Park Bench Workout To Tone and Tighten Your Entire Body

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Gettin’ Outside and Gettin’ It Done!

park bench workout

You can utilize almost anything in your surrounding to get in an amazing workout if you have the knowledge of how to do that. Today I’m going to guide you through a full body park bench workout! This park bench workout can be done anywhere. Outside, inside, on a park bench or even a stable coffee table!

Learn To Use Your Surroundings To Rock Out a Killer Workout!

You can use almost anything to get in a rockin’ workout! A park bench workout. A heavy rock for a kettlebell. Your toddler or kid as a free weight. Milk jugs as added weight. The possibilities are endless but today we are going to focus on a full body park bench workout!

The weather outside is sunny for now where I live. But in a month that will all change. It will be cold, dark, and rainy. SOOO thankfully my complex has a great gym and rec room where the kids and I can run around, homeschool, and workout during the day. Take this exercise outside if you can. Being outside, getting sunlight, it just makes you feel better. Working out is all about being happy, healthy, and feeling good! BUT if mother nature is denying you that added pleasure of getting outside just find anything resembling a bench to complete the same workout! Coffee table, firm sofa, weight room bench, etc.

This is an amazing routine to do while the kids are playing around at the park! If you’re looking for some great exercises to do with the littles in tow you will love checking out this stroller workout routine and also a full workout you can complete when your child refuses to stay in the stroller! Seriously, a killer full body workout at a toddler’s pace!

Park Bench Workout To Tone and Tighten Your Entire Body

1. Step Up (20 each side)

park bench workoutpark bench workout

Begin by stepping one foot up onto the bench and tightening your core. Pull your back leg up and bring your knee up as high as you can while maintaining good balance and good posture. Return the same leg that is raised to your chest back to the ground and repeat 20 times. Switch the foot that is on the bench and complete 20 step ups on the opposite side. If it is too tough at first begin with only bringing the back leg up to step on the bench as well as the front instead of bringing your knee all the way up toward your chest.


2. Star Plank Leg Raises (20 each side)

park bench workoutpark bench workout

Begin this exercise by placing one hand firmly on the bench with your feet together away from you. You will want to be in a straight line from your ankles to your head. Reach your other arm up above your head. Then lift your top leg until it is parallel from the ground to create a star shape with your body. Lower the raised leg and lift again for twenty repetitions. Flip over to face the other way and repeat the exercise for twenty more reps.


3. Mountain Climbers (60x)

park bench workoutpark bench workout

Get into a pushup position with both hands firmly placed on the edge of the bench and engage your core. Bring one knee to your chest and quickly replace it. Follow this with rapidly bringing the opposite knee toward your chest and replacing it. Think of it as stationary running, or climbing an imaginary horizontal mountain (hence the name of coarse) and complete this exercise as quickly as you can. Count each knee raise as 1 and continue until you reach 60.


4. Inclined Pushups (20x)

park bench workout

(I totally forgot to take the photos of pushups the first day! Whoops silly me, good thing we jumped into the pool with our clothes on after our workout and washed them after so I could make the photo look slightly cohesive! Haha.)

Remain in the same position as the last exercise. Tighten your core by imagining pulling your belly button toward your spine. Complete 20 inclined pushups by keeping your body in a straight line as you bend your arms and lower your upper body until your elbows form a 90 degree angle. Return to the starting plank position and repeat.


5. Raised Leg Lunges (20 each side)

park bench workoutpark bench workout

Place one foot up onto the bench with the other leg as far behind you as is comfortable. Place your hands on your hips. Raise up onto the toes of your back leg and dip your knee down to the ground. Remembering to maintain good posture. Lift your body back up by straightening your back leg. Repeat this 20 times before switching legs and completing 20 more.


6. Tricep Dips (20)

park bench workoutpark bench workout

Begin by sitting on the bench and place your hands firmly on the edge. Place your feet as far away from you as is comfortable to bring your body forward into an imaginary chair. Bend your arms to lower your body until your elbows reach a 90 degree angle. Then straighten your arms back to the starting position. Repeat 20 tricep dips. Remember to pull your elbows straight back, not out to the sides. The farther away your feet are the more difficult this exercise will become.


7. Inclined Bridge Toe Taps

park bench workoutpark bench workout

Remain in the same position as the last exercise but raise your booty up to create a bridge. Bring one foot out in front in a flexed position. Tap this heel on the ground and raise the leg parallel to the ground. Keep your core tight and your butt up as high as you can! Repeat this for 20 toe taps before switching legs.

That’s the routine!

Now go through it twice or even three times if you’re really feelin it! You’ve targeted every major muscle group in your entire body in the beauty of the sunshine with no equipment! Except that bench… I don’t really count that as equipment. More like an extremely clever use of your surroundings!

If you’ve got REALLY little ones in tow you should check out my breastfeeding Pilates routine and a workout routine you can complete while bouncing a baby on an exercise ball! Exercising with kids 101 is your full guide to working out with the littles! I’d love to know what types of routines you would love to see more of in the comments below. I’d be happy to create any type of routine that will help you get it in! I LOVE creating new routines for you guys, every time I do I find another way to target part of a muscle I haven’t been targeting! I feel the burn!

For now try out my 1 week HIIT challenge for your busy life in only 14 minutes a day!

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    1. Hi there thank you so much for your kind words! I’m psyched to have opened your eyes to new methods of easy ways to get in a killer workout. Always happy to gain a new follower, look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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