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29 Self Care Gifts for Busy Moms

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Looking for the best self care gifts for busy moms?

Between work, taking care of a newborn (and/ or toddler), and staying on top of chores, cooking, errands, and social life, moms have a lot on their plates.

All of those can lead to mom burnout, resentment, anxiety, and even depression.

So it’s of utmost importance for busy, stressed-out moms to carve out some time to take care of themselves and fill their cups. Self-care activities or gifts can help!

If you know a mom who’s in dire need of some “me-time” (or you’re one of them!) and you’re looking for the best self care gifts for busy moms, then this guide is for you.

Here you’ll find a mix of simple, affordable, unique, and luxurious self care gifts for moms, that can be gifted for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthday, or any occasion that calls for some pampering and self care.

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self care gifts for moms

Self Care Gifts for Busy Moms

These are the absolute best 29 self care gifts for busy moms. So let’s get to it!

Cleaning service

If you want the ultimate self care gift for a busy, stressed mom, give them the gift of a clean house without them having to lift a finger or constantly remind their family to clean up – book professional house cleaners! That way, they can have a few hours to themselves to do some self care activities without stressing out over the state of their home.

Heated Coffee Mug

There are just too many incidents where mothers had to drink their coffee cold or they had to reheat it, because well, #momlife. Keep their coffee warm all day with a temperature-controlled smart mug!

Fitness subscription

Moms barely have any alone time, let alone time to follow through with their fitness resolutions. If they want to work out but they can’t find the time to go to the gym, why not get them a fitness subscription? They can choose to work out anytime they want in the comfort of their own home.

Clothing subscription boxes

Mom life is (most of the time) not only stressful but unglamorous. Especially if you’re a new mom. You can help a new momma out by giving them a bit of their spark back through the power of fancy, stylish clothes via a clothing subscription! Make them feel like themselves again through new clothes delivered right at their doorsteps.

New Clothes

If a clothing subscription seems a bit too much, especially for OC moms, then maybe just get them something that they specifically want but are too budget-conscious to buy. New pieces of clothing, whether it’s for work, for regular days, or special occasions, will always be appreciated.

Audible Premium Plus subscription

Most moms don’t have the luxury to sit down and enjoy a good book. But you can still help them enjoy their stories while still having the time to do their chores and errands by giving them an Audible Premium subscription. They can tune in to their favorite bestsellers, new books, podcasts, and more, while still being productive at the same time.

Meal subscription

Meal preparations can be a pain in the ass, especially for working moms who struggle to come home in time to prepare a quick yet healthy meal for their families. Enter meal delivery subscriptions!

Each meal is prepacked and can be easily stored in the fridge. Just heat it and you’re done! It’s one of the best self care gifts any busy mom can get.

Coffee subscription

Imagine running out of coffee when you can’t function without one. Avoid that with a coffee subscription. Coffee lovers can enjoy various flavors and enjoy the convenience of having it delivered straight to their homes, a delightful self care gift for any moms or dads for that matter!

Gourmet chocolates

Chocolate connoisseurs will love exotic and premium quality box chocolates. It might seem more of a romantic gift but overindulging in one on certain occasions, is just a delicious treat and absolute self care feast for any mom.

Skincare set

Pampering our skin is the best form of self-care for women and moms in general. We are always tired, we don’t feel and look the same anymore and so anything to perk up our skin, such as a complete set of our favorite skincare essentials, would be a lovely surprise.

Jade Face Roller

This is a great way to get the most out of your skincare. It can be used as an eye-roller, facial massager, and more. Pair it with a favorite serum or moisturizer for better skin absorption. It’s a beautiful self-care gift that will always be a hit for moms or women in general.

Sleep mask

It goes without saying that mothers all around the world lack sleep. Severely. So anything that can help us sleep properly and deeply would then be appreciated, like a sleeping mask.

Essential oil diffuser

An essential oil diffuser can help busy, stressed moms calm down, boosts their mood, and even improves clarity and focus. It’s the sort of self care gift that moms wouldn’t think of having but is very– pardon the pun– essential for their well-being.

Foot Massager Machine

Whether it’s a long day at work or home taking care of the little ones, a home foot massager machine can always provide the best kind of relief and relaxation for hardworking mamas.

A Fasciablaster Set

These tools are a one-two punch for busy moms. While marketed most often for their amazing ability to make cellulite disappear, the Fasciablaster (and faceblaster and nugget), are life-changing self-care tools that release tight fascia and pain all over your body. They are fast and remarkable recovery tools every busy mom needs for self care.

