Pumpkin Pie Protein Lactation Smoothie

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Healthy Pumpkin Spice Smoothie for Breastmilk Supply

All the flavors of fall are around us now. And there’s no better way for a breastfeeding mama to celebrate the flavors of fall than with a delicious pumpkin pie lactation smoothie!

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How to make a pumpkin pie lactation smoothie for breastfeeding moms to increase breast milk supply fast with galactogogues


Why Lactation Smoothies are Perfect Postpartum

We’ve all heard of lactation cookies for years but how about lactation smoothies? Lactation smoothies are a much healthier option than munching on cookies all day to increase your breastmilk supply and even more effective! (But if you really want a cookie treat, these lactation cookies are actually super healthy.)

After childbirth, many of us moms are so eager to lose the baby weight and get back to feeling like our prebaby selves.

When you regularly fill your body with nutrient-filled foods that are naturally low in calories the baby weight will shed right off. When you are sure to include foods that are not only nutrient-dense but also lactogenic, you can actually increase your breastmilk supply while you shed the baby weight fast!

Smoothies are one of my favorite foods for the sheer versatility and ease with which you can create a full meal that is tasty and absolutely loaded with nutrition!

pumpkin pie lactation smoothie for breastmilk supply

With one hand I can throw together a whole bunch of ingredients to make a full meal and blend it to make something wonderful.

If you are looking to:

  • increase your breast milk supply
  • or lose the baby weight:

you should really try incorporating some lactation smoothies into your diet.

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Galactagogues in this Pumpkin Pie Lactation Smoothie

healthy pumpkin pie lactation smoothie for breastfeeding moms

Are you familiar with the fancy term galactagogue yet? It means a food or herb that is known to increase breast milk supply. There are a handful of well-known galactagogues and tons more that are equally if not more effective than those you may have heard of. There are also a lot of teas and supplements that you can add to your diet that are absolutely stellar for breastmilk supply!

  1. Pumpkin. Yep, pumpkin is lactogenic!  According to a blog run by San Francisco State University’s Nutrition and Dietetics program: “The consumption of pumpkins has been linked to an increase in milk volume for a nursing mother.” So even more of a reason to indulge in all the healthy pumpkiny goodness of fall.
  2. Flax Meal. This is a pretty well-known galactagogue. (Here’s the flaxseed meal I use.) Most lactation cookies will include oats and flax meal. Flax is very effective at increasing breastmilk supply.
  3. Protein powder. When you are nursing your protein needs are virtually as high as when you are pregnant. If you are supplementing a meal or even snack with a lactation smoothie it should definitely include a high-quality protein powder. I like making this smoothie with either Shakeology (The top of the line superfood shake. It’s more than just a protein powder as it has TONS more nutrition, basically every supplement you need right in a single scoop, learn more about Shakeology.) or So Lean and So Clean vanilla (an organic super clean protein powder that is light and refreshing and great to use from pregnancy through postpartum and beyond.) I actually love this smoothie with Milk Dust also! A protein powder with extra galactagogues right in it!
  4. Almond milk. Almonds are actually our most lactogenic nut! There isn’t much almond in almond milk. But there is still some and it is the best milk option for lactation smoothies. Cows milk and soy milk both can cause stomach irritation in many infants.
milk boosting recipes ebook to increase supply with lactogenic food



Wrapping Up Pumpkin Spiced Lactation Smoothie Recipe

I hope you loved this recipe! And that it helps to increase your breast milk supply fast while keeping you full, nourished, and vibrant feeling!

There are lots of tasty healthy lactogenic pumpkin recipes that you can try for every meal! Just in case you love pumpkin as much as I do. I may or may not have indulged in cute pumpkin socks last night too.

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