Ketogenic Snacks to Keep on Hand at all Times to Ensure Diet Success

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Ketogenic diet snacks can seem unfulfilling at times. To find success on the Ketogenic diet and never feel like you’re missing out you need to keep these amazing Keto snacks on hand at all times. This is your perfect guide to ketogenic snacks for on the go as well as ketogenic low carb recipes.



Keto Snacks Need to be Low Carb.

I mean extremely low carb. The Ketogenic diet is a high fat low carb diet (HFLC). When I say low carb I mean almost NO carbs. You typically keep your carbohydrate count at under 30 grams per day (I stay under 21) on the Ketogenic diet.

That may sound like a lot until you start reading all your labels on your foods and counting your marcros (short for macronutrients) of your foods. I THOUGHT I was on a low carb diet. I didn’t eat wheat, pasta, and rarely grains. Then I started looking up all the carbohydrate counts on my vegetable and fruits I was eating. Easily over 100 carbs a day.

Look at it this way. One half of a peanut butter sandwich will knock you right out of Ketosis. Or one can of peas, or 1/4 cup of quinoa!


What is KETOSIS?

Ketosis is a fancy term for when your metabolism switches gears to burning fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. Your body is literally breaking down the fat that you consume as well as your fat stores to use as energy. In a typical diet, your body is slowly converting glucose (from carbohydrates) for energy.

When your body is in a state of Ketosis your body will produce Ketones as a byproduct. These can be tested for in urine or simply by how your body feels once you’ve been doing the diet for a while.

I couldn’t rightfully post a Keto roundup without being sure you knew the basics of what the popular “Ketogenic Diet” actually is! Plus why it might benefit you. So please check out the post below.

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How can you lose weight eating so much fat?

When following a Keto diet 70% of your calories will come from fat! I literally have been consuming 141 grams of fat a day for the past month and haven’t gained a pound. Not Big Mac and fries type of fat either. Delicious cheeses, coconut oil, and meats.

When your body goes into Ketosis after beginning to convert fat into fuel it will use up all that healthy fat you consume as well as the excess fat in your body. This process will also cause you to feel ill for up to a week with what is known as the Keto flu or carb withdrawal as your body completely switches gears. I’ve found amazing recipes and tips to ease the Keto Flu and help you transition into Ketosis smoothly.

The Keto diet has become extremely popular for weight loss in 2018. However there are many health reasons that people begin a Ketogenic diet. I personally am testing it out for health reasons.  A lot of my symptoms mimic those in the following article.  I Tried Keto for 30 Days… Here’s What Happened

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How to Find Keto Snacks?

If you search the internet and especially Pinterest there are ALL KINDS OF pins and websites claiming to have Ketogenic recipes, Ketogenic snacks, and even Ketogenic smoothies. Some of them are great, and MANY of them are far outside the Ketogenic diet. They would fit into a typical low carb diet but the Keto diet is so restrictive with carbohydrates there are A LOT of things that you can’t eat!

Things to avoid on the Keto diet:

  • Fruits (except a small amount of berries)
  • Most vegetables (dark leafy greens, mushrooms, and a small amount of pepper, cucumber, and onion are ok)
  • Breads
  • Pastas
  • Crackers
  • All grains really
  • Beer and mixed drinks
  • Juice
  • Anything processed
  • …and more!

Many recipes I’ve found claiming to be Keto are a far cry from it and contain many of these items. It is really frustrating and extremely difficult to weed out the false claims of Keto snacks when first beginning the Ketogenic diet.

Here’s what a real Keto diet will contain daily:

  • Bacon
  • Eggs
  • Steak
  • Salmon
  • Cheese
  • Cream Cheese
  • Raw Unrefined Coconut Oil
  • Unfiltered Virgin Olive Oil
  • REAL Butter
  • Heavy Cream
  • Dark leafy greens
  • SOME nuts (not many. Pecan, Brazil, and Macadamia are the best)


A Ketogenic Diet Can Be Expensive!

When learning how to follow a Keto diet plan they recommend only grass fed meats, raw unfiltered oils, and raw milk. That can quickly become extremely ridiculously expensive! You can still follow a Keto diet without raw milk and grass fed meats though. Even STILL, the grocery list to follow a Keto diet is extremely expensive.

Loads of meats, cheeses, raw oils, and butter. I found a great article that can help you learn how to do a great Keto diet on a budget!

