Nebulizing Diffusers: What They Are, How They Work, and Why You Should Use One

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You might be an avid essential oil user looking for a new or more effective type of diffuser or maybe you are shopping for your very first one! Either way, learning more about nebulizer diffusers might completely change how you use diffusers for your essential oils! Nebulizing essential oil diffusers aren’t your traditional diffuser, but you’ll want to get one as soon as you learn more about them. I was given an Organic Aroma’s nebulizing diffuser to try and now I’ll never go without!

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What is a Nebulizer Diffuser?

A nebulizer diffuser is a type of essential oil diffuser that doesn’t use heat or water to disperse essential oils into the air.

In most essential oil diffusers you first add distilled water then add about 10 drops of essential oils into the water (depending on the size of your diffuser of course).

This oil/water mix (which is funny to say because they don’t mix… do they?) is forced into the air and slowly fills the room with a light fragrant mist.

People use essential oil diffusers for a multitude of reasons. They are most popular to use for a fresh scent free from added chemicals and toxins. Essential oils are also commonly used in diffusers to cleans the air; as most essential oils have antiviral, antifungal, andtibacterial, and/or antimicrobial properties. Lastly, essential oils are frequently used in diffusers for their various healing and health properties.

If using essential oils for their health or cleansing properties it is important to be sure that the oils you are using are real, pure, and high quality. High quality doesn’t have to necessarily mean high price either. I use Simply Earth essential oils in my diffusers and am confident in their exceptional quality and pleased with their prices. (About 1/4 of what the “big guys” are charging.)

A typical essential oil diffuser will slowly fill your room with essential oils and water in a mist form.

But a nebulizing diffuser uses compressed air to force the pure essential oil molecules through a small nozzle. This produces an ultra-fine mist or pure essential oil molecules that quickly fills the room with your desired scent!

And when I say quickly I mean really quickly. Every diffuser I’ve ever had prior to my new nebulizer diffuser slowly fills the room with fragrance and will last for hours diffusing the essential oils at a slow rate.

However, a nebulizing diffuser can fill an entire large room with essential oil fragrance in a minute.

And because there is no water involved, all of the oil is actually used and none is wasted.

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How Does a Nebulizer Oil Diffuser Work?

A nebulizer diffuser has a few different parts: the base, which houses the motor; the glass diffusing bottle that sits on top of the base; and the nozzle, which attaches to the bottle.

To use, you simply add your essential oils directly into the diffusing bottle, screw on or set on the nozzle, and turn on the diffuser.

The motor will start running and begin to create a vacuum.

This in turn pulls oil from the bottle and up through the nozzle. As the oil passes through the nozzle, it is broken down into tiny particles and diffused into the air!

When running, the diffused particles shooting into the air looks very similar to the mist of your typical essential oil diffuser. But the rate at which the oil and thus its fragrance is dispersed into the air is remarkably faster!

Why Use a Nebulizer Diffuser?

There are quite a few reasons to use a nebulizer diffuser over other types of diffusers. For one, they are much more effective at scenting a room than other essential oil diffusers. This is because the essential oil particles are so pure and so fine that they quickly and easily fill the air.

While I do love having my normal diffuser running throughout the day to keep a fresh scent in the house, there are many times (or MOST times in a small house with 3 small kids, 2 “grown-ups”, and 2 cats) when I really want the room to smell fresh FAST in a healthy way. You know, without reaching for some highly effective but totally toxic chemical scent spray or something.

Nebulizer oil diffusers will do the trick!

Your room will almost immediately smell fresh when using a nebulizing diffuser with pure essential oils.

Additionally, as previously mentioned many people use essential oils for their healing properties, not only their scents. Nebulizing diffusers disperse the essential oils at higher concentrations and much faster than their counterparts. Meaning that their healing properties, whether it be for a cough and cold, to eliminate bacteria and viruses in the air, or some other reason, are dispersed more quickly as well.

And because there is no heat involved, nebulizers preserve the therapeutic properties of essential oils. This means that you can get the full benefits of your oils when you use a nebulizer diffuser.