Face Steamer 

Having a facial treatment is nice but what if you don’t have the resources and time to make that happen? Then a personal facial steamer is your best bet in cleansing your skin, removing its impurities, and brightening your skin tone, right at the comforts of your home. A self care gift any woman or mom will appreciate! (Plus it’s a perfect tool to use before face blasting with the self care tool above!)

Noise Canceling Earbuds

Kids can be loud and super talkative. Sometimes we moms just need a few minutes of calm and silence to give us that much needed energy to last us through the day. For such moments, noise canceling earbuds would be the best gift any mom or parents can get. 


Sometimes we moms forget to buy nice things for ourselves when shopping for clothing essentials for our family. Remember the needs of a mom to feel nice and get them some essential lingerie that they might need to replace the sweats they’re used to now but so sick of using.

Manicure and Pedicure Set

Sometimes, simple things can give someone a quick mood booster. Having a new set of clean, freshly trimmed colored nails via a manicure and pedicure set can do the trick, especially for moms who are conscious of it.

Pillow Spray

Anxiety, neverending scheduling of kids’ classes, work, errands, chores, and more can keep any mom awake. Help them get a great night’s sleep with pillow spray. It can help them fall asleep faster and still wake up feeling refreshed.

Silk sheets and pillowcases

Don’t you sleep better in a hotel with silky sheets and equally comfortable pillowcases? Why not give that grand experience to a tired and overworked mom and make them feel like a queen every night when they lie down to sleep.

Satin pajamas

Nothing feels more luxurious and relaxing than satin pajamas. It just feels nice to the touch and is an instant self-care gift mood booster for any busy, stressed-out mom.

Plush robe

Super soft and plush robes are the perfect lazy outfit for lounging and relaxing, especially after a tiring day at work or taking care of the kiddos. It’s a common self care gift that not only moms can enjoy, but most adults as well.

Bath caddy

Let mommas enjoy spa-like tranquility right in their tubs with an expandable, high-quality bath caddy! It’s perfect to hold wine, books, candles and even treats, giving any mom the ultimate luxurious bathtub experience.

Scented Luxury Candle

Scented candles are the perfect partner to a long bubble bath taken at the end of the day. It works out as a relaxing, “me-time” self-care gift for moms and also makes for a romantic atmosphere for date nights at home

Online class

If you want to give unique “experience” self care gifts for moms, subscribe them to an online class! Ask them what would they be interested to do or at least something they’d be curious to try out and give them that opportunity to experience it!


Journaling has a lot of great and long-lasting benefits. If you know a mom who’s thinking of changing their outlook in life through setting intentions and writing down their feelings of gratitude, get them a high-quality journal.


Having a plant at home can instantly uplift the ambiance of any room, as well as its dwellers. Indoor plants can be therapeutic to take care of and can also reduce stress, boost mood and productivity, clean the air of toxins, and more, which can be cherished by most moms with a green thumb.

Insulated Wine Tumblrs

If you have a mom friend who’s always got a drink on their hand, get them an insulated wine tumblr to keep their tea hot or their drinks cold for hours. It’s perfect for any type of beverage plus it can withstand the surprise hugs and rough playing of little children running to them.

Tips on How to Actually Self Care For Busy Moms

  1. Don’t feel guilty

Taking care of yourself is a basic need so don’t feel guilty when you’re relaxing and having fun without your kids.

You need to fill your cup before you can fill theirs, so you must unwind and get away for a while.

2. Be present

You won’t enjoy your gifts or self-care activities if you’re constantly thinking of the things you need to do.

There’s a time and place for chores and errands. And there’s also a time and place for relaxing and unwinding.

So relax, enjoy your gift and deal with your to-do list later.

3. Ask for Help

This is the best way to fully enjoy your kid-free time – to ask help from your spouse/ parents/ in-laws and any trusted relative or friend to look after your baby for a few hours. Or days, if you’re going for a luxurious self-care activity.

4. Take Advantage of Alone time

It can be at naptime, night time or when you’re on your own in your car. These are perfect moments to squeeze in some quick “me-time” and use some self-care gifts that you can’t enjoy when your kids are around.

Final Thoughts on Self Care Gifts for Busy Moms

A family needs a happy mom, one that’s mostly content with her life and adapts well to challenges.

And a mother can’t be one if they don’t find the time to take care of themselves and do something that’s genuinely relaxing and rejuvenating.

So if self care gifts for busy moms can lead to that feeling, then, by all means, gift it to a mom friend or yourself, if you’re a mother! You deserve it!

This has been a brilliant guest post by Julie from Adaptable Mama. Seriously, I want to buy all these things now!

Julie shares the dirt on motherhood and what she wished she knew back when she was a new mom, on her website Adaptable Mama. She also hopes her site would be able to help her daughter one day when she decides to become a mom.

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