How to Get Motivated To Workout: 5 Tips That Never Fail

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This post is sponsored by Fabletics. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links to products I own and love and am confident you will too. Please read full disclosure here.

It’s actually quite easy to find an excuse not to work out each day.

But you deserve to treat yourself with self care and respect. You deserve the
endorphins, the serotonin, the mood boost, and the energy that getting in a regular
workout is going to give you!

It doesn’t have to take long to get in an awesome workout either:

If you are a busy mom crunched for time (and who’s not really?) try out ANY of these
ways to exercise with baby AND my 1 week HIIT challenge in only 14 minutes a day! (In
literally only 14 minutes a day for 1 week you can change your body, burn enormous
amounts of calories, AND boost your metabolism.

We all fall victim to loss of motivation and skipping our workouts when life gets overwhelming or we’re just not feeling it.

I’ve put together my top five tips for how to get motivated to work out for you here! I want 2018 to be the year you find success and reach all of your goals pertaining to your health and fitness!

These tips are SURE to get you that perfect boost you’ve been looking for to give you that little extra motivation and get you started exercising regularly!

How To Get Motivated To Work Out:

1. Treat Yourself To a Brand New Outfit

motivation to workoutfabletics clothes

There is not much than can get you more motivated to workout than picking up a super cute new workout outfit that you feel amazing in! Once I put on my workout gear I suddenly feel like a fit bad *** who’s ready to bounce around and conquer some epic fitness challenge!

My gear was all getting pretty worn (and nobody feels like really rocking a workout with confidence in stretched out old sports bras and a baggy sweatshirt. Talk about killing your motivation!

So I got an amazing new outfit for this year from Fabletics! I am absolutely in love with it.  Before this, I hadn’t tried out their products personally; although I have stalked their products for years! Let me tell you, I was not let down in any way! I can’t believe I didn’t try out Fabletics before!

Especially with the amazing deals they offer for new members! 2 pairs of their high quality leggings for only $24 when you sign up for their flexible VIP membership program. It’s a steal. Especially because they usually go for about $65 each – aka 2 for $130!

I am unbelievably pleased with the quality of both my sports bra and leggings from Fabletics.

They are very form fitting and hold everything perfectly in place while not cutting into your skin at all. Amazing. I’m going to be treating myself to a couple more pairs of leggings through them soon!


I recommend picking up at least one brand new super cute outfit that just makes you feel like a rock star already by putting it on. You will be more excited to work out and jump around when you have treated yourself to a bit of new gear.

2. Sleep In Your Workout Clothes

This one might sound a little silly but I’ve actually found it really helpful when planning on working out in the morning or if I know the following morning is going to be a busy one!

It’s so easy to push aside squeezing in that workout that your body is craving because you don’t have the extra 10 minutes to find and put on your workout clothes. If you sleep in them the night before you are already ready to go for your morning workout!

You save yourself time, frustration, and excuses.

Sleeping in your cute new workout outfit from step 1 will set your morning (even late morning, maybe after the kids are in school?) up for workout success! It’s actually a little bit genius and I bet you’ll be surprised what a difference it can make in your commitment to workout!

motivation to workout fabletics

3. Find Exercise YouTube Channels You Love

It is so much easier to learn how to get motivated to workout when you have someone guiding you in a perfect workout. YouTube is such an amazing free resource for fitness routines! You can see exactly how to do the moves. Plus you can choose your workout based on the runtime and what you can allot to your workout that day!

If I am in an exercise slump, trying to learn a new form of exercise, or just not motivated enough to create my own routine that day I always hop onto YouTube and find exactly what I’m looking for.

You’d be amazed how motivating following along to a video can be.

how to get motivated to workout

Really Awesome You Tube Channels For Fitness:

  • Boho Beautiful – My personal favorite! Pilates and Yoga focused.
  • BeFit – All sorts of routines brought to you by popular trainers such as Jillian Michaels.
  • Blogilates – Pilates, cardio, targeted body sculpting.
  • Fitness Blender – Husband and wife team including every kind of workout!

4. Create A Rockin’ Music Playlist

It can be seriously difficult to work out with any vigor without an inspiring song playing in your ear. You will easily be motivated to push twice as hard and squeeze in those few extra repetitions that is so important to muscle growth!

Listening to whatever type of music gets you really amped will lift your mood and distract you from the strain (albeit good strain) you are putting on your body and allow you to push even harder!

Be sure you have an app on your phone that allows you to either stream a station you love or create your own custom list! The two apps I love the most for creating playlists and streaming stations are:

  • Pandora
  • Spotify

The imperative tools for your rockin’ playlist (that I use):

  1. Cell Phone Armband (essential so you are hands free!)

2. Wireless Ear Buds (sweatproof and no messy wires!)

5. Find a Workout Partner

You’re not the only person struggling with how to get motivated to workout! Chances are tons of your friends or family would love accountability and motivation to exercise as much as you. Find a friend who is aspiring to better their own health and wellness and tackle that journey together!

It can make working out so much more fun when you’re not doing it alone. Having a workout partner pushes you that extra few reps as well! Plus if you happen to be having a great time passing the time chatting and catching up while working out you might even get distracted and work beyond what you knew you could!

how to get motivated to workout

Encourage each other. Be each other’s cheerleaders. 

6. Invest in an Amazing Baby Carrier

When you’re a mother your entire approach to working out has to change.

You become a jungle gym when you try to do floor work. Every time you’ve almost finished a killer set the kids demand your attention. Maybe your baby will only stay in the stroller 5 minutes without screaming.

Exercising as a new mom is a whole new ball game!

Whether you babywear already, or the idea is pretty foreign to you, babywearing can be a busy mom’s best friend for exercise! It was pretty life changing for me. There are tons of moves that you can do with baby in a carrier: 5 Babywearing Workouts.

Babywearing while exercising is my secret little trick to always staying motivated to workout with my kids. It eliminates my excuses!

I’ve found with doing babywearing workouts (as well as teaching babywearing workout classes) with a newborn and then toddler on board that the ability for her to face both directions was extremely valuable.

Most babies are far more content being worn on mom than anywhere else. I recommend getting a high quality ergonomic baby carrier. Some of these are extremely high priced and while I’ve heard MANY moms tout their amazing love for their carriers, more affordable options work quite well too.

Awesome Ergonomic Baby Carriers

Ok now you’ve got some visual and price range ideas for the types of carriers you need to complete babywearing workouts.

I’ve heard the most word of mouth rave reviews for the Ergo baby and Tula carriers. I however use an older model of the Infantino front to back rider and am beyond happy with it’s performance!

For me the most important things are of course that baby is well supported, safe, and happy AND that they are able to face out as well as face me. My little one has NEVER (even as an infant) been satisfied facing inward unless she was cold, tired, or nursing. A babywearing workout can be completed with baby facing either direction.

These tools are going to set you up for fitness success this year! I’m so excited about your motivation to make 2018 YOUR year!

What are your personal favorite tricks to stay motivated to workout? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! And please don’t hesitate to pin this for later!

motivation to workout fabletics

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  1. In the past when I worked out at 5:30 am with my sister-n-law I used to wear my workout clothes to bed. I’m a night owl so once less thing to do in the morning made that early time more bareable. Now, I work out with my daughters and I work out in whatever clothes I have on because we squeeze it in between our school lessons. Thank goodness it’s not at 5:30 am 🙂 Great tips. Wish I had your ideas when my girls were babies.

    1. Stacy it’s awesome to hear another hard working mom who slept in her workout clothes to motivate herself! We use our homeschool breaks and PE time to workout together too and it’s wonderful!

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