her party yesterday. Oh ya and homeschool is starting! Busy, busy, busy!

But that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about fall, crafts, activities, fitness, and health every day! Tonight I made blackberry apple crisp you can find on my Blackberry Recipes  post right here. It was soooooo good! And the beauty of it is that it’s totally healthy! The only modification I made on the recipe is subbing out almond flour for Bob’s Redmill gluten free flour blend, thank you Ibotta for a GREAT $1.50 back on an item I totally use! (Don’t know what Ibotta is? Check out this post and make $10 now just for signing up through my special link and trying out the app… free money with minimal time invested!)

pinecone pumpkin fall

I’ve been busy, but good busy! Next week starts homeschool so I’ll have to adjust again to blogging for the first time while spending half of our day doing school. The idea is a little daunting but I know lots of lovely ladies who manage to do both so I’m sure I’ll figure it out!

Fall crafts abound in our house!

I love embracing the seasons and tying that into the lives of my children with crafts we do. There is so much beauty that comes with the changes in weather, nature, and holidays! We get a full four seasons now that we moved over 1,000 miles 2 years ago and I appreciate every bloomin’ minute of it!

This year we gathered tons of these tiny pinecones off of a new type of pine tree we recently discovered near our house and have made all kinds of things with them!  The most recent is turning those cute little things into pumpkins for next to nothing!  We manage really frugal and super cute crafts regularly!


pinecone pumpkin



-Orange Paint

-Green Pipe cleaners



-First paint the pinecones orange. While they’re drying you can cut your pipe cleaners in half for small pinecones. I haven’t yet made a giant pinecone pumpkin but I would definitely leave the pipe cleaners at their regular size for a huge one.

-Once the pinecones are dry twist the pipe cleaner around the top few pieces of your pinecone at the middle of the pipe cleaner.

-Where the ends meet after wrapping around, twist the two ends around each other a few times. You should end with two equal ends of pipe cleaner coming out at the same location. If they seem too loose pinch the spot where they meet and twist a few more times. This will tighten the wrap around portion of the pipe cleaner further into the pinecone.

pinecone pumpkin craft

-There are multiple ways to make the pinecone pumpkin “stem” made from the green pipe cleaner look adorable. One method we used was wrapping the pipe cleaner around a pencil to make a spiral. A second was twisting the two ends together loosely and folding over at the top a tiny bit. Just enough to hide sharp edges. (I decided to try making a “squash” out of another type of seed pod we fount too!)


Seriously, if you live where there are any pine trees this craft costs next to nothing! Under a dime kind of next to nothing. And they are SO cute! Even if you have to buy pinecones this craft is completely affordable.

I really hope you try this craft out and I can’t wait to hear how you like it in the comments below! Send me your pictures at so I can see your craft genius! AND be sure to subscribe to our blog to get all the latest seasonal crafts, recipes, and fun!



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