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What are ACTUAL Keto Snacks?

Imagine keeping your carbs to approximately 7 grams per meal. That leaves almost nothing for your snacks. Though it may sound simple, once you analyze your meals I promise it is not. After a full month of being on the Keto diet I’ve discovered many Keto snacks that are absolutely essential to have on hand at all times.

Plus a few amazing recipes from other bloggers that are completely Ketogenic and will help curb all your carbohydrate cravings.


Keto Snacks to Have on Hand at ALL Times:

1. String Cheese.

Never go without a stockpile of string cheese or other cheeses in your fridge. They can be added on top of any meal for a melty carbohydrate free fix. Typically I grab a fruit or veggie when I’m hungry for a snack. But now having string cheese is one of the best Ketogenic snacks on the go.

2. Hardboiled Eggs

Eggs are extremely low in carbohydrates and are absolutely essential to doing the Ketogenic diet on a budget. I am not a big meat eater if I typically have any at all. So eggs have been a lifesaving Keto snack for me.

3. Avocado

I love avocado with a bit of sea salt plain. If that is a bit strong for your palate you can easily make Keto friendly guacamole using simply:

  • 2 mashed avocados
  • 1 tbsp. FULL FAT sour cream
  • sea salt (or Himalayan salt).
  • pepper

(If you like a zesty guacamole spice with chili powder, cumin, and garlic powder)

**No chips on the Keto diet! So dip bacon in the guacamole! OR some of the cheese chips you will find later in this post.


4. Seaweed

Dried roasted seaweed is one of my favorite Ketogenic snacks. It is very low in carbohydrates and satisfies that salty and crunchy snacking fix wonderfully.

**Also it is amazing for helping curb the intense Keto flu that you may experience for up to a week when beginning the diet. Also known as carb detox.**

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Recipes for MORE Keto Snacks:

5. Low Carb Chips

2 Ingredient Low Carb Chips from Listotic

When following a Ketogenic diet you will definitely miss any type of snackable and salty treat. These “chips” follow a strict Ketogenic Diet snack and will help satisfy those cravings. Combine dipping them with the Keto snacks guacamole recipe above and you will be satisfied for hours.

Free Ketogenic Diet grocery list

6. Low Carb Pepperoni Cups

Low Carb Pepperoni Pizza Cups from A Spicy Perspective

While a strict Keto diet suggests only grass fed meats, there is plenty of room for slightly processed low carb alternatives that are more budget friendly. Incorporating pepperoni or salami (full fat of course) still fall in line with Ketogenic snacks and are delicious and satisfying when combined with a bit of cheese.


7. Low Carb Sausage Puffs

Low Carb Sausage Puffs from Instrupix

Keto is mainly meat, cheese, and healthy fats. These sausage and cheese bites are a perfect snack that fits in line with a HFLC diet.


8. Ice Cube Tray Raspberry Coconut Cheesecake Fat Bombs

ice cube tray keto cheesecake fat bombs with raspberries and coconut

Raspberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs from Vigor it Out

I didn’t understand the “fat bomb” craze until I personally sampled the Ketogenic diet. Fat bombs are essential to your Keto snacks success! Whenever you are craving sweets, sugar, carbs… turn to a fat bomb. They are filling and satisfy all of those cravings with healthy fats and usually chocolate or cream cheese. These are a rich decadent cheesecake you’ll be dying to try!


9. Craving Buster Fat Bombs

From: Living Well Mom

Everyone must have a Keto peanut butter cup on hand at all times! This recipe is like having candy or dessert with no guilt. It’s really important to load your fridge and freezer with satisfying Keto snack and dessert options at all times so you aren’t tempted to cheat on the diet.


10. Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs

From: Vigor it Out

This has got to be my absolute favorite fat bomb flavor combinations thus far. This satisfying, creamy, sugar free, antioxidant packed dessert is absolutely irresistible. I challenge you to not eat them all in one sitting.


With these Ketogenic Snacks you are well on your way to KETO SUCCESS!

I want to know what else you’d love to know about KETO! Let me know in the comments below!

More about how to begin a Keto diet? About the Keto flu and how to combat it? Other popular weight loss diets right now? Please let me know and I’d be happy to craft a post about it soon!

Mom's keto diet shopping list free printable


This is my second KETO recipe post but I have so many other healthy recipe posts as well as free resources for healthy eating that you’ll love checking out:


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