Priceless Trick to Sooth a Colicky Baby

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Have you tried everything to calm colic in your baby? I found one amazing trick when learning how to calm a colicky baby. When you are trying to soothe baby there are lots of tricks and items used to calm your child. This trick to calm baby to sleep was life changing for me and I want to help you too.


The BEST way to Soothe Your Baby

What is the best product to buy to soothe your baby?

There are so many of us who have colicky babies. Lots of us who have a small living space. Most of us are on a tight budget. Do any of these things ring a bell?

Well I have one suggestion to solve all of those problems.

One simple, space saving, and affordable way to soothe your baby. When my daughter was a newborn we suffered from colic for about a month. I searched and tried everything. It was terribly sad, we knew she’d be fine during the day but every evening about five o’clock we were all in for it.

Our night was sure to be filled with hours and hours of tears and crying to no avail. And trust me, I didn’t hold her and sit or rock quietly in any sort of passive attempt at soothing. The hours were spent with heavy rocking, baby squats (She loved the heavy motion sumo squats provided. And while I was super psyched at burning extra calories to burn off the baby weight, I’m not gunna lie… it was beyond exhausting), singing, running from one room to another to provide comfort, distraction with our ever present Christmas lights, baby airplanes…anything!

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If anything calmed her for five minutes it was accomplished.

It probably helped me bounce back into prebaby weight and relative shape, but I would give ANYTHING to take away my child’s tears. Eventually the problem was solved by me adjusting my diet and eliminating soy, but another product provided magical calming. A simple exercise ball.


Why Does an Exercise Ball Soothe Babies?

The motion of bouncing on an exercise ball most closely mimics the bouncing and jostling within the womb. Who knew? I wish I did the first time around. For my first pregnancy I purchased an exercise ball originally to cope with the labor pains I was expecting but never even got the chance to use it as I ended up getting induced as my first little lady went post-date.

I returned the ball without a second thought. Hindsight is 20/20. Before the dietary change this time around I spent hours and hours each day bouncing on that ball soothing my baby. No doubt helping clear my lymphatic system, but most importantly soothing my bawling little lady.

I was so happy to find the colicky relief but then I found that the bouncing provided benefits far beyond colic.

It helped calm her in all aspects. When trying to establish a much needed nap routine at about four months it was heaven sent. In our small apartment and on a limited income, an exercise ball did what no rocker, swing, or bouncer could.

Yes it is tiring. Yes some days I wish it weren’t even there. But my gratitude for finding this solution for a baby who hates the car is worth sharing with every single mother out there!

My first little lady was simple. She never liked sleeping, but if all else failed I’d strap her in the car seat, drive around the block, and rest would come. My second is sooooo not that baby. The bouncing became so regular that the fitness trainer in me created exercise routines while bouncing her to sleep that don’t affect her positioning or safety while giving me the fitness my body craves.


She just turned 1 1/2 today, and we still use it often. Yes, that is awfully old to still be calmed in such a manner but if it is benefiting both our happiness and health then we will continue.

I hope this helps one, two, or many more of you.

If you don’t have an exercise ball yet pick one up NOW through my special link there at Amazon! You won’t find a better price than they have there and they even have multiple sizes through that link for the same price! I prefer the 65cm and I’m 5’7″ if that helps you out. 🙂

Have you had any success using an exercise ball to soothe your baby? What did you use it for? Post comments below please.

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