Review of Organic Aroma’s Nebulizing Diffuser

If you’re looking for an amazing nebulizing diffuser, look no further than Organic Aromas! Their top-of-the-line diffusers is made with high-quality materials and comes with everything you need to get started.

Organic Aroma’s has a handful of gorgeous diffusers with different looks. My Opulence Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser itself is made of glass and ceramic and is beautifully crafted.

Others are made of glass but come with a beautiful wood base that will look great in any room. The Radiance Nebulizing Diffuser has glass work that is is absolutely stunning, and there is even one you can get on their website only with a wooden hand carved Buddha head base that is super cool.

The diffusers also have an adjustable nozzle, so you can control the strength of the mist. This is one of my favorite features.

The nebulizer diffusers let off a dim glow and make a perfect night light as you send out an essential oil great for sleep like Lavendar and/or Chamomile.

Organic Aroma’s nebulizing diffusers are quiet and easy to use. Simply add your essential oils to the diffusing bottle, screw on the nozzle, and turn on the diffuser.

Another thing that makes Organic Aroma’s diffusers the perfect way to get started using your nebulizing essential oil diffuser right away is that it comes with everything you need to get started! Not only will you be getting an Essential oils (I got lavender and a blend that smells like cotton candy), pipettes, and droppers.

Many diffusers light up which can be great, soothing, and make an awesome night light. But not all diffusers have the ability to turn off that light. Fortunately, Organic Aroma diffusers come with a tiny tap light so that you can dim or turn of the light with a simple tap!

blue organic aromas nebulizing diffuser

The Cons of Nebulizer Diffusers

We already talked about the many pros of using nebulizer oil diffusers in your home or office such as:

  • scenting your entire room in a matter of minutes not hours
  • more concentrated use of your essential oils (making their health benefits more potent)
  • easier to use than traditional essential oil diffusers
  • better preserving the therapeutic properties of your essential oils

But there are some potential cons of using a nebulizer diffuser for your essential oils too that you should be aware of.

While absolutely gorgeous, they are fragile. Nebulizer diffusers are made of glass, making them more susceptible to breakage if you have kids or cats. Traditional diffusers sometimes have glass tops(which is actually a more pure and healthy option. Plastics can absorb your oils as well as bacteria into them or leach out chemicals when heated).

So make sure you have a safe place to keep your nebulizing diffuser when you get it.

Secondly, nebulizer diffusers also use up your essential oils rapidly. That isn’t such an issue if you are getting pure oils at a great price like I do through Simply Earth (heck, I even get their monthly subscription box where I get 4 full size essential oil bottles for $40… if you want to give that a try enter code VIGORITOUTFREE for a $40 off coupon for your next purchase. That about 3 more bottles of oil for your nebulizer diffuser free!)

But keep in mind, nebulizer diffusers use up your essential oils so fast because they effectively fill an entire room so fast with scent and healing properties. While a traditional diffuser will take hours to freshen a large room, nebulizer oil diffusers can take care of the job in under 2 minutes.

But it is another factor you should be aware of prior to purchasing your nebulizer diffuser.

Cleaning Nebulizer Diffusers

One thing worth noting is that while nebulizing diffusers are much more effective at scenting and cleansing a room than a traditional diffuser, they also need more maintenance. Because tee filament that the oil and air are forced through is so fine, it is important to clean regularly with a bit of alcohol.

They are pretty simple to clean, however, it should be done preemptively as part of your diffusing routine. I do it once a week,

Wrapping Up Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffusers

If you’re looking for a new or more effective way to diffuse your essential oils, a nebulizing diffuser may be just what you need! Nebulizers are much more effective than other types of diffusers at scenting a room, and they also come with a host of other benefits. Organic Aromas’ nebulizing diffuser is a great option if you’re looking for a high-quality diffuser.

Do you use a nebulizing diffuser? If not, are you going to try one now? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to check out my other blog posts for more information on essential oils and diffusers.